June, 2016

Think about it…how are you feeding your life, livelihood…portions of fresh “true to you ingredients”, or servings of attitude from others’ plates, leftovers, not of your craving? We all create our unique smorgasbord of what to consume and to be grown by, essentially what we feel good and nourished by doing and being. There are ingredients that you require that nourish that unique YOU, your authentic purpose…and these are different for each and every one of us.

Ever feel a deep down charge, that spark of electrical “ignition” that calls to you, draws you into happiness, excitement, joy? That feeling of “wow” that moves you to do something uniquely you, nourishes you?

What feeds you, your passion…your “in the flow”?
What is it you just love to do…cannot live without repeating over and over and over again? Time to get back into touch with your feelings, find and feed your heart’s desire.
Pull out a piece of paper, grab a pen, now jot down two stories or memories that stand out in your mind that mark a joyful process, outcome.
Look at what repeats itself either in feelings, visuals, actions or results.
Find the main theme or “thing” you feel makes your heart beat faster…the thing that almost makes you cry as you say it…this is your main ingredient that nourishes you, your heart, your soul is speaking!

Are you doing what nourishes you, feeding your heart? Or, are you feeding your brain that has been told by others what you should, should not, is safe, is not safe? Are you feeding your fears and not your joy?
Heart TalkLR
How do you start nourishing your inner “you”, that authentic spark you came into this world to be and do?
The answer to nourishing yourself is to begin honoring and listening to your inner voice, your intuition, your gut. This “thing” is your feeling of joy that you have repeated over and over in your life and may be ignoring due to patterns set into your life and actions by the experiences of your childhood, teenage and adult years.

In the world of Huna (The esoteric Ancient Hawaiian Philosophy of healing and living), this would be replacing a “stuck” pattern that is no longer serving you with a new positive “in the present” new attitude or pattern which is created with your imagination, creativity, that special sauce that is truly you. Think of what you LOVE and WANT, rather than dwell in what you hate or fear. Go for it!

It is definitely worth it to spend some time listing what you love and what you hate…then focus on what you love.

Assignment: Take what you love and increase that at least 4 times in “doing” time each week…see what happens!

For me it is painting, sketching, finding and showing the light, the essence of what I see and showing it to others (it is also connecting with other hearts, animals, nature…yes, I do talk to animals and other hearts in nature). That is my joy, this is what feeds my soul. What is yours…what feeds you?

Create a life that is well nourished with ingredients of YOU!

Thanks for sharing YOU (and of course, the blog)!

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Purpose Discovery Coach / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: www.chilightful.com Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ChiLightful 


Vision SamePage500lr
June, 2016

In a sea of unique perceptions, conforming assumptions, labels, and rules, how do you share your unique vision, give it clarity, form trusted partnerships, rally support for your vision or journey?

The answer is to know what your passion or purpose is on such a gut level that everything you do, say, speak, share, comes from that unique point of view; that “you” that holds enthusiasm, surety, leadership. Find, then invite others to discover your gift of purpose…the why of you, the power of showing up in authentic manner.

Your invitation to share your “why”: being true to your truths.
Does an Oak tree grow into a willow…no! An acorn knows and follows it’s purpose, it becomes an Oak tree. Satisfy and honor your own whys, speak your truth about who you are and what your vision is, then you will attract “same page” alignment with folks. We are all connected, yet due to our experiences…we all see things differently. The folks that have “whys” close to your why are the ones that will leap on your same page, be partners, clients, friends. Getting everyone on the same page requires knowing WHAT the essence of  ”you” is…your WHY, and then clearly communicate that nature. The “why” of you is your product, it serves the “whys” and needs of others when you put purpose together with need. Everyone’s “whys” are different, our differences clearly fill in and connect with others, benefit each other in profound ways.

