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March, 2014
Chinese artist Liu Bolin creates art, his life by going into his “environment”. The passion for his art is HIM being inside of everyday environmental masterpieces. It is great to be so into what you do that you become an actual part of it. That's what I call PASSION expressed! We can all be a greater part of what we do, express and produce, just a matter of finding out exactly WHAT it is and WHY we love to do and how we help others.

Find out what creates a good feeling, a flow…a feeling of not just “wanting to dosomething, but HAVING to do something…that is your flow, your “go”!

Look at your comfort zones in your home; observe your pet’s joy…is your home and fur folk happy, in balance, healthy, showing you love and comfort? Bring home back into balance and you will have a comfort zone all around you to find, feel, and tell YOUR story. It is an art to tell your story with comfort and joy!

Click and enjoy both the art and the master artist INSIDE the art!

I’m Paula Brown; Feng Shui practitioner / author / Animal Communicator, I “unstick stuck” energies. With my telepathic and energetic modality talents I bring both pets and their people back into balance and joy by discovering the heart or core of an out of balance health, emotional, and environment issue. Healing the “cause” is my passion to ignite understanding, love, abundance and harmony for my clients.

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March, 2014

Gung Hay Fat Choy…Happy Chinese New Year of the Green Horse! The new moon of January 31, 2014 marked a brand new year bringing with it the strong positive energy (a favored animal of the Chinese) of the horse.  Powerful and competitive, this will be a quick paced year.

What’s in the offering for this year?
Competition and partnership! Take a quick look at the horse! It is a herd animal, competition within the herd for the most capable lead mare for the herd’s highest good and survival. Once the lead mare is established the herd moves quickly to find its needs of food, water and safe shelter. In the wild, when a horse strays from the herd it usually perishes…partnerships and family are crucial for survival. If startled, a horse will run until it can no longer run, and has a stubborn sense of “never giving up, never giving in”. Horses are beautiful and love to “show” their beauty and are also very friendly and loyal to their families and partnerships. (more...)


April, 2014
“Thank you”…two powerful words that express appreciation, gratitude, sometimes “relief” and at all times: love. Gratitude is a gift of love. When love is given, then doors open to wonderful things. Ever notice how people just love to give to those who give graciously and deeply?

In the world of feng shui, gratitude is the key to hitting a “home run” with one’s intent for positive flow from a feng shui intent or cure.  It is the spark that gets the good chi flowing and provides a great foundation for creating balance and harmony in both environment and relationship.  In feng shui and in Huna, energy flows where attention goes. As you focus on a strong positive 100% attitude of gratitude just watch what changes can and will happen in your life! The very best feng shui sessions are sealed with an AUTHENTIC gift of gratitude for the feng shui practitioner. All “cures” can be placed, energy paths opened up, "intents" put into the work…the final loving, and thoughtful gratitude gift at the end of the session is actually what (more...)

curbLRFeng Shui

June, 2014
Knock, knock…opportunity IS at your door. Why not welcome great things into your space or office!? Using a bit of easy feng shui at this most important spot is fun and quick.

Your home or office’s front door is what feng shui calls the “mouth of the chi”. This is where a great amount of energy or “chi” enters your space. This is true of doorways to all rooms or spaces. Even at parks…you go through an entrance or gate and that portal is packed with the personality and chi of the space it greets you into. (...more)

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