How to pause to find peace, now

December, 2016

For this holiday rush about season, I am finding time to find peace. My following tips on finding peace begin with taking time to pause.

With our device driven world it seems our lives are on 24/7 full speed ahead full tilt motion. Our schedules are overloaded, no time for friends, family, or even ourselves.

CAN you pause, can you find peace? YES! You make peace with pausing, being in the present moment…that is where real peace is.

How to pause:
Put down your phone, i-pad, shut off your computer. Be committed to be “device” and distraction free for the next10 minutes or so. Commit to it! Do this at least one time a day, then try a couple of times a day…learn how to break free “to be”.
Take THREE deep belly breaths in and exhale slowly…settle in, release any muscle tension you can feel in your body.
Now you are set to “be”…focus on ONE thing that is close by…could be a tree, flower, briefcase, auto. Point is to just LOOK at one thing…keep looking at it. Really SEE that object, its color, its form, its position, feel it and see it so strong that you can close your eyes and bring it to your vision so you could almost touch it.
Then…listen for a singular pleasant “noise”…could be a bird chirping, a song, or you just beginning to hum.
When you have your visual object in your mind, reach out and touch it or something else that is near. Can be your ring, an object next to you, a chair, a flower on the table, NOT YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICE. Notice how that object is made, is it soft, hard, fragile, cold, warm…explore that object and note how it feels.
After feeling an object, looking and seeing an object, hearing a pleasant noise…say out loud a single object that you KNOW YOU LOVE. For me, my go to belief is “I LOVE HAWAII!”. Speak it softly or loudly, just speak it…make it real!
Take a mental listing of anything that is bugging you; making you tense, look at it in this state and really see it, make peace with it, see all sides to what you need to do to make it work (or not). Make your decisions from this place of being present…this is your intuition, without resisting, let it bring you what you need!
Notice how you now feel. Are you more relaxed, in the moment and not ruminating on what you need to do next…what does “being in the present” feel like to you? Take note…remember this the next time you need to zip into pause mode.

The above is a quick lesson in what some folks call “grounding” or what I call “being in the present”. The steps are based on the healing art of Huna, which is the ancient esoteric philosophy of Hawaii of which I love and know works.

What is the value of being in “pause mode”?
First of all, you get the benefits of just looking happier, and actually you feel best when your muscles (esp. the brain!) are relaxed. You also have the HUGE advantage of seeing things, of making choices from a much more settled and non-rushed point of view. Being “in the moment” lets you see all sides to things, brings you to pro-active rather than re-active. 

It’s the gap between your breaths that creates the pause for innovation, brilliance, real knowing, great decisions. Being in the present gives your body, brain, and heart time to talk with each other and realize “YES”.

Break free, turn off the buzz, be in the moment with YOU…and you will then find the right stuff to find quality time with friends, partners, family, pets, community and your environment. That is GOOD, that is PEACE.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season filled with pause, with peace, with joy. This is the time of year we all seem to pause from strife, from judgment, from “pushing”. If we can do it for this one beautiful day then…yes, there can be Peace on Earth…give it a chance, pause.

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