August, 2016

In these times where current societal system and millennial generation discussion is marked with words such as entitlement, lack of accountability, disposable, and “it’s all about me”…is there a way to connect with value, being valued, by expressing our unique self, personality, our purpose?

Yes! Finding and offering “you” vs. “me” is the solution. We are all connected to each other in a natural and very aware manner, and that is the pure “you” for each and every one of us. That is THE connection that honors our connection to everything; our unique purpose. Relating and communicating via the essence of our purpose, connection becomes selfless and not selfish!

What connects with “me”?
In the popular expression “It’s all about me”…we are not in connection with what we are here to actually express! The “me” becomes an island of one way text communication, expecting all our desires to manifest from others’ efforts as one climbs to gain from taking, and not giving our very best to anyone, even to ourselves. The “me” gains outside recognition, acts from a position of force…eventually the gains tumble, and there is “me” all alone and not at all connected to much of anything.

What connects with this type of “me” are things outside of the inside real you. The connections could be based on fear and force that cannot sustain. “Me” typically defines itself as standing alone, of having something yet feeling separated from others, source. Always asking for “more”, a self centered “feed me” has little to do with growing and knowing connections with either oneself or others, and leads to a hollowness…which requires infinite more.

“No amount of riches can compensate for an inner feeling of poverty.”
― David R. Hawkins, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

What connects with “you”?

“You” has an intrinsic double meaning. The “you” of yourself as well as the “you” of others. This now has the purpose of communication. So, there is a collective “you” and a deep personal aware of you “you”. This “you” attracts the values of others, shares itself, gives and receives, and knows the true meaning of personal and leadership power. 

The expression of “you” is your unique value, your meant to be doing, your genius, your connection and communication from your purpose. YOU is plural, you is caring, and the courage to express your connection to just WHY you are here.

Succeed the “you”; time to leave the “me” behind.
What makes connection to your deep love for who you are is recognition or discovery of your purpose.  The want to be all you can and are meant to be is so much bigger than the “me” talk of ego and other’s fears.

Pick a time and ask yourself “What makes me feel joy”? Can be anything that makes you smile, want to share, be in your natural flow. What is it that you plunge into for hours on end, that thing that is pure “you” that others find just irresistible?

Those are big questions beginning your journey to your real “you”. Be compassionate and kind to yourself on your journey, and you will see how you are already connecting and affecting everything inside and outside of “you”.

I’m sure you have been deeply inspired by others who have spoken their purpose with passion. Think about what connects you with their “you”.

One of my favorite expressions of “you” is the Dalai Lama who expresses who he is with his words “Kindness is my religion.”

Be kind to you and all the other “you”s out there, make a positive difference, connect with and share your real “you”.

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