Getting everyone on the same page requires knowing WHAT the essence is of  ”you”…your WHY!
How do you find your true “why”? Begin with a bit of private purpose hunting.
1.Think of that one thing when you were very young that you loved doing, that made you smile, gave you joy, you were so good at. What was that, how did it feel? The essence of your “why” is something you just have to do…and it shows up in your childhood games, actions, favorite things. Jot these down and see the patterns that show up.
2. Then look at how you solve the challenges that come your way…do the patterns still exist, what is the personality of how you naturally navigate, flow, find, and communicate solutions?

Getting everyone on the same page requires knowing WHY you are communicating.
Everyone has different needs or wants, is your benefit created from your authentic purpose of being…your “why”? Are you communicating your lists of attributes, or are you communicating unique solutions that only you can bring to the table, that beg to come out and be shared for a greater purpose than “what” you do? What is the igniter or purpose of your communication? Watch out for the “whats”…they have no value for people, no real reason to understand or jump onto your bandwagon. Folks respond and understand quicker and rally to your support when your talk resonates with your core essence, aligns with their core values and needs. They are touched, and drawn by your purpose.
Jot down what you believe your top values are and how they benefit others. Is your “why” in communicating self-serving or does it show your essence or purpose in an enthusiastic way that engages other’s hearts, desires, minds?
Now you have just begun to think in a purposeful manner…pick your top benefit that you must offer, you do it all the time. You are getting some hints on your purpose!

The outcome of communicating your purpose: You get everyone on the “same page”.
The “same page” is a beacon of purpose. Because…you send out a beam of unique truth that attracts those that need the help or the benefit of your “why”, your purpose. Like the acorn that grows into an Oak…you express your natural talent and your “what” becomes your “how” as you know and communicate.

You have a special something that others need and want when you show up and express purpose in your life and business.

Can you show your communications in simple universal speak?
More than 80% of folks now “get on the same page” in understanding by using visual communication. Visuals have been proven to be a universal language that registers in a person’s brain faster than written copy. Show people your vision, your focus; communicate clearly via custom made visuals that show your story; its details, key points. You can use Quick-Sketching as a tool! How did the cave men show the essence of a story of the hunt, who had power, territory…they drew pictures.

Get folks on the same page with your story…find and express your purpose story and then telegraph it out to others to join you with clear quick communications!

Happy same page landings!

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Purpose Discovery Coach / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: www.chilightful.com Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ChiLightful 

May, 2016
Communication springs from emotional messaging…you have a choice of positive Carefrontation: trust and open (win / win), or negative Confrontation: force and accusatory actions (loose / loose).

I am writing this blog to help share positive points learned from a recent experience of mine. Just found closure in a copyright infringement situation where I found myself receiving a strong confrontation communication strategy that evolved into passive aggressive stalled out mode. Due to this non caring confrontational “style”, separation of what each individual desired increased, stuck got more stuck, and false promises resulted in failure.

There are times when you just “have a failure to communicate” (Take note from the movie “Cool Hand Luke”!). The wide chasm between contrasting points of view are not to be bridged, both parties suffer. Each side digs in, stuck in the muck of righteousness, frustration, anger as well as fear. Disagreements happen all the time…that is how change happens! Is there a way to guide disagreement from confrontation into a caring and value oriented process?

Confrontation communications: A story of reactive and conditional resolution.
The tale told with confrontation begins with a “con”. The story begins with a negative assumption (you are wrong and I am right). The frontline is set for attack, not talk. Lines are drawn, strings attached, sides are formed, and a battle begins. Storylines hold little flexibility, requirements to “submit” to strong-arm strategies are present. A feeling of having to win, of setting restricting conditions to settle, create the rules of confrontation. Winners and losers are defined, in reality there are NO winners.

Does confrontation in business create benefit or give value? Most of the time it comes as a shock to a system, defines or brings awareness to some sort of issue that needs healing, errors, power struggle, etc. Value added: Identifies agendas, revealing possible hidden needs that show up in “surface level” disagreements, and singles out those folks who find it enjoyable to feed disruption at hand to call attention to their own personal disharmony.

