Wake up your story and be seen! Communicate your truths clearly and quickly with quick sketch illustration. Create, activate, summarize, and share your story with empowering, purposeful pictures.


It’s simple…your purposeful pictures communicate your story at a rate of 60,000 times faster than words. In a flash, take your story from “invisible” into visible. See and be SEEN by your aligned audiences. You magnetically lead and communicate straight from the heart of your unique value by using the universal language of intuitive pictures.

I’m Paula Brown, a Heartist”; My purpose is to get you to see and be SEEN. I unwrap and ignite the heart of your vision via picture storytelling; illustrating out your story to accurately target, connect, and give support to your audience. I am an intuitive quick sketch Artist and Purpose Coach. My job is to help you communicate your truths clearly and quickly, igniting your heart to lead from the
blueprint of your soul.



……..• “Paula has the ability to take complex subject matter, digest it and present it in a form and fashion that one can easily understand in our 35 second society. Her “Sketch Quest” private consultations put key issues into keen focus…”

…………………………Paul Siman / CEO / Patient Advocacy Services

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Chi-Lightful offers a variety of value generating “Vision Quests”; discovery and illustrative journeys that give you stepping stones to move forward. Please call for more info as well as fees.

The Why Quest: A short “yes / no” intuitive Q&A 40-minute session based on your need for next step quick info and guidance.


The Sketch Quest: The one hour “one on one” phone session based on your ONE question that results in your custom visual b&w mind map showing “how things are for your current situation or goals. Get ideas, process, and YOU on the way to being “unstuck”. I invite you to a Sketch Quest


The Purpose Quest: Dive deep into finding your soul blueprint that will be the foundation for waking up your true story. Ignite your heart to lead from your essence, gift, mission. Both offerings of coaching quests generate powerful leadership foundational values…one 2-month package and one 6-month package.


The Guidance Quest: Fulfills valuable “checking in” accountability for any type of business or personal schedule or process responsibility.


The Brand Quest: I offer brand review or evolution sessions which are supported by over 25 years of Brand Creative Director for business: corporate and individual brands.


Lead authentically, and move forward ignited by your heart purpose.
Chi-Lightful purpose coaching comes in custom “one-of-a kind” discovery sessions that unite the strategy of “mind” with unique emotional essence of “heart” purpose.

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Every picture tells a story.
Find and share your story in clear, incredibly quick, and focused, universal language of pictures. Pictures show, tell, and break down, the barriers that keep you and your ideas invisible; “stuck”.

Quick-Sketch illustration is a game changer, creating bottom line benefits of:
Unique and memorable communication Clear, easy connection Focus
Show process & get agreement Quick sharing / brainstorming new ideas
Creates personal bonding within travel / education journeys
New loyalties & clients (Social Shares) “Speaking” in universal picture language
Money savings in time and effort (less hours in “repeat of content”)
“Cuts the fat” from start to finish for process, production, and learning.


Where can you profit by picturing your story?
On and off site quick-sketch recording offerings:
Workshop sessions Conference recording Storyboarding and mapping
C-Suite or individual “Sketch Quests” Brand discoveries & reviews / web / blog
Brainstorming Retreats / Special Events Learning travel journeys
Classes Report / Presentation / Power Point Book Illustration, and more…



Begin finding your authentic heart purpose story with my pdf offering:
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