March, 2018

Your life depends on the beat of your heart. A strong heartbeat means good health. Same as your business…it has a heartbeat, it does have a “life”. Can you hear and feel it’s heartbeat? Is it strong…or is it not beating at all?

Symptoms of a weak heartbeat.
The masterpiece of your story is your heart; your purpose. You naturally flow from the heartbeat of your WHAT. It’s easy to get caught up in the flurry of “doing” rather than acting from your “being”. Are others hearing your heartbeat of being or your frantic “doing”? Some clues of missing heartbeat:
You feel successful yet hollow, have that nagging feeling of knowing things are going well (or you are trapped on a hamster wheel, spinning…stuck) but you are unsatisfied, frustrated with teams, partners, or you own communications. You know your big ideas, why don’t others?
1. Team members are not enthusiastic, are “showing up” rather than showing each other and you solutions.
2. It seems to take 10 times (or more!) longer for things to get done. Processes are slow or completely stalled out no matter how much you tell people “what to do”. New bold ideas do not find their way to your office and you see other business and people racing ahead of you while you stand still.
3. Income and ROI are slow or in the red, audience attraction is nil, and folks are confused as to the value you offer.

Your foundations are no longer guided by or share purpose, and your exhausted heartbeat stops.

How to get your heart beat going again.
Your heartbeat (or purpose) is the masterpiece of your story…take its pulse:
1. Go back to the point of your big idea, your excitement and enthusiasm for your business or product to be seen, accepted, talked about and bought. That moment you decided YES, this is my reason for being. Write that feeling and idea down on paper, put it big and bold where you can see it everyday.
2. After you sit with your original story or purpose, take a “purpose pulse” survey. Ask friends, partners, teams if they know your passion, value, brand essence clearly? Are they seeing it in your product, service and communications?
3. Summarize: If the answer is a resounding YES (I know and value your true purpose) and they totally understand the value of your passion…the heartbeat is strong. If folks do not know, are not building “more” from that passion or WHAT, teams are not synched into doing from that “being”…then you have no heartbeat in your business…you have a working entity with little passion or true story connection. You are in the stuck zone of frustration.
4. If you are off your heart path, not telling your story from your heart’s masterpiece of purpose, you may need to “re”-view:
A. Do a purpose re-discovery…see if you are now reflecting or ignoring your WHAT.
B. Check in with your close partners or business associates and ask them for help
in a re-view of your brand communications, mission, or vision statements. Is your
business heart being fed by strong “arteries” with flowing purposeful parts
and pieces?
C. Physically re-view your WHAT for your life and business (they are totally
connected) by drawing out in visual picture storytelling to show and share with
others. Use the universal language of pictures to create a touchstone that keeps
your heartbeat out in the open, seen, and understood by all. Quick sketch
doodles (Drawing out purposeful pictures is my masterpiece, my “heartbeat”) are
fast ways to show folks your talent and true value. Let your heart beat loudly by
using picture storytelling in presentations, webinars, internal and external meeting
summaries, mapping out future scenarios, even for process reviews and shifts.
All can be communicated clearly in a quick focused manner with quick-sketched

Your business heart beats from your enthusiasm, clarity, focus, ability to communicate your purpose to others. When your heart beats strongly it connects with all who are aligned with your unique purpose. You empower their hearts to powerfully to speak the beat of their values.

Make some good noise, let your heartbeat be heard, felt and seen!

I’m Paula Brown, Graphic Facilitator / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” getting you unstuck by drawing out purposeful paths and communications. Showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: Linked In, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

February, 2018
What do you consider “ordinary” in what you do? What do you do or think that you take for granted and feel “oh, everyone can do that”? Most of the times we are not aware of the unique attributes or WHAT we are doing, saying, contributing.

There is a huge message in what we all consider our “ordinary”.

Our true extraordinary is found in our ordinary.

As example, I am a quick sketch artist who has the uncanny ability to find the essence or heart of communications, people, nature…I find the heart of things…I find “purpose” or the WHAT and WHY of things and bring this to focus for folks. For myself, I truly feel everyone is an artist, all can doodle and tell picture story…what is so special about that? THAT is my unique purpose, my unique WHAT and it comes so naturally I assume that this is not that extraordinary.

