Telling your story is your Super Power!

June, 2021

Your “story” is what you are telling folks 24/7. Does it hold magnetic power, or does it feel lack luster, no emotion?

Telling your story or “networking” is much more than exchanging your email, text number, title, business name or niche. What you are constantly connecting from and with are your actions, your emotions, body language, your message of your persona, and your actual being. Most of your connecting is on a subconscious level, energy of YOU is connecting with all the other stories around you.

Do you know what story you are telling?
Most of us do not know what story we are truly telling, and do feel like we are talking, yet no one is hearing us, no one is seeing us. We feel invisible, powerless.

Invisibility is when you are not telling your purpose story, you could be telling someone else’s story that really worked for them, a story to please others, a story that sounds good, yet is not at all your story. Other people’s templates, stories, do not work for anyone but their author.

You can never please everyone, so that “story” that attempts to please everyone, not offering a specific point of view, is not heard, very weak, has no ummmmmph.

Telling a scripted story (written by someone else for you, or you writing purely from your “head”) that is purely analytical, statistically correct, with no emotional energy also leaves no recognizable recall with folks. You leave folks flat, giving a bunch of feature bullet points and no energy of value.

Look at your story by telling your “pitch”, tagline, or story in front of a mirror. Does it excite you, make you almost tear up, or does it leave you flat, even yawn? Are you listening to a broken record, or are you feeling focused, clear, reaching your own emotional center?

Most of the time as I sketch out purpose Sketch Quests people “know” their real story, their story of unique heart purpose, yet just cannot see it. The real story is right in front of them, sort of like not finding the ketchup bottle in the refrigerator as it is right in front of them.

Your story is RIGHT in front of you, the ease you take for granted, the thing you train yourself to look over, beyond. Our teachings as we grow up encourage us to avoid being different, unique, to blend in, to be safe. You are taught to work on your weakness rather than embrace your strengths.

Take a look back at what you always have been in joyful flow with when you were a kid…what was this quality? Were you a detail explorer, a person who could naturally lead others, a kid who could invent instant solutions, a child who found creative expression in dance, writing, art, etc? Look at the quality of that “flow”…your purpose, your unique story, your super power story is in that path!

Never let your friends, parents, business associates, tell you what your story “is”…most of the time, this is their story, their power.

Your true story, your unique purpose IS your super power.

Find your purpose, then craft your story to tell.
Telling your story from your unique being of YOU will get you unstuck, visible, happy.

Everything is energy connecting with all energy around it…so why not connect up with all using your Super Powerful story…your STORY, what you came here to share, give, and attract super good things into your life and business.

BE bold, find and tell your unique story, make your story your #1 Super Power and attract super energy connections to do good in and for your world.

Thanks for showing and sharing with me your story, your REAL SUPER POWER!

Picture and activate your story, move forward with purpose, clarity, and gratitude,


I’m Paula Brown, Heartist / Picture Story Teller / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” getting you unstuck, showing you many possibilities to PICTURE AND ACTIVATE YOUR STORY for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: Linked In, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 


Pay Attention! Learn from your pets how to move through change: shift from fear into safety.

March, 2021

Is the feeling of not being “in control” now showing up in your life disguised as exhaustion, frustration, being all alone and not safe? Too many pivots, shifts, changes, put us into mental and physical overwhelm. We are sharing our overwhelm with our pets. Now our fur folks are displaying what behaviorists / vets are describing as “Displacement Behavior”. Our fur kids are actually in more need of familiarity and schedules than we require!

How is Displacement Behavior showing up in our pets?
The new normal for pet people is receiving “weird” behavior from their pet loves.

Many articles about our Covid 19 journey speak about our pets absorbing our frustrations, fears, anger, and inability to quickly and easily pivot with these fast changes into the “unknown”. Our not knowing safety in most aspects of our daily lives. Our pets are becoming overly clingy or needy, wanting and craving to be by our sides. This is seen in over protective behavior in guarding with aggression both us and our homes, snapping and hissing at anybody or anything “different” that comes into view or hearing. Examples of cats who have been quite silent that are now loudly purring constantly, and rubbing up against both their person and furniture.

