Your “Story” is the WHY of you; your purpose told by your ideas, values, vision, needs, goals. Chi-Lightful’s purpose is to wake up “stuck” story, ignite the heart essence of what fuels and celebrates your story.
I am a heartist storyteller for individuals and companies. An expert guide for getting stuck stories “unstuck” by finding the unique heart essence that IS in everyone and everything, drawing out big ideas…to ignite, show, and tell the heart of stories.


Utilizing over 25 years of finding emotional essence and igniting brand authentic “voice” and visual identities: Chi-lightful offers two purpose igniters: Purpose Coaching and Graphic Facilitation.


Get moving, authentically lead, and move forward ignited by your heart purpose. Storytelling from heart purpose ignites trust, true value, and moves folks to come back for more of your “WHY”. Find correct partners, spark your products and audience with your unique truth, be and inspire real enthusiasm so all can prosper. Chi-Lightful purpose coaching comes in custom “one-of-a kind” discovery sessions that unite the strategy of “mind” with unique emotional essence of “heart” purpose.
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Chi-Lightful Quick-Sketch gives your clients clear reason to invest in your story, by quickly connecting them to your story’s unique value. Use Quick Sketch illustration to get your audience, partners, teams, on the “same page” fast! Draw out and translate complex ideas and process into “simple”, communicate clearly in the universal language of pictures.
Quick-Sketch illustration is a game changer, creating bottom line benefits of:
Unique and memorable communication   Clear, easy connection   Focus
Show process & get agreement   Quick sharing / brainstorming new ideas
Creates personal bonding within travel / education journeys
New loyalties & clients (Social Shares)   “Speaking” in universal picture language
Money savings in time and effort (less hours in “repeat of content”)
“Cuts the fat” from start to finish for process, production, and learning. 


On and off site quick-sketch recording offerings:
Workshop sessions     Conference recording     Storyboarding and mapping
C-Suite or individual “Sketch Quests”     Brand discoveries & reviews / web / blog
Brainstorming     Retreats / Special Events     Learning travel journeys
Classes     Report / Presentation / Power Point   Book Illustration, and more…




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