When a “failure to communicate”, comes into crisis mode, is there a way to avoid reacting with force, and confrontation?

YES, you do have the power to choose!

Carefrontation communications: A story of listening, purpose, and building trust.
Think of the Dali Lama as global mediator, with his words:
“Happiness depends on inner peace, which depends on warm-heartedness. There’s no room for anger, jealousy or insecurity. A calm mind and self-confidence are the basis for peaceful relations with others….”
Happiness: creating room for open discussion without anger, accusations, listening to what others or situations really need is what could happen when authentic leadership, strength, power (not force), and calm, are brought to build the reality and emotion of trust, and loyalties.

How can you be powerful when you are angry?
When you are angry, your body physically tenses up, your breath shortens, and you go into protection or attack mode. Power is lost, and force is the strategy at hand. What to do?
1.Take DEEP BREATHES, at least three…relaxing your body. Try it out, you can not be angry when your body is not tense!
2. Step back from judgment, PAUSE. Write down the exact issue to be discussed without emotional context, no “conditions”.
3. SET AGREED UPON BASIC RULES. Like time limit per response, no interruptions, no accusatory language…build your safe communications space.
4. ACKNOWLEGEMENT: Comes down to it…folks want to be acknowledged, emotionally and mindfully…so do you…you need not agree to all that is on the table…you could do well to acknowledge what is there, what other’s bring as well as what you bring. FIND PURPOSE: Listen without interruption, let them talk (if they get abusive, let them know you will resume the conversation later or merely ask them “why” they are angry if possible)…then repeat their needs as stated and ask if you have their desire accurate, in a calm and confident manner.
5. STATE YOUR NEEDS with calm, firm conviction.
6. Point out any items which are mutuaL. Then take each opposing point and rank each to their importance for either of you…now you have an “importance scale” to discuss as well as an agreement list. Offer to send a written summary so both of you can review.

This is just a beginning in showing “care” (power, not force) for the topics and “being” of you and others. Building emotional trust, safety inside open discussions, a true container for change.

The values of a carefrontation communication:
Carefrontation can be a big “pro” on the value added scale:
Leadership is established from talking non-judgment, just the facts, simply stated and examined.
Both “sides” are transformed / elevated in a positive manner by true listening and exchanging of needs. Physically, a benefit of stress reduction for the emotional and physical body of all.
You create RELATIONSHIPS rather than dictatorships.
Discovery of REAL needs, commonalities that create trust and positive emotional connections.
You show you care by listening, a value that builds trust, loyalties, and agreement (not just agreement to what you want!).
No Strings 500

No strings attached carefrontation.
With a true carefrontation, there are no “conditions”, no strings attached. A gift of resolution between parties.

If for some reason you cannot establish a two-way caring discussion (and that does not mean hugging folks left and right) with another, you may have to bring in a professional mediator who can. In my case, I decided to use what the Hawaiian’s call “mana” (one’s power from within that gives you the guidance in changing your own actions) to respond, coming from a position of power, caring, and to remain calm in my communication, which made my process of ending partnership in a non judgmental manner.

You may think that my story ended in failure. For me, it was not. By caring how I communicated, bridges WERE built, the choice was made to not cross the bridge! That’s my tale of choosing carefrontation that was triggered by confrontation.

Building bridges with listening, calm, purpose, and power is the story I wish to share!

Thank you for taking time to share, build bridges!

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: www.chilightful.com Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ChiLightful 

April, 2016
imagination word500

A picture says a thousand words. Imagination is built on a huge nation of images all telling your new story, ideas, process, in the universal language of images. Use your imagination to create exciting new opportunities, and then engage your audience with images that both provoke communication and support. Use this entire nation of images (imagination) to play and work with!

A word (or words!) about “imagination”.
The word actually says it all. A “nation of images” is what makes up the world of communicating and creating. Value, process, focus, clarity, all come from engaging and communicating with the visual world of simple images.  Long solid copy is not a viable solution when brainstorming or sharing new ideas. The realm of imagination is infinite and expresses itself in multiple sensory ways, which includes words, visuals, bursts and blasts of messages that are quick and flexible.