Take a bigger look to actually see the unique details of you.
Take a look at what you are in flow with from a distance…a larger view. Imagine you are in an airplane looking down at YOU from 30,000 ft up. Take some time from that perspective and watch what you do for at least a week. Journal your “doings” during the day. Jot down what you feel comfortable doing and what is challenging. Could be as simple as how you are thinking and how you respond to needs and solutions. Do you have a repeated way of “doing” or “being” that you just do automatically? It’s like the ketchup in the refrigerator door…it is there right in front of you…you just do not see it!

Call out your extraordinary.
Your ordinary is really not ordinary at all it is your map to your WHAT! Your purpose is what you do over and over again and again. It is your department of redundancy department. To actually write down or illustrate your extraordinary is very important. Get a piece of paper, draw a bullseye with your named extraordinary in the center…then put all the benefits of your unique talent in the rings around the bullseye. Post this where you see it everyday. Give yourself “credit” in this physical world, name it, share it, be it…stand in it. It is so important to tell yourself and others what you naturally excel at and find value. We hide by telling ourselves “that is just my ordinary”…nope, we are camouflaging our extraordinary by not claiming it and finding value in it. Understanding the unique value of what is inside our ordinary easily communicates our extraordinary.

Draw out your extraordinary!
Find focus, build confidence, attract your audience, spark your heart purpose and pass that spark to others by claiming and knowing the value of your WHAT, your extraordinary.

Show your extraordinary with pictures. You can create pictures, quick sketch doodles or hire a person (that’s where my unique extraordinary quick sketch talents come in!) to help you draw up and discover your WHAT, your value. Quick sketch doodles are fast ways to show folks your talent and ideas in a non-intimidating manner. From power point slides, meeting summaries, mapping out future scenarios, even for requests for event sponsors, all can be communicated clearly in a quick focused manner with quick-sketched visuals.

It’s all about “show and tell”. Look into your ordinary to get to the heart of your extraordinary, then and show it to yourself and others…it’s there, draw it out, show up and show it!

I’m Paula Brown, Graphic Facilitator / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” getting you unstuck by drawing out purposeful paths and communications. Showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: Linked In, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

July, 2017
All about your buts PBrownLR500

Have you looked at your “but” lately?

Is your “but” worthy of recognition, unabashedly mentionable?

I bring this up is due to a recent experience that occurred on my flight back from Hawaii. I stood up to get something out of my bag in the overhead and had it fall under my assigned seat. With my head searching between my seat and the back of the seat in front of me, on my hands and knees in the small aisle…I heard a female voice laugh out to me “Excuse me, but your butt is in the way” claimed a light-hearted flight attendant holding a tray of water.

Finding my item, I stood up, answered with a laugh as I sat down; “so sorry, but it is a very fine but!”

My derriere had been duly noted, told it was an obstacle, and that for progress and good things to happen, my butt needed to be removed from the traffic lane.

Yes, I do have one fine physical butt, and I silently mused “I also have many other buts.”

Do you have more than one but?

The “buts” most of us hold so dear and comfortable in our lives are what keep us from moving forward and finding our joy, abundance, love.

When you were young other buts started appearing in your life. Think back to team picking in gym class, hoping to be one of the chosen ones for the best team. You may have been introduced to some buts then like:

but I am too short, but I am too heavy, but I am too slow…buts given to you by your peers or by your own doubts and fears.

Common very big BUTS:
But I am not good enough, But I don’t know that, But I don’t have time, But I am not safe, But I don’t have enough, But I am not worthy.

All the way to the HUGE “But no one loves me…I am not worthy of love”.

You may have some buts that get in your way.
As “but patterns”, shift into positive “am patterns” you will encounter resistance.

That “but pattern” has kept you safe creating the resistance of your analytical barrier (your mind…the wall that buts hide behind). Be aware of ALL forms of resistance and put the voices of “no I can’t change” behind you as you shift! Your but is behind you, YES? Put all your buts behind you and move forward with new positive pattern shift.

