October, 2016
Why am I here500

Why ARE you “here”? Each one of us has a unique purpose, creative expression, and a definite contribution to share on this spinning blue earth ball. It has to do with making the world, (you and all around you) a much better place. You are here to make the world a better place!!!

How can I make the world a better place (some help from Huna)?

Connecting to the heart of who you are, the heart of others, the heart or essence of your environment is key to creating positive effect or change. Making connections that come from both your mind and heart / emotional center based on making positive and responsible choices every single day create a better life.

Be aware of lifting you and others UP! THINK BIG.
In the Huna philosophy (ancient Hawaiian “way of life”) there are 7 principles that are foundational. The first principle is “Ike” (eekay) which means, “The world is what you think it is”. Think about it…your thoughts attract what you receive. As you judge, so will you be judged. Catch yourself as you “judge” rather than decide to connect or not connect with others. Are you looking at fear-based thinking or love-based choices. Love does lift everything up in the forms of respect, encouragement, enthusiasm, hope, faith…those are all BIG THOUGHTS!

2. Honor your time, your integrity, your unique focus.
What did Michael Jackson’s song “Man in the Mirror” ask you to do? Look to yourself, your choices, and your actions first and then make that change to create better for yourself and others. The principle called Makia (MA-keeahh) speaks to healing the focus of your activities and thoughts. Energy flows where attention goes! Focus first on what your strengths are, what your goals and talents need to find and clarify your process and priorities. As you sharpen your positive focus, what your gut is telling you, As you sharpen your positive focus, hear what your gut is telling you, (and not do what others are “telling you” to do) you may just find that your productivity, contributions, and harmony increase. Let go of all the mental sidebars and be aware of patterns of “shoulds” and rather broadcast your focus on “can”.

4. Be “happy with” your connections.
Aloha Word500

The third Huna tip is based on Aloha. Aloha holds the “breath of life” for the Hawaiian culture. Aloha’s basis is love…meaning “love is to be happy with”. Love for you, what you do, respecting others, seeing the essence of heart and beauty of all around you. It is a greeting to appreciate, love, find joy with all you connect. It is the greeting that makes all to its best, making better through expressing the truths of love.

Some points to feel, share, and be aware of during your day, making your decisions based on expectation of making this world a better place.

Thank you for creating my world a better place with expressing, sharing, and believing in your heart’s expression of its positive passion.

Would love to hear about your “purpose” here and how that makes the world a better place. Aloha!

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