Visual storytelling expresses the facts and feelings that flow with quick “blue sky” thinking. Stories become “real”, no matter how creative or far out when sketched storyboards, visuals, quick sketches are made and shared. It is how stories for movies, commercials, documentaries, animation are expressed to whole teams of creatives.

Imagine that!
Out of the infinite “ether”…imagination sparks a creative notion, story, and words are married with visuals…and sometimes just pictures tell the story with absolutely NO copy or written word.

Shared creative experience happens when a script of quick visual storyboards, key visuals are created so all can be on the same journey and contribute to making something “speak” its truth in this physical world. To educate, enthuse, excite, entertain, explain…the nation of images is there to guide the journey! Where would the Disney classics be without those wonderful sketches that outlined each scene, character, format and victorious ending?

Your “nation of images” can and will engage others…pure “word” does not have this effect unless you are a poet laureate or the Dali Lama (and even their words slide over beautiful imagery…just look at what the search engines give you first…quotes with imagery!)
ringEngage500Images engage because…

A picture does tell a thousand stories because most folks put their own story into them…their own creative thoughts, their own emotions…all with the key foundation being communicated to all. We all think differently, our own creativity, imagination is somehow triggered by a visual, sketch, drawing, scene. We become part of this visual in a visceral way…emotional participation creates engagement, conversation, participation much more that a paragraph of copy. That is why those VERY effective all visual cartoons, commercials, billboards all quickly communicate ONE focus, message…people “get it” quicker when visuals are expressing an idea. Most obvious one is the light bulb above a person’s head…AHA…Eureka, solutions are brilliant!

Sure, folks all learn in different ways: seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, even smelling. Tap into what now has been measured as up to 80% of folks now receive their learning via visual communications.

Be a rebel in the visual world…use your imagination to the max to show new things, your ideas, your goals, your message, your YOU…illustrate, picture it, sketch it, doodle it…let others envision your vision.

Imagination: The Nation of Visuals…use them to give yourself the visual power to create quick communications that can help you reach your goals.

Give me a call to ask about how quick sketch can create a whole new nation of possibilities for your communications, teachings, messaging.

Thanks for taking time to imagine how your imagination, your unique nation of images, can help you tell your story, engage your audience, define your dreams, create clear focus, get to your message to your community in a quick and captivating way!

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Author. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: www.chilightful.com Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ChiLightful 

April, 2016

Thinking big, going “outside the box”, ideation, reaching for the stars, we all go into the great unknown at times…how do we anchor ourselves for the adventure? This is how “change” happens, bringing in new thoughts, ideas and using them to evolve our business and our own lives. Our anchor is often referred to as “keep your feet on the ground” (don’t wander too far, the earth could be flat!)…the ground is what we feel comfortable in and with, what our individual reality IS.

Old patterns (feet on the ground) shifting into new patterns (reaching for the stars), that is how shift works.

What is ANCHORED reaching for the stars…blue sky thinking?
It’s fun to look at the Hawaiian God Maui. He is both curious and powerful…has his head in the clouds and feet on the earth. Maui is known for a creative perspective and ingenious solutions to whatever he is looking for. His feet are firmly on the earth, which gives him great strength and empowers him to bring those cloud explorations down into manifestation of real progress or actions. You need both the free thinking cloud searching activity as well as real world application to move forward, to reach out and touch those stars you reach for.

