September, 2016

Trust is your and your business’ most valuable and number one commodity. When you connect your head and your heart to show who you are and how you give value, REAL support and connect with others… you are creating your trust “container”. Inside this safe container you create respect, build loyal and sincere partnerships, repeat sales and interactions with your audience, team, and with yourself. “Trust is like a glass, once broken it will never be the same again.” Anon

Imagine the glass is made of respect…once you shatter respect, loose respect, don’t give respect you have no trust. A connection where trust is “broken” is a connection that rarely can be made strong again.

Your trusted advisors, your trusted friends, your helpful people, suppliers, your actions are all part of your foundation you build that makes folks and you trust in what you do and who you are.  All you do and say connects with everything all around you and surely is a fragile container to guard and keep strong.

Faith, Hope, Charity…Connecting with trust.
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Faith, hope, and charity all find home in the definition of trust. Bottom line, trust is defined by the integrity of your word, your beliefs, your support for relationship and community…and it is the key to all your connections in your life and business…your most cherished and precious asset.

Trust connections = Faith
There is huge comfort in the saying “I have your back”. That means that no matter what occurs, another person depends on YOU…or perhaps you are depending on their support. Trust: priority #1 in the faith others have in you, your service, product or advice. Strong, reliable, good by one’s “word” is the container you create and hold as priceless. Faith is cornerstone of being a trusted source.

Trust connections = Hope
Your actions, words, showing what honors you and how you honor others broadcasts what you stand for, inspires, defines integrity, and ignites huge hope in all your connections.

The “I Can” connections based on trust show caring and create hope! Actions, words, follow through with what you say you are going to do shows “can do” and respect. It is what makes trust so powerful. A trusted individual, trusted brand always comes through, walks its talk…period. AND, showing you can and are trusted by others ignites hope, “how to do it” to those you touch. Keeping hope afloat: if something goes in an incorrect manner…a trusted source steps in and corrects the situation immediately, personally, with great care.

Trust connections = Charity
Your “track record” of positive connections, of doing what is good, correct, excellent is what raises the tide for not only your boat, but also all the boats in the harbor!

In the philosophy of Ancient Hawaii known as Huna, trust is present in all 7 guiding principles and especially in one called “pono”: effectiveness is the measure of truth. When one has a “pono” foundation, one is working in a truthful manner (no “right or wrong” judgments), and this correct manner is characterized by deep trust of walking one’s talk, keeping actions and thoughts at high integrity levels.  Cause and effect; do the correct thing, get the correct result. Community boundaries are set with trust, group goals, personal needs met, all in safe kinship of truthful “pono” connections. Huna teachings emphasize being in the present moment, using both your reason and your emotional bodies to act and stand in your own wisdom. What does your gut tell you is “true” to trust…trust your intuiton!

Connecting with NO trust.
Without trust, there are no REAL connections. Most likely, relationships are based on taking rather than sharing and mutual giving. You cannot maintain success in business without trust. Trust is the “glass” that holds your reputation, community, network together. Word of mouth leads are all based on respect, integrity, real trust.

Trust your gut to uncover “no trust” situations. Follow your gut, and do your research too. We all have a strong interior compass that gives us red flag warnings of when not to trust. Would you put your money into a financial professional’s hands if the firm or individual were not trusted, weak reputation? If something sounds good, but does not feel good…trust your gut! As most ponzi schemes can attest…they start with promises (and big hopes!) without clear record of performance, false trust, and end with heart breaking consequences.   

Trust = Respect
Simple, trust is built on respect. It is given to those who give honest respect to what they do, how they do it and why they do it…in whatever form the connection is made. Trust comes from and grows respect. Respect is reciprocal and defines the best connections to all around you.

Trust is a fragile (at the same time strong) and precious container made of faith, hope, and charity. It’s what makes a connection “real”.

When trust is broken, connections are shattered and can never be the same again.

Respectfully yours, and thanks for sharing and building on REAL connections!

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