Time to change some patterns your ego has followed for years…
Pick one of your buts…as example: “But I am not enough.”
1. You already know you are whole, nothing is broken, talk to the voice that cries “broken”…offer it a new pattern that would result if you ARE enough. A new car, relationship…feel it, visualize it…keep telling yourself YES, you are enough for whatever you desire…check your feelings, your talk, keep your thinking in the present moment…I am enough, I have my new love, my new position.

2. To change the pattern to “I am enough” you need to really believe it…ask yourself WHY you feel you are not enough? Look deep within your big interior YOU “when and where did you come from”? When you find out, accept it and wave your hand to push the but behind you, say “behind” and then state the new pattern.

3. State one thing that you LOVE. Place what you LOVE into the material; express it, touch it, feel it, see it, even smell it. Make it REAL. This will persuade your but to turn into the new pattern that serves you.

The buts are all around you, your family, your business partners, teams, friends…start noticing how everyone’s buts are stopping traffic flow.

A great way to “see” your buts is through illustrating them out…that is what I do for people…doodle all your buts and then doodle new patterns. As I mentioned, when you SEE your but, your belief, you recognize them quicker to then find solutions, new patterns faster as you see the shifts.

So, get off your butt and leave your buts behind and get back into the flow of joy, abundance, love.

In my book you only need one butt…and please keep that out of the airplane aisle!

I’m Paula Brown, Graphic Facilitator / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 



February, 2017
Small step top art500

“Small change”…taken literally, most of us have this rattling in our pockets, purses, in jars, in our car consoles.

What’s this small change “worth”? Small change is usually referred to as “loose change”, a hassle, not worth counting OR keeping. We toss it into charity boxes, tip jars…we get rid of “it”. No value, not worth our time.

Time to erase that attitude about “not worth much”, looking at each bit of small change BY ITSELF and not what it amounts to when it is all together.

KA CHING! This “small change” when gathered up is worth quite a bit.

It is with the small changes, going step by step that you
accomplish BIG things.
Small change in business is very valuable. Small change is more digestible, comfortable, for both you and your customer. You AND your business are evolving all the time…by taking small steps, small change and then some more small change…you find and tell your story as you grow, get from where you (and your customer) are to where you want to be.

When it comes to change…whether we want it or not,
we are all consumers.
Change is always happening. If we do not accept it, honor it, and flow with change by breaking it down into small steps of shift, then we are eventually confronted with changes that are so huge, we stop, get paralyzed…what folks say as “being stuck”.

I KNOW STUCK! Being an artist, every time I begin a painting, I am confronted by a big blank canvas. HOW does that change into a painting?

A painting evolves from small steps, small change. First a foundation of values is put down, then basic forms, then the juicy lights and darks, adding step by step until “finis”! Each brush stroke for an artist is a “small change” boat for the journey from start to completion.

Step by step change is your ship to create safe and purposeful shift.
Your step-by-step small changes create your trusty boat that takes you across the big sea of change to what you need to accomplish.

Is your “boats’ hull” strong enough to stay afloat in the seas of change? To float safely through the sea of change takes a foundation made up of the true WHY, your purpose of doing business.

The sea of change:
1. Change is the catalyst to find your unique purpose, your big WHY and HOW of doing life and business.

2.  Change encourages brainstorming new process or ways to express your value, service, or product.

3. Change gives you opportunities to clarify your communication…evolving your story, aspects of your brand.

4.  Change gives you a chance to see if you are being opaque or transparent with your customer base as you grow…trust me, people CAN feel and notice as you change or NEED to change.

Change makes noise.
Are you listening to the sounds coming from your audience, the jingle jangle noise of needing to initiate some small changes that could grow some big positive results?

I invite you to look at small change as valuable…it is.

Next time you empty your pockets, purses, look at the small change and pause…offer yourself the opportunity to see the small change as more than the coins …see your opinions, beliefs about worth, value, small change…

Accept small change…find and assign unique purpose in the small shifts. Step by step turn your small change into big Ka Ching valuable purposeful shift!