Star reaching 101.
True genius…Einstein, Tesla, Maui; all naturally look at the world from a different point of view. There are really no limitations to what is out there, they find a way to describe, define, share, and change their and our world. They give us a glimpse at what head in the cloud and reaching for stars is all about. Most of us are in the small box of our immediate experience. Genius breaks rules or patterns (box) and bursts into infinite possible experiences of “why not” paired with a rare skill of translating novel observations into new rules, creating new patterns…nudging all into shift and change.
old to newLR500
How to BEGIN replacing old anchors with new safe ground: (use a current “need” or “stuck” you have now as your starting point)

1. List all the things that you fear will “happen” in taking action towards a solution. (your “ground”) This is list #1.
2. List all the benefits you would have if you take action and get a solution (your “star”). This is list #2.
3. Take list #1 and pick the top 3 fears and ask yourself to write a list by each fear as to where they come from (past experiences, knowledge)…and ask if each is “effective” in keeping you safe, why keep the status quo? This is list #3.
4. Take list #2 and pick the top 3 benefits and list the feelings you could have if you adopted the attitude of already HAVING these in your life, plan, business. This is list #4.
5. GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO DISMISS THE OLD FEARS FROM  #3 WITH YOUR NEW SOLUTIONS FROM #4. Thank your old patterns for keeping everything safe, let the NEW positive rule or attitude be known clearly to your “old patterns”…this is the carrot, the promise that is a trade up from a past pattern…reassuring your mind that you have safe “better” feelings which you now need full support.
6. *** This is triple star important: PROVE worth in order to “buy in”: ACT on this (initiate small steps in the physical world, speak it, feel it, share it, build it) to show your mind and your imagination that both can work to create SAFE change!

7. THEN, take the positive feelings from #4 to brainstorm even greater benefits, solutions that are outside your old box while now working from a new positive much larger grounding or anchor.

You have just shifted your possibilities possibility to a larger and positive ground for a higher reach to new things!

Drawing out new grounds and possibilities.
Without a chalkboard, paper, drawings, notes, could Einstein, Da Vinci, Tesla, Disney, keep track of their thinking, imagineering? Thoughts are fleeting and disappear when not recorded by drawing, voice recordings, notes.

Put your stake in the ground: record your star searching. This is mind mapping, storyboarding, ideation. It is important to actually put your ideas “on paper” so you have a progress timeline to show yourself and others.

Doodle your progress! Stick figures, doodles, words, all record your progress. Ground and share new ideas. Post these mind or star searches on your wall where you and others can view. Bring your new world into being by drawing it out…literally.

That’s where I love to serve with my talents. With Quick Sketch “doodling” you can get your star reaching into the universal language of visuals. Make your change grounded and feeling safe.

Reach for the stars keeping your feet on positive new “ground”. Create credible stairs to the sky and beyond…be like Maui, amaze yourself and others with your mind in the clouds and your feet on earth.

Thanks for your time and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: www.chilightful.com Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter, and you can “like” my facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ChiLightful 

March, 2016

               “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
                                                                         George Bernard Shaw

Quick Sketch helps you create your life…a game changer for focus, clarity. It’s a game changer in that it breaks you free, gets you unstuck, helps you visualize, evolve, and create a focused determined path to reach your goals.

From team sports like football, individual best training for a marathon; or when it comes to getting your important goals completed, a certain “super sauce” is needed! Seems like the individuals and teams that become champions are the ones that have intense focus and “talk” between their minds and bodies as well as other team players. Well known fact, if the focus is not there, performance does not reach its best. For most, to create an intense focus relies on clear messages going from point A to point B!
Ato B500
How do you get from A to B?
Clarity, focus (and a ton of effort)…are powerful key values that get you from stuck to unstuck and on your way. When you have a journey to go on, it requires some sort of map, process. For athletes and many super stars it also is the ability to focus so keenly they can visualize all the minute details, movements, and desired outcome that cause their performance to match their visualizations and win. There are many psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, coaches, mentors, available to help get folks focused and clear on goals.

In business and in life, the key is to break down goals into small stepping stones so that one CAN become clear on process, needs, taking focus into determined steps to move forward rather than remain stuck on a HUGE mountain of a goal. Maps, lists, your agreed upon “to do” lists that you make everyday are necessary to create forward movement.

Turn Munster Cheese into Swiss cheese.
When you want Swiss cheese and all that is available is a ton of Munster, punching holes into a solid block of Munster Cheese can make your very own version of Swiss cheese. As you punch one hole after the other, pretty soon that heavy block of cheese looks like a completely different cheese that has pathways that lead to more pathways. You can make Swiss cheese out of your Solid Heavy block of goals as you break down goals into “steps” and “to do” lists. You can visualize your steps (punching holes!) in clear form by doodling each of your goals into “doable” daily, monthly, 3 month to 6 month and finally year “maps”. When you write this down, actually draw it out…your mind and your emotions can “see” that things ARE possible. With focus and determination you are quite clear in the steps you need to take to succeed. When you merely “think” of steps, somehow they never materialize and there you are…stuck as usual. Doodle it out, make it happen!

Doodle treasure maps!
Why not make your OWN map for your goals. Isn’t your goal the “treasure” you are wanting to find, with quick sketch visuals you can take each step and make up a map that gets you from A to B. The visualization and sketching out of the steps is your vehicle that floats you safely and with confidence to your end game results!

Attention flows where energy goes…draw it out, recognize, focus, and follow your unique route to your goals. AND, see if you are following your plans by using your process sketches as a touchstone to get you back on track if you stray. Some businesses call this “mind mapping”, others call it storyboarding, graphic facilitation, doodling, quick sketching. All the same thing, it’s the drawing out of key points, steps, so you can clearly see where you are going, and bring everyone else along with clear vision and aligned goals.

Outcome from Quick Sketching steps: Breaking down, drawing out both wants and challenges that show you clarity of the PURPOSE of your desire in turn creates positive POWER to achieve your goals. The power to create your focus, reach your goals.

Quick Sketch…get unstuck, and inspire others to ignite their own focus, purpose, and passion!

Thanks for taking time with some fun ideas to get unstuck and get going!

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Author. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: www.chilightful.com Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ChiLightful 

February, 2016
Red monkey500
The new Chinese New Year of the Red Monkey is arriving with its fast and free-swinging energy on Monday, February 8, 2016. The story with this New Year (the first Lunar new moon of 2016) is characterized by the personality or “story” of the monkey. We are saying goodbye to the year of the Ram or Sheep, which was a year for foundation building, safety, uncovering and moving obstacles, slow change. This new monkey year will be a MUCH different story with a more non cautious, fly by the seat of your pants, maybe even filled with a few quick pranks to go along with what “monkey” stands for in the Chinese 12 animal zodiac system.

As a Feng Shui practitioner, I look at business, relationships, and environment with a bit of a twist. Energy makes up our world, decisions, life, community. With so many folks around the world honoring this Lunar New Year, it makes sense to put out one’s “feelers” and instincts and take a look at the big picture huge cultures are considering at the present moment.

Whatever your beliefs, why not be aware of the powerful new changes that are on the horizon. Creative action, entrepreneurial activities, innovative, quick acting, and playfulness, are a few positive influences that are honored and rewarded in this New Year. The less positive influences could be quick and surprising changes in the status quo, pranks that can be “not so much fun”, jealousy (territorial claims), and pure “monkey business”. Look into just “who and what” you are buying into this year…lots of “Emperor has no clothes” stuff could be around.

A fast paced, fun filled time, with clever solutions, sharp quick decisions, and a bit of risk taking are all what “monkey” likes. Be a clever tactician this year and victory can be quite prosperous for you. YES, this is a great time to push your comfort zone, and the ‘envelope” as we move through this year. Great things can come of innovative and imaginative thinking!

Wishing you all a wonderful new year…Xin Nian Kuai Le (Happy New Year) to you, and a 2nd opportunity to have a great new year! I like that!