From a research article by Michael Waters for here are a couple of examples he brings  up: “Displacement behaviors are the tics that pets adopt to cope with new stressors. “In dogs and cats, these may present as mounting, pacing, vocalizing, scratching, or patterned behaviors like spinning,” says Lilly. “Just like we may play with our hair, pace in a circle, or chew our fingernails.”

Think of when dogs shake their fur like they’re trying to dry themselves off, even when they’re totally dry. Over grooming is also a common displacement behavior, and so is paw lifting or repeated “jumping at objects, grabbing them and shaking.” In birds, displacement behaviors manifest in speaking more or striking crouching postures. Young horses, meanwhile, might gum at an adult horse with their mouths when they’re anxious.

One displacement behavior — yawning — turns up in cats, dogs, reptiles, and birds under duress. Several studies have concluded that humans, too, yawn more often when they’re nervous, although the reason why is a bit opaque. One leading theory is that yawning increases blood circulation, funneling air into the body and cooling the brain ever so slightly.”

Old calm and consistent behavior is now being swept aside by a lot of pets during and now coming out of quarantine! Social animals are now hiding in corners, calm walking dogs are now straining at leashes, friendly pets are now just giving their people cautious stares…doing their own social distancing. One of my client’s cat is now yowling at its empty food bowl after it eats, demanding that more food be given, as if it had not eaten in a week. Nothing “wrong” physically proven by trips to the vet.

Displacement does not mean Replacement.
Our own fears of lack, not having enough, not having clear schedules, breaking our pet’s schedules and routines, and our fear and reality of “being alone” are all huge contributors to our pet’s new weird behavior.

We have been “displaced”, so our animals also feel this, bringing chaos, unreliability, and abandonment fear into their world and souls.

Some of my recent communications with pets have brought out deep fears of abandonment for the animal as its person returns to a new outside of home schedule. A tired and overwhelmed pet parent is greeted by now an anxious overly needy pet companion.

What to do?
Most important thing a pet parent can do as they change their habits from inside to being outside again in the world is to establish a consistent schedule to feed, walk, play and cuddle with their pets. This is NOT the time to experiment with new diets, new “friends” be they fur or non fur (some dogs are guarding aggressively and anxiously due to an increase of walking the dog foot traffic has happened in front of their homes!) beds, or radical routines. Comfort in the old toys, the familiar walks, the soft pets and talks are what a pet needs right in this present moment.

Reinforce that they will not be left behind, given away, or punished. Talk with them, pet them, create calm for them and you.

People need to remain calm, in control, and strongly enforcing boundaries and schedules now as we all pivot and expect our animals to pivot with us!

Just as we are giving other people space to breath, make some mistakes, and be compassionate to all that are attempting to shift now, we must be giving our pets the same. Non judgement, acceptance, and show understanding of their new “not normal” behavior goes a long way in establishing peace now.

Give me a call to find out just “how” you can create safe shifting for you and your pet. There are flower essence solutions that can balance emotional bodies…yours and theirs, and there are simple calming visioning and breathing exercises that can help you both through transitions. I give energetic reads and healing, help with custom flower essence mixtures, have online classes, private coaching / teaching, and communication consultations that will indeed help you see, feel and experience safe shifting. You and your fur folk can and will feel better understood, connected, calmed and loved.

Picture and activate your story, move forward with purpose, clarity, and gratitude,


I’m Paula Brown, Heartist / Picture Story Teller / Author. I am a visual storyteller and "purpose guide" getting you unstuck, showing you many possibilities to PICTURE AND ACTIVATE YOUR STORY for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: Linked In, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Connect to your purpose: Put the heartbeat back into your business.

March, 2018

Your life depends on the beat of your heart. A strong heartbeat means good health. Same as your business…it has a heartbeat, it does have a “life”. Can you hear and feel it’s heartbeat? Is it strong…or is it not beating at all?

Symptoms of a weak heartbeat.
The masterpiece of your story is your heart; your purpose. You naturally flow from the heartbeat of your WHAT. It’s easy to get caught up in the flurry of “doing” rather than acting from your “being”. Are others hearing your heartbeat of being or your frantic “doing”? Some clues of missing heartbeat:
You feel successful yet hollow, have that nagging feeling of knowing things are going well (or you are trapped on a hamster wheel, spinning…stuck) but you are unsatisfied, frustrated with teams, partners, or you own communications. You know your big ideas, why don’t others?
1. Team members are not enthusiastic, are “showing up” rather than showing each other and you solutions.
2. It seems to take 10 times (or more!) longer for things to get done. Processes are slow or completely stalled out no matter how much you tell people “what to do”. New bold ideas do not find their way to your office and you see other business and people racing ahead of you while you stand still.
3. Income and ROI are slow or in the red, audience attraction is nil, and folks are confused as to the value you offer.

Your foundations are no longer guided by or share purpose, and your exhausted heartbeat stops.

How to get your heart beat going again.
Your heartbeat (or purpose) is the masterpiece of your story…take its pulse:
1. Go back to the point of your big idea, your excitement and enthusiasm for your business or product to be seen, accepted, talked about and bought. That moment you decided YES, this is my reason for being. Write that feeling and idea down on paper, put it big and bold where you can see it everyday.
2. After you sit with your original story or purpose, take a “purpose pulse” survey. Ask friends, partners, teams if they know your passion, value, brand essence clearly? Are they seeing it in your product, service and communications?
3. Summarize: If the answer is a resounding YES (I know and value your true purpose) and they totally understand the value of your passion…the heartbeat is strong. If folks do not know, are not building “more” from that passion or WHAT, teams are not synched into doing from that “being”…then you have no heartbeat in your business…you have a working entity with little passion or true story connection. You are in the stuck zone of frustration.
4. If you are off your heart path, not telling your story from your heart’s masterpiece of purpose, you may need to “re”-view:
A. Do a purpose re-discovery…see if you are now reflecting or ignoring your WHAT.
B. Check in with your close partners or business associates and ask them for help
in a re-view of your brand communications, mission, or vision statements. Is your
business heart being fed by strong “arteries” with flowing purposeful parts
and pieces?
C. Physically re-view your WHAT for your life and business (they are totally
connected) by drawing out in visual picture storytelling to show and share with
others. Use the universal language of pictures to create a touchstone that keeps
your heartbeat out in the open, seen, and understood by all. Quick sketch
doodles (Drawing out purposeful pictures is my masterpiece, my “heartbeat”) are
fast ways to show folks your talent and true value. Let your heart beat loudly by
using picture storytelling in presentations, webinars, internal and external meeting
summaries, mapping out future scenarios, even for process reviews and shifts.
All can be communicated clearly in a quick focused manner with quick-sketched

Your business heart beats from your enthusiasm, clarity, focus, ability to communicate your purpose to others. When your heart beats strongly it connects with all who are aligned with your unique purpose. You empower their hearts to powerfully to speak the beat of their values.

Make some good noise, let your heartbeat be heard, felt and seen!

I’m Paula Brown, Graphic Facilitator / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and "purpose guide" getting you unstuck by drawing out purposeful paths and communications. Showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: Linked In, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Discovering your purpose: Find your extraordinary in your ordinary.

February, 2018
What do you consider “ordinary” in what you do? What do you do or think that you take for granted and feel “oh, everyone can do that”? Most of the times we are not aware of the unique attributes or WHAT we are doing, saying, contributing.

There is a huge message in what we all consider our “ordinary”.

Our true extraordinary is found in our ordinary.

As example, I am a quick sketch artist who has the uncanny ability to find the essence or heart of communications, people, nature…I find the heart of things…I find “purpose” or the WHAT and WHY of things and bring this to focus for folks. For myself, I truly feel everyone is an artist, all can doodle and tell picture story…what is so special about that? THAT is my unique purpose, my unique WHAT and it comes so naturally I assume that this is not that extraordinary.

Take a bigger look to actually see the unique details of you.
Take a look at what you are in flow with from a distance…a larger view. Imagine you are in an airplane looking down at YOU from 30,000 ft up. Take some time from that perspective and watch what you do for at least a week. Journal your “doings” during the day. Jot down what you feel comfortable doing and what is challenging. Could be as simple as how you are thinking and how you respond to needs and solutions. Do you have a repeated way of “doing” or “being” that you just do automatically? It’s like the ketchup in the refrigerator door…it is there right in front of you…you just do not see it!

Call out your extraordinary.
Your ordinary is really not ordinary at all it is your map to your WHAT! Your purpose is what you do over and over again and again. It is your department of redundancy department. To actually write down or illustrate your extraordinary is very important. Get a piece of paper, draw a bullseye with your named extraordinary in the center…then put all the benefits of your unique talent in the rings around the bullseye. Post this where you see it everyday. Give yourself “credit” in this physical world, name it, share it, be it…stand in it. It is so important to tell yourself and others what you naturally excel at and find value. We hide by telling ourselves “that is just my ordinary”…nope, we are camouflaging our extraordinary by not claiming it and finding value in it. Understanding the unique value of what is inside our ordinary easily communicates our extraordinary.

Draw out your extraordinary!
Find focus, build confidence, attract your audience, spark your heart purpose and pass that spark to others by claiming and knowing the value of your WHAT, your extraordinary.

Show your extraordinary with pictures. You can create pictures, quick sketch doodles or hire a person (that’s where my unique extraordinary quick sketch talents come in!) to help you draw up and discover your WHAT, your value. Quick sketch doodles are fast ways to show folks your talent and ideas in a non-intimidating manner. From power point slides, meeting summaries, mapping out future scenarios, even for requests for event sponsors, all can be communicated clearly in a quick focused manner with quick-sketched visuals.

It’s all about “show and tell”. Look into your ordinary to get to the heart of your extraordinary, then and show it to yourself and others…it’s there, draw it out, show up and show it!

I’m Paula Brown, Graphic Facilitator / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and "purpose guide" getting you unstuck by drawing out purposeful paths and communications. Showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: Linked In, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Is your but in the way?

July, 2017
All about your buts PBrownLR500

Have you looked at your “but” lately?

Is your “but” worthy of recognition, unabashedly mentionable?

I bring this up is due to a recent experience that occurred on my flight back from Hawaii. I stood up to get something out of my bag in the overhead and had it fall under my assigned seat. With my head searching between my seat and the back of the seat in front of me, on my hands and knees in the small aisle…I heard a female voice laugh out to me “Excuse me, but your butt is in the way” claimed a light-hearted flight attendant holding a tray of water.

Finding my item, I stood up, answered with a laugh as I sat down; “so sorry, but it is a very fine but!”

My derriere had been duly noted, told it was an obstacle, and that for progress and good things to happen, my butt needed to be removed from the traffic lane.

Yes, I do have one fine physical butt, and I silently mused “I also have many other buts.”

Do you have more than one but?

The “buts” most of us hold so dear and comfortable in our lives are what keep us from moving forward and finding our joy, abundance, love.

When you were young other buts started appearing in your life. Think back to team picking in gym class, hoping to be one of the chosen ones for the best team. You may have been introduced to some buts then like:

but I am too short, but I am too heavy, but I am too slow…buts given to you by your peers or by your own doubts and fears.

Common very big BUTS:
But I am not good enough, But I don’t know that, But I don’t have time, But I am not safe, But I don’t have enough, But I am not worthy.

All the way to the HUGE “But no one loves me…I am not worthy of love”.

You may have some buts that get in your way.
As “but patterns”, shift into positive “am patterns” you will encounter resistance.

That “but pattern” has kept you safe creating the resistance of your analytical barrier (your mind…the wall that buts hide behind). Be aware of ALL forms of resistance and put the voices of “no I can’t change” behind you as you shift! Your but is behind you, YES? Put all your buts behind you and move forward with new positive pattern shift.

Time to change some patterns your ego has followed for years…
Pick one of your buts…as example: “But I am not enough.”
1. You already know you are whole, nothing is broken, talk to the voice that cries “broken”…offer it a new pattern that would result if you ARE enough. A new car, relationship…feel it, visualize it…keep telling yourself YES, you are enough for whatever you desire…check your feelings, your talk, keep your thinking in the present moment…I am enough, I have my new love, my new position.

2. To change the pattern to “I am enough” you need to really believe it…ask yourself WHY you feel you are not enough? Look deep within your big interior YOU “when and where did you come from”? When you find out, accept it and wave your hand to push the but behind you, say “behind” and then state the new pattern.

3. State one thing that you LOVE. Place what you LOVE into the material; express it, touch it, feel it, see it, even smell it. Make it REAL. This will persuade your but to turn into the new pattern that serves you.

The buts are all around you, your family, your business partners, teams, friends…start noticing how everyone’s buts are stopping traffic flow.

A great way to “see” your buts is through illustrating them out…that is what I do for people…doodle all your buts and then doodle new patterns. As I mentioned, when you SEE your but, your belief, you recognize them quicker to then find solutions, new patterns faster as you see the shifts.

So, get off your butt and leave your buts behind and get back into the flow of joy, abundance, love.

In my book you only need one butt…and please keep that out of the airplane aisle!

I’m Paula Brown, Graphic Facilitator / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and "purpose guide" showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 



The big purpose in honoring your "small change".

February, 2017
Small step top art500

“Small change”…taken literally, most of us have this rattling in our pockets, purses, in jars, in our car consoles.

What’s this small change “worth”? Small change is usually referred to as “loose change”, a hassle, not worth counting OR keeping. We toss it into charity boxes, tip jars…we get rid of “it”. No value, not worth our time.

Time to erase that attitude about “not worth much”, looking at each bit of small change BY ITSELF and not what it amounts to when it is all together.

KA CHING! This “small change” when gathered up is worth quite a bit.

It is with the small changes, going step by step that you
accomplish BIG things.
Small change in business is very valuable. Small change is more digestible, comfortable, for both you and your customer. You AND your business are evolving all the time…by taking small steps, small change and then some more small change…you find and tell your story as you grow, get from where you (and your customer) are to where you want to be.

When it comes to change…whether we want it or not,
we are all consumers.
Change is always happening. If we do not accept it, honor it, and flow with change by breaking it down into small steps of shift, then we are eventually confronted with changes that are so huge, we stop, get paralyzed…what folks say as “being stuck”.

I KNOW STUCK! Being an artist, every time I begin a painting, I am confronted by a big blank canvas. HOW does that change into a painting?

A painting evolves from small steps, small change. First a foundation of values is put down, then basic forms, then the juicy lights and darks, adding step by step until “finis”! Each brush stroke for an artist is a “small change” boat for the journey from start to completion.

Step by step change is your ship to create safe and purposeful shift.
Your step-by-step small changes create your trusty boat that takes you across the big sea of change to what you need to accomplish.

Is your “boats’ hull” strong enough to stay afloat in the seas of change? To float safely through the sea of change takes a foundation made up of the true WHY, your purpose of doing business.

The sea of change:
1. Change is the catalyst to find your unique purpose, your big WHY and HOW of doing life and business.

2.  Change encourages brainstorming new process or ways to express your value, service, or product.

3. Change gives you opportunities to clarify your communication…evolving your story, aspects of your brand.

4.  Change gives you a chance to see if you are being opaque or transparent with your customer base as you grow…trust me, people CAN feel and notice as you change or NEED to change.

Change makes noise.
Are you listening to the sounds coming from your audience, the jingle jangle noise of needing to initiate some small changes that could grow some big positive results?

I invite you to look at small change as valuable…it is.

Next time you empty your pockets, purses, look at the small change and pause…offer yourself the opportunity to see the small change as more than the coins …see your opinions, beliefs about worth, value, small change…

Accept small change…find and assign unique purpose in the small shifts. Step by step turn your small change into big Ka Ching valuable purposeful shift!

I’m Paula Brown, Graphic Facilitator / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and "purpose guide" showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Get greater exposure by being in the "pictures"!

January, 2017
IN PicturesTop500
How do you get more recognition, exposure for your story, your brand, your communications? Get into “pictures”.  You don’t have to become a Hollywood star to be in the pictures. By simply telling your story in the universal language of pictures, your communications can and will be better understood and also shared by many folks, your audience, your team…so, your circle of people grows!

It’s in our genes to communicate with images.

We are hardwired to understand images from our time of birth. 90 % information sent to the brain is visual and 93% of all human communication is visual.

These facts are brought to you by  which boasts an article on “The Physiology of Visual Communication” stating that we indeed have to work harder to process text than pictures or visual input. At birth a baby can understand the image of his of her mother, many months before understanding what the word “mommy” is or what it means. We are born with the innate ability to understand images…and we understand images INSTANTLY!

Speed is favored in today’s quickly changing life and business.
60,000picture500dpiNot only do we recognize images instantly…the fast of “instant” is pretty amazing: pictures  are processed 60,000 times faster than words.

And, how fast do and can we “share” our ah ha moments, our learnings, our new ideas? The era of all text is gone, people respond and share a printed page that has images or pictures on it at the rate of 94% with all copy page content only landing a 16% recognition.

The gurus at “Hubspot” also say: thinking is sparked by seeing…visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.

Visual storytelling is the new “talk”.
Get more folks on the same page, your page, your ideas expressed with quick understanding, expressed uniquely in simple visual imagery that captures the spirit and content of your story. As you see, the numbers support finding a greater possibility for recognition, sharing, learning, and growing by telling your story with pictures. Give it a try, become a star in your own picture story, connect up with me for some “picturestorming” for new fame, fortune, and fun!

I’m Paula Brown, Graphic Facilitator / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and "purpose guide" showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 


How to pause to find peace, now

December, 2016

For this holiday rush about season, I am finding time to find peace. My following tips on finding peace begin with taking time to pause.

With our device driven world it seems our lives are on 24/7 full speed ahead full tilt motion. Our schedules are overloaded, no time for friends, family, or even ourselves.

CAN you pause, can you find peace? YES! You make peace with pausing, being in the present moment…that is where real peace is.

How to pause:
Put down your phone, i-pad, shut off your computer. Be committed to be “device” and distraction free for the next10 minutes or so. Commit to it! Do this at least one time a day, then try a couple of times a day…learn how to break free “to be”.
Take THREE deep belly breaths in and exhale slowly…settle in, release any muscle tension you can feel in your body.
Now you are set to “be”…focus on ONE thing that is close by…could be a tree, flower, briefcase, auto. Point is to just LOOK at one thing…keep looking at it. Really SEE that object, its color, its form, its position, feel it and see it so strong that you can close your eyes and bring it to your vision so you could almost touch it.
Then…listen for a singular pleasant “noise”…could be a bird chirping, a song, or you just beginning to hum.
When you have your visual object in your mind, reach out and touch it or something else that is near. Can be your ring, an object next to you, a chair, a flower on the table, NOT YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICE. Notice how that object is made, is it soft, hard, fragile, cold, warm…explore that object and note how it feels.
After feeling an object, looking and seeing an object, hearing a pleasant noise…say out loud a single object that you KNOW YOU LOVE. For me, my go to belief is “I LOVE HAWAII!”. Speak it softly or loudly, just speak it…make it real!
Take a mental listing of anything that is bugging you; making you tense, look at it in this state and really see it, make peace with it, see all sides to what you need to do to make it work (or not). Make your decisions from this place of being present…this is your intuition, without resisting, let it bring you what you need!
Notice how you now feel. Are you more relaxed, in the moment and not ruminating on what you need to do next…what does “being in the present” feel like to you? Take note…remember this the next time you need to zip into pause mode.

The above is a quick lesson in what some folks call “grounding” or what I call “being in the present”. The steps are based on the healing art of Huna, which is the ancient esoteric philosophy of Hawaii of which I love and know works.

What is the value of being in “pause mode”?
First of all, you get the benefits of just looking happier, and actually you feel best when your muscles (esp. the brain!) are relaxed. You also have the HUGE advantage of seeing things, of making choices from a much more settled and non-rushed point of view. Being “in the moment” lets you see all sides to things, brings you to pro-active rather than re-active. 

It’s the gap between your breaths that creates the pause for innovation, brilliance, real knowing, great decisions. Being in the present gives your body, brain, and heart time to talk with each other and realize “YES”.

Break free, turn off the buzz, be in the moment with YOU…and you will then find the right stuff to find quality time with friends, partners, family, pets, community and your environment. That is GOOD, that is PEACE.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season filled with pause, with peace, with joy. This is the time of year we all seem to pause from strife, from judgment, from “pushing”. If we can do it for this one beautiful day then…yes, there can be Peace on Earth…give it a chance, pause.

I’m Paula Brown, Graphic Facilitator / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and "purpose guide" showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 




Connect with the why of “why you are here”.

October, 2016
Why am I here500

Why ARE you “here”? Each one of us has a unique purpose, creative expression, and a definite contribution to share on this spinning blue earth ball. It has to do with making the world, (you and all around you) a much better place. You are here to make the world a better place!!!

How can I make the world a better place (some help from Huna)?

Connecting to the heart of who you are, the heart of others, the heart or essence of your environment is key to creating positive effect or change. Making connections that come from both your mind and heart / emotional center based on making positive and responsible choices every single day create a better life.

Be aware of lifting you and others UP! THINK BIG.
In the Huna philosophy (ancient Hawaiian “way of life”) there are 7 principles that are foundational. The first principle is “Ike” (eekay) which means, “The world is what you think it is”. Think about it…your thoughts attract what you receive. As you judge, so will you be judged. Catch yourself as you “judge” rather than decide to connect or not connect with others. Are you looking at fear-based thinking or love-based choices. Love does lift everything up in the forms of respect, encouragement, enthusiasm, hope, faith...those are all BIG THOUGHTS!

2. Honor your time, your integrity, your unique focus.
What did Michael Jackson’s song “Man in the Mirror” ask you to do? Look to yourself, your choices, and your actions first and then make that change to create better for yourself and others. The principle called Makia (MA-keeahh) speaks to healing the focus of your activities and thoughts. Energy flows where attention goes! Focus first on what your strengths are, what your goals and talents need to find and clarify your process and priorities. As you sharpen your positive focus, what your gut is telling you, As you sharpen your positive focus, hear what your gut is telling you, (and not do what others are “telling you” to do) you may just find that your productivity, contributions, and harmony increase. Let go of all the mental sidebars and be aware of patterns of “shoulds” and rather broadcast your focus on “can”.

4. Be “happy with” your connections.
Aloha Word500

The third Huna tip is based on Aloha. Aloha holds the “breath of life” for the Hawaiian culture. Aloha’s basis is love…meaning “love is to be happy with”. Love for you, what you do, respecting others, seeing the essence of heart and beauty of all around you. It is a greeting to appreciate, love, find joy with all you connect. It is the greeting that makes all to its best, making better through expressing the truths of love.

Some points to feel, share, and be aware of during your day, making your decisions based on expectation of making this world a better place.

Thank you for creating my world a better place with expressing, sharing, and believing in your heart’s expression of its positive passion.

Would love to hear about your “purpose” here and how that makes the world a better place. Aloha!

 I’m Paula Brown, Graphic Facilitator / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and "purpose guide" showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 


Trust = Respect. Make connections REAL!

September, 2016

Trust is your and your business’ most valuable and number one commodity. When you connect your head and your heart to show who you are and how you give value, REAL support and connect with others… you are creating your trust “container”. Inside this safe container you create respect, build loyal and sincere partnerships, repeat sales and interactions with your audience, team, and with yourself. “Trust is like a glass, once broken it will never be the same again.” Anon

Imagine the glass is made of respect…once you shatter respect, loose respect, don’t give respect you have no trust. A connection where trust is “broken” is a connection that rarely can be made strong again.

Your trusted advisors, your trusted friends, your helpful people, suppliers, your actions are all part of your foundation you build that makes folks and you trust in what you do and who you are.  All you do and say connects with everything all around you and surely is a fragile container to guard and keep strong.

Faith, Hope, Charity…Connecting with trust.
trust trainlr500

Faith, hope, and charity all find home in the definition of trust. Bottom line, trust is defined by the integrity of your word, your beliefs, your support for relationship and community…and it is the key to all your connections in your life and business…your most cherished and precious asset.

Trust connections = Faith
There is huge comfort in the saying “I have your back”. That means that no matter what occurs, another person depends on YOU…or perhaps you are depending on their support. Trust: priority #1 in the faith others have in you, your service, product or advice. Strong, reliable, good by one’s “word” is the container you create and hold as priceless. Faith is cornerstone of being a trusted source.

Trust connections = Hope
Your actions, words, showing what honors you and how you honor others broadcasts what you stand for, inspires, defines integrity, and ignites huge hope in all your connections.

The “I Can” connections based on trust show caring and create hope! Actions, words, follow through with what you say you are going to do shows “can do” and respect. It is what makes trust so powerful. A trusted individual, trusted brand always comes through, walks its talk…period. AND, showing you can and are trusted by others ignites hope, “how to do it” to those you touch. Keeping hope afloat: if something goes in an incorrect manner…a trusted source steps in and corrects the situation immediately, personally, with great care.

Trust connections = Charity
Your “track record” of positive connections, of doing what is good, correct, excellent is what raises the tide for not only your boat, but also all the boats in the harbor!

In the philosophy of Ancient Hawaii known as Huna, trust is present in all 7 guiding principles and especially in one called “pono”: effectiveness is the measure of truth. When one has a “pono” foundation, one is working in a truthful manner (no “right or wrong” judgments), and this correct manner is characterized by deep trust of walking one’s talk, keeping actions and thoughts at high integrity levels.  Cause and effect; do the correct thing, get the correct result. Community boundaries are set with trust, group goals, personal needs met, all in safe kinship of truthful “pono” connections. Huna teachings emphasize being in the present moment, using both your reason and your emotional bodies to act and stand in your own wisdom. What does your gut tell you is “true” to trust…trust your intuiton!

Connecting with NO trust.
Without trust, there are no REAL connections. Most likely, relationships are based on taking rather than sharing and mutual giving. You cannot maintain success in business without trust. Trust is the “glass” that holds your reputation, community, network together. Word of mouth leads are all based on respect, integrity, real trust.

Trust your gut to uncover “no trust” situations. Follow your gut, and do your research too. We all have a strong interior compass that gives us red flag warnings of when not to trust. Would you put your money into a financial professional’s hands if the firm or individual were not trusted, weak reputation? If something sounds good, but does not feel good…trust your gut! As most ponzi schemes can attest…they start with promises (and big hopes!) without clear record of performance, false trust, and end with heart breaking consequences.   

Trust = Respect
Simple, trust is built on respect. It is given to those who give honest respect to what they do, how they do it and why they do whatever form the connection is made. Trust comes from and grows respect. Respect is reciprocal and defines the best connections to all around you.

Trust is a fragile (at the same time strong) and precious container made of faith, hope, and charity. It’s what makes a connection “real”.

When trust is broken, connections are shattered and can never be the same again.

Respectfully yours, and thanks for sharing and building on REAL connections!

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and "purpose guide" showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

What’s the difference between working from the “you” vs “me”?

August, 2016

In these times where current societal system and millennial generation discussion is marked with