February, 2017
Small step top art500

“Small change”…taken literally, most of us have this rattling in our pockets, purses, in jars, in our car consoles.

What’s this small change “worth”? Small change is usually referred to as “loose change”, a hassle, not worth counting OR keeping. We toss it into charity boxes, tip jars…we get rid of “it”. No value, not worth our time.

Time to erase that attitude about “not worth much”, looking at each bit of small change BY ITSELF and not what it amounts to when it is all together.

KA CHING! This “small change” when gathered up is worth quite a bit.

It is with the small changes, going step by step that you
accomplish BIG things.
Small change in business is very valuable. Small change is more digestible, comfortable, for both you and your customer. You AND your business are evolving all the time…by taking small steps, small change and then some more small change…you find and tell your story as you grow, get from where you (and your customer) are to where you want to be.

When it comes to change…whether we want it or not,
we are all consumers.
Change is always happening. If we do not accept it, honor it, and flow with change by breaking it down into small steps of shift, then we are eventually confronted with changes that are so huge, we stop, get paralyzed…what folks say as “being stuck”.

I KNOW STUCK! Being an artist, every time I begin a painting, I am confronted by a big blank canvas. HOW does that change into a painting?

A painting evolves from small steps, small change. First a foundation of values is put down, then basic forms, then the juicy lights and darks, adding step by step until “finis”! Each brush stroke for an artist is a “small change” boat for the journey from start to completion.

Step by step change is your ship to create safe and purposeful shift.
Your step-by-step small changes create your trusty boat that takes you across the big sea of change to what you need to accomplish.

Is your “boats’ hull” strong enough to stay afloat in the seas of change? To float safely through the sea of change takes a foundation made up of the true WHY, your purpose of doing business.

The sea of change:
1. Change is the catalyst to find your unique purpose, your big WHY and HOW of doing life and business.

2.  Change encourages brainstorming new process or ways to express your value, service, or product.

3. Change gives you opportunities to clarify your communication…evolving your story, aspects of your brand.

4.  Change gives you a chance to see if you are being opaque or transparent with your customer base as you grow…trust me, people CAN feel and notice as you change or NEED to change.

Change makes noise.
Are you listening to the sounds coming from your audience, the jingle jangle noise of needing to initiate some small changes that could grow some big positive results?

I invite you to look at small change as valuable…it is.

Next time you empty your pockets, purses, look at the small change and pause…offer yourself the opportunity to see the small change as more than the coins …see your opinions, beliefs about worth, value, small change…

Accept small change…find and assign unique purpose in the small shifts. Step by step turn your small change into big Ka Ching valuable purposeful shift!

I’m Paula Brown, Graphic Facilitator / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: www.chilightful.com and www.picturestorming.com Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ChiLightful