New Year’s Prediction: You will find your perfect “story”, flow into what your passions call you to be, and be able to communicate to others your innovative ideas by telling your story with quick sketch illustration. Monkey says, “ Communicate fun new ideas, share your plans, and get all on board by showing your story with quick sketch”. (A very wise Monkey!) Find out more on how I can help you tell, share, and even sell your story at: www.chilightful.com

Thanks for your time and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Author. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: www.chilightful.com Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ChiLightful 

January, 2016
ME visual500

When you are speaking, teaching, offering to do business, is your storytelling all about “ME”? It is a fine line we all walk in telling our story; telling folks about what we do and what we offer; the side that tells all about “ME”, and the side that speaks benefit and solutions to others’ “NEED”.

I recently attended a tele-seminar in which there were interesting bits of content, and the storytelling was definitely all about “ME”. Deciding to time the telling of accomplishments, associates, personal crisis, status in the community, educational triumphs, etc., the “ME” content came out to half the total time of the program. When the delivery of personal expertise overshadows the showing and sharing of knowledge of an audience’s needs and giving of solutions, there is little respect for why folks are attending or for their time

Too much “me” turns a brain off, an invitation to multitask…boring. Talking features does not create relationship. Clearly showing and sharing how you uniquely help people is what counts.

Stop talking and start showing!
How do you show your unique benefit of solving other’s needs? You can literally DRAW it out for folks. Get everyone on the same page. When you ask folks to participate in person in or off site by actually drawing, making lists, brainstorming, writing lists or drawing, it is most effective if you give them visuals to follow. Quick sketch visuals capture the essence of what you are providing, and have been proven to be highly memorable.
box visual500
Staying out of “me” land and showing up in fulfilling “need” land.
How can you make sure you stay out of “ME” land? Here are a few ideas:

1. Take a sheet of paper, draw a line in the middle (from top to bottom) and title the top left: “ME” and the top right side: “OTHERS”. On the “ME” side: make a list of your talking points that have to do with you (your bio, story, moments, labels, etc.) and across each item mark down delivery time. On the “OTHERS” side: list what you DO to define and solve what your people are craving to solve…and again, mark down the time for this delivery. Gets obvious where your talk is focused.

2. Draw out a physical representation of ALL of your tools you are giving, and SHOW them in your presentation. Ideas, products, process, services. Giving illustrations in a casual manner is very effective to get folks to participate and understand your benefit.

3. If you ask people to “draw” an item so it can be fulfilled and used as a tool…give them a drawing to follow so ALL is clear. Folks interpret verbal instructions in many different ways!

4. Give your audience quiet time to make lists, draw the squares, triangles, circles that they fill with content. Be SILENT. Provide space for this activity. Give your audience time to THINK…do not fill this quiet time (or fill whole presentation) with more of your story or personal experiences.

5. Before you end your talk, give moments for Q&A so what has been “drawn out” can be shared and if needed clarified and expanded. The not so great way to end a talk, tele-semiar, webinar, etc. is to give your “ME” pitch, offer to buy it now, and not leave any time for personal communications with your audience. UNMUTE…that is when you listen to others, that is when you find needs, that is when you do NOT deliver more “ME” story.

Draw upon “YOU” to draw your loyal relationships.
Drawn visuals are personal…they tell YOUR story as well as YOUR value. By actually drawing and having others draw visuals or lists you actually are drawing out what folks “need”. Plus, you create new links to others via their emotions rather than just “minds”. Whether it is a simple doodle, stick figure, word list, or fanciful ideation, SHOWING and drawing brings personal connections.

My drawings connect others to their unique stories that help them serve others navigate their unique paths. Give me a call so I can discover what your visual communications needs are, to help you find and solve “NEEDS”, listen more, show and draw MORE to you and your partners. 

Thanks for your time and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: www.chilightful.com Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ChiLightful 

January, 2016
Quick Sketch word500
Recently I have answered many questions about “what is a quick sketch”. In other words…what do you “do” exactly? In short; quick sketch illustration is a quick way to translate words, copy, ideas into clear, focused, visual picture telling.

A few ways we communicate to another are with words, body language, and visuals. We are all “storytellers”. “Quick sketch” is a universal way of telling story through visual illustrations of communications. There is a story in all of our talks, business, brand, life path, teachings…it is about the “why”, “how”, and “what” we communicate.

Drawing Ideas!
Q: How do you communicate a big idea? A: Quick sketch and share. A quick sketch is more formal than a doodle, and done in a short period of time to illustrate “story” for all sorts of meetings, event, travels, teachings, ideas. It is an illustration that reflects the key focus or summary of what is being communicated. Look at it like a visual “adjective” that shows the flavor and personality of a main thought!
Heiroglyphics PAULA500Some of the earliest quick sketches can be found in the pictographs of indigenous people’s recordings, art, homes or caves. Various historians have concluded that “picture art” was a recording of important information, directions, warnings. In general: everyday life activities, as well as declaring what is what and what is whose! Look at the Egyptian Hieroglyphics. What gods were helping with the harvest, sun, underworld…and who is to be honored and how they want to be served…it’s all there in wonderful color for all to see and understand, no matter what part of the kingdom one hailed. Picture storytelling.


Visuals are understood by all.
Ideas Rocket500
Pictures tell a quick story, record important ideas and passages of time. There have been “quick sketch artists” from the dawn of time…they have been called Illuminaries, scribes, journalers, reporters, map makers, reporters, engravers, artists, visionaries, and sometimes even prophets. Now “quick sketch” artists are called illustrators, storyboard artists, graphic facilitators, art journalers and visual scribes.

Quick sketch is seen in animation for instructions on “how” to videos, meeting agendas, thinking process, company history lines, brainstorming ignitions and much more!
PizzaVisual500Quick sketch is not a new idea, it is a form of visual communication now being used in a society that over 82% of the populace now get their information from visual reports. Visual story is quicker for the brain to process, and is likely to be understood by multi lingual groups and community.

Want to get going with expressing your communications, agenda, values, needs…and show others you understand their needs and can help them with solutions and information by using quick sketch? Give me a call…and I am called a visual scribe…let’s get your story translated into the universal language of quick picture telling!

Thanks for your time and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: www.chilightful.com Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ChiLightful 

October, 2015
worth main art500

Some of my past blog posts have talked about imagination and the importance of creativity. We create our services, brands, offerings from our constant Imagineering. It’s a valuable tool in creating our brand, finding out our paths and expressing our purpose and missions to the world. We are all excellent at articulating what we “do”.  What about what others need?

What others need is why we succeed. Many now call this Servant Leadership. Using our imagination to listen, discover, and create to the needs of others so all can succeed. This is an ancient thought…much like the Golden Rule of empathy, and the Huna (Hawaiian ancient philosophy of living life) belief of “Ike”; we are all connected. Connection and empathy of what other people need is a great foundation for doing business.

Values = Worth
Imagine how your service, product, thinking can uplift others. It’s your values, not your “features” that place the needs of others into your actions. Being empathetic, finding out what others need, this is how your imagination can create meaning for your partners, clients, and your own well-being.

What is your imagination “worth”, what price is attached to asking a customer what they need before they ask for help? As the long running MasterCard campaign states: “priceless”. 

Do you show you care?
Do something needed before being asked. Volunteering and finding new creative ways to connect with others and help be the solution to what they need. Imagination makes the world a much better place as you show you are interested in helping others.

Stepping up and writing the memo that considers other’s efforts and ideas, creating the space for others to ask for help and then helping without agenda or condition. This creates respect, trust, and honest collaborations. Imagine that!
Offer subhead art500Offer
Offer up your thinking, actions, and imagination to find out how you can serve the needs of others. Find the service value in what you offer and create a brand and life that is rock solid because it actually makes the world a better place!

For myself, my imagination shows folks their creativity, their values, services, in clear visual quick sketch communications so they can find those who need their help, teachings, ideas, products. My imagination sparks other’s creative centers, their unique purpose that serves others as they follow their unique paths. Give me a call so I can discover what your visual communications needs are so you can serve more, listen more, create more.  

Thanks for your time and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: www.chilightful.com Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ChiLightful