I’m Paula Brown, Graphic Facilitator / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

January, 2017
IN PicturesTop500
How do you get more recognition, exposure for your story, your brand, your communications? Get into “pictures”.  You don’t have to become a Hollywood star to be in the pictures. By simply telling your story in the universal language of pictures, your communications can and will be better understood and also shared by many folks, your audience, your team…so, your circle of people grows!

It’s in our genes to communicate with images.

We are hardwired to understand images from our time of birth. 90 % information sent to the brain is visual and 93% of all human communication is visual.

These facts are brought to you by  which boasts an article on “The Physiology of Visual Communication” stating that we indeed have to work harder to process text than pictures or visual input. At birth a baby can understand the image of his of her mother, many months before understanding what the word “mommy” is or what it means. We are born with the innate ability to understand images…and we understand images INSTANTLY!

Speed is favored in today’s quickly changing life and business.
60,000picture500dpiNot only do we recognize images instantly…the fast of “instant” is pretty amazing: pictures  are processed 60,000 times faster than words.

And, how fast do and can we “share” our ah ha moments, our learnings, our new ideas? The era of all text is gone, people respond and share a printed page that has images or pictures on it at the rate of 94% with all copy page content only landing a 16% recognition.

The gurus at “Hubspot” also say: thinking is sparked by seeing…visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.

Visual storytelling is the new “talk”.
Get more folks on the same page, your page, your ideas expressed with quick understanding, expressed uniquely in simple visual imagery that captures the spirit and content of your story. As you see, the numbers support finding a greater possibility for recognition, sharing, learning, and growing by telling your story with pictures. Give it a try, become a star in your own picture story, connect up with me for some “picturestorming” for new fame, fortune, and fun!

I’m Paula Brown, Graphic Facilitator / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 


How to pause to find peace, now

December, 2016

For this holiday rush about season, I am finding time to find peace. My following tips on finding peace begin with taking time to pause.

With our device driven world it seems our lives are on 24/7 full speed ahead full tilt motion. Our schedules are overloaded, no time for friends, family, or even ourselves.

CAN you pause, can you find peace? YES! You make peace with pausing, being in the present moment…that is where real peace is.

How to pause:
Put down your phone, i-pad, shut off your computer. Be committed to be “device” and distraction free for the next10 minutes or so. Commit to it! Do this at least one time a day, then try a couple of times a day…learn how to break free “to be”.
Take THREE deep belly breaths in and exhale slowly…settle in, release any muscle tension you can feel in your body.
Now you are set to “be”…focus on ONE thing that is close by…could be a tree, flower, briefcase, auto. Point is to just LOOK at one thing…keep looking at it. Really SEE that object, its color, its form, its position, feel it and see it so strong that you can close your eyes and bring it to your vision so you could almost touch it.
Then…listen for a singular pleasant “noise”…could be a bird chirping, a song, or you just beginning to hum.
When you have your visual object in your mind, reach out and touch it or something else that is near. Can be your ring, an object next to you, a chair, a flower on the table, NOT YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICE. Notice how that object is made, is it soft, hard, fragile, cold, warm…explore that object and note how it feels.
After feeling an object, looking and seeing an object, hearing a pleasant noise…say out loud a single object that you KNOW YOU LOVE. For me, my go to belief is “I LOVE HAWAII!”. Speak it softly or loudly, just speak it…make it real!
Take a mental listing of anything that is bugging you; making you tense, look at it in this state and really see it, make peace with it, see all sides to what you need to do to make it work (or not). Make your decisions from this place of being present…this is your intuition, without resisting, let it bring you what you need!
Notice how you now feel. Are you more relaxed, in the moment and not ruminating on what you need to do next…what does “being in the present” feel like to you? Take note…remember this the next time you need to zip into pause mode.

The above is a quick lesson in what some folks call “grounding” or what I call “being in the present”. The steps are based on the healing art of Huna, which is the ancient esoteric philosophy of Hawaii of which I love and know works.

What is the value of being in “pause mode”?
First of all, you get the benefits of just looking happier, and actually you feel best when your muscles (esp. the brain!) are relaxed. You also have the HUGE advantage of seeing things, of making choices from a much more settled and non-rushed point of view. Being “in the moment” lets you see all sides to things, brings you to pro-active rather than re-active. 

It’s the gap between your breaths that creates the pause for innovation, brilliance, real knowing, great decisions. Being in the present gives your body, brain, and heart time to talk with each other and realize “YES”.

Break free, turn off the buzz, be in the moment with YOU…and you will then find the right stuff to find quality time with friends, partners, family, pets, community and your environment. That is GOOD, that is PEACE.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season filled with pause, with peace, with joy. This is the time of year we all seem to pause from strife, from judgment, from “pushing”. If we can do it for this one beautiful day then…yes, there can be Peace on Earth…give it a chance, pause.

I’m Paula Brown, Graphic Facilitator / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 




October, 2016
Why am I here500

Why ARE you “here”? Each one of us has a unique purpose, creative expression, and a definite contribution to share on this spinning blue earth ball. It has to do with making the world, (you and all around you) a much better place. You are here to make the world a better place!!!

How can I make the world a better place (some help from Huna)?

Connecting to the heart of who you are, the heart of others, the heart or essence of your environment is key to creating positive effect or change. Making connections that come from both your mind and heart / emotional center based on making positive and responsible choices every single day create a better life.

Be aware of lifting you and others UP! THINK BIG.
In the Huna philosophy (ancient Hawaiian “way of life”) there are 7 principles that are foundational. The first principle is “Ike” (eekay) which means, “The world is what you think it is”. Think about it…your thoughts attract what you receive. As you judge, so will you be judged. Catch yourself as you “judge” rather than decide to connect or not connect with others. Are you looking at fear-based thinking or love-based choices. Love does lift everything up in the forms of respect, encouragement, enthusiasm, hope, faith…those are all BIG THOUGHTS!

2. Honor your time, your integrity, your unique focus.
What did Michael Jackson’s song “Man in the Mirror” ask you to do? Look to yourself, your choices, and your actions first and then make that change to create better for yourself and others. The principle called Makia (MA-keeahh) speaks to healing the focus of your activities and thoughts. Energy flows where attention goes! Focus first on what your strengths are, what your goals and talents need to find and clarify your process and priorities. As you sharpen your positive focus, what your gut is telling you, As you sharpen your positive focus, hear what your gut is telling you, (and not do what others are “telling you” to do) you may just find that your productivity, contributions, and harmony increase. Let go of all the mental sidebars and be aware of patterns of “shoulds” and rather broadcast your focus on “can”.

4. Be “happy with” your connections.
Aloha Word500

The third Huna tip is based on Aloha. Aloha holds the “breath of life” for the Hawaiian culture. Aloha’s basis is love…meaning “love is to be happy with”. Love for you, what you do, respecting others, seeing the essence of heart and beauty of all around you. It is a greeting to appreciate, love, find joy with all you connect. It is the greeting that makes all to its best, making better through expressing the truths of love.

Some points to feel, share, and be aware of during your day, making your decisions based on expectation of making this world a better place.

Thank you for creating my world a better place with expressing, sharing, and believing in your heart’s expression of its positive passion.

Would love to hear about your “purpose” here and how that makes the world a better place. Aloha!

 I’m Paula Brown, Graphic Facilitator / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 


September, 2016

Trust is your and your business’ most valuable and number one commodity. When you connect your head and your heart to show who you are and how you give value, REAL support and connect with others… you are creating your trust “container”. Inside this safe container you create respect, build loyal and sincere partnerships, repeat sales and interactions with your audience, team, and with yourself. “Trust is like a glass, once broken it will never be the same again.” Anon

Imagine the glass is made of respect…once you shatter respect, loose respect, don’t give respect you have no trust. A connection where trust is “broken” is a connection that rarely can be made strong again.

Your trusted advisors, your trusted friends, your helpful people, suppliers, your actions are all part of your foundation you build that makes folks and you trust in what you do and who you are.  All you do and say connects with everything all around you and surely is a fragile container to guard and keep strong.

Faith, Hope, Charity…Connecting with trust.
trust trainlr500

Faith, hope, and charity all find home in the definition of trust. Bottom line, trust is defined by the integrity of your word, your beliefs, your support for relationship and community…and it is the key to all your connections in your life and business…your most cherished and precious asset.

Trust connections = Faith
There is huge comfort in the saying “I have your back”. That means that no matter what occurs, another person depends on YOU…or perhaps you are depending on their support. Trust: priority #1 in the faith others have in you, your service, product or advice. Strong, reliable, good by one’s “word” is the container you create and hold as priceless. Faith is cornerstone of being a trusted source.

Trust connections = Hope
Your actions, words, showing what honors you and how you honor others broadcasts what you stand for, inspires, defines integrity, and ignites huge hope in all your connections.

The “I Can” connections based on trust show caring and create hope! Actions, words, follow through with what you say you are going to do shows “can do” and respect. It is what makes trust so powerful. A trusted individual, trusted brand always comes through, walks its talk…period. AND, showing you can and are trusted by others ignites hope, “how to do it” to those you touch. Keeping hope afloat: if something goes in an incorrect manner…a trusted source steps in and corrects the situation immediately, personally, with great care.

Trust connections = Charity
Your “track record” of positive connections, of doing what is good, correct, excellent is what raises the tide for not only your boat, but also all the boats in the harbor!

In the philosophy of Ancient Hawaii known as Huna, trust is present in all 7 guiding principles and especially in one called “pono”: effectiveness is the measure of truth. When one has a “pono” foundation, one is working in a truthful manner (no “right or wrong” judgments), and this correct manner is characterized by deep trust of walking one’s talk, keeping actions and thoughts at high integrity levels.  Cause and effect; do the correct thing, get the correct result. Community boundaries are set with trust, group goals, personal needs met, all in safe kinship of truthful “pono” connections. Huna teachings emphasize being in the present moment, using both your reason and your emotional bodies to act and stand in your own wisdom. What does your gut tell you is “true” to trust…trust your intuiton!

Connecting with NO trust.
Without trust, there are no REAL connections. Most likely, relationships are based on taking rather than sharing and mutual giving. You cannot maintain success in business without trust. Trust is the “glass” that holds your reputation, community, network together. Word of mouth leads are all based on respect, integrity, real trust.

Trust your gut to uncover “no trust” situations. Follow your gut, and do your research too. We all have a strong interior compass that gives us red flag warnings of when not to trust. Would you put your money into a financial professional’s hands if the firm or individual were not trusted, weak reputation? If something sounds good, but does not feel good…trust your gut! As most ponzi schemes can attest…they start with promises (and big hopes!) without clear record of performance, false trust, and end with heart breaking consequences.   

Trust = Respect
Simple, trust is built on respect. It is given to those who give honest respect to what they do, how they do it and why they do it…in whatever form the connection is made. Trust comes from and grows respect. Respect is reciprocal and defines the best connections to all around you.

Trust is a fragile (at the same time strong) and precious container made of faith, hope, and charity. It’s what makes a connection “real”.

When trust is broken, connections are shattered and can never be the same again.

Respectfully yours, and thanks for sharing and building on REAL connections!

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

August, 2016

In these times where current societal system and millennial generation discussion is marked with words such as entitlement, lack of accountability, disposable, and “it’s all about me”…is there a way to connect with value, being valued, by expressing our unique self, personality, our purpose?

Yes! Finding and offering “you” vs. “me” is the solution. We are all connected to each other in a natural and very aware manner, and that is the pure “you” for each and every one of us. That is THE connection that honors our connection to everything; our unique purpose. Relating and communicating via the essence of our purpose, connection becomes selfless and not selfish!

What connects with “me”?
In the popular expression “It’s all about me”…we are not in connection with what we are here to actually express! The “me” becomes an island of one way text communication, expecting all our desires to manifest from others’ efforts as one climbs to gain from taking, and not giving our very best to anyone, even to ourselves. The “me” gains outside recognition, acts from a position of force…eventually the gains tumble, and there is “me” all alone and not at all connected to much of anything.

What connects with this type of “me” are things outside of the inside real you. The connections could be based on fear and force that cannot sustain. “Me” typically defines itself as standing alone, of having something yet feeling separated from others, source. Always asking for “more”, a self centered “feed me” has little to do with growing and knowing connections with either oneself or others, and leads to a hollowness…which requires infinite more.

“No amount of riches can compensate for an inner feeling of poverty.”
― David R. Hawkins, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

What connects with “you”?

“You” has an intrinsic double meaning. The “you” of yourself as well as the “you” of others. This now has the purpose of communication. So, there is a collective “you” and a deep personal aware of you “you”. This “you” attracts the values of others, shares itself, gives and receives, and knows the true meaning of personal and leadership power. 

The expression of “you” is your unique value, your meant to be doing, your genius, your connection and communication from your purpose. YOU is plural, you is caring, and the courage to express your connection to just WHY you are here.

Succeed the “you”; time to leave the “me” behind.
What makes connection to your deep love for who you are is recognition or discovery of your purpose.  The want to be all you can and are meant to be is so much bigger than the “me” talk of ego and other’s fears.

Pick a time and ask yourself “What makes me feel joy”? Can be anything that makes you smile, want to share, be in your natural flow. What is it that you plunge into for hours on end, that thing that is pure “you” that others find just irresistible?

Those are big questions beginning your journey to your real “you”. Be compassionate and kind to yourself on your journey, and you will see how you are already connecting and affecting everything inside and outside of “you”.

I’m sure you have been deeply inspired by others who have spoken their purpose with passion. Think about what connects you with their “you”.

One of my favorite expressions of “you” is the Dalai Lama who expresses who he is with his words “Kindness is my religion.”

Be kind to you and all the other “you”s out there, make a positive difference, connect with and share your real “you”.

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

July, 2016

YOU are a work of art; your imagination connects you to the expression of the art you have come to accomplish right here and now. Imagine that, you are a pure work of art, a true artist. All of us are artists, we just have different ways of creating, expressing, thinking, feeling and innovating.

The art of being your “why” is what makes you a true artist. And, yes, that is my “art” in the main visual…my Heart Art expresses its joy by translating “essence” into painting form…I shine by showing what shines in what is all around me (people’s hearts too!).

The authentic gem that is your unique truth (your purpose) is what shines your artistry. You may not be the type of artist that draws, sculpts, paints, sings, writes, dances, or creates music, your art may be that of negotiation, healing, coding, inventing, building community, creating financial wealth, seeing new ways to make life better!

The muse of you.
Many artists claim their success to having inspiration from a special muse. That could be a place, an invisible or visible being, an animal, part of nature, etc. The REAL muse is your true YOU. Yes, you are the one that connects to all around you. You are the one who formulates all your thoughts. You are the one that decides to come or to go. If it is not coming from YOU, then it just isn’t the art of you, the true you.

Your “art” is based on the things you say a deep down “yes” to. This “art of you” actually defines your unique purpose.  You can hone that art by asking a couple of simple questions when making decisions.
Q: What do I desire to say a big “yes” to (can be physical tasks to values)?…write it down.
Q: What do I desire to say a big “no” to (can be physical tasks to values)?…write these down.

The YES list comes from your strengths, the NO list creates your boundaries and are what others call your weakness’. This is the list your “you muse” will not flow or want to go. There are many folks out there that have strengths in your NO list…partner with them, rather than spend time “fixing” your weakness points. Concentrate on your strengths! Some of these “nos” could also be fears or non growth patterns that need your attention, that keep you “stuck” from doing your “yes” desires…so it is a challenge you may wish to get some outside help with, guidance, coaching in order to break free of a limiting “no”.

Do more of your YES and less of your NO to become the true artist of your purpose.
Artists are very focused…for example, Einstein was an artist of going outside the norm of things to translate and inspire understanding of complex things and process. His artistry or purpose was to look at things differently, to create meaning and explanation to how this world of ours “ticks”. He failed in the educational “structure” which praises NOT going outside the norm. He said YES to be his full “you”, his purpose, what he was here to be…his quote sums it all up each one being unique: “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”

Albert Einstein

Acting on your “yes” list can make your life and others flow into greater harmony, happiness, success. Since we are all connected to each other, our environment, as we connect with our YES (our purpose!), we help others do the same and indeed make this place a better place to be and live.

Go ahead, show what you know…show the art of YOU!

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Purpose Discovery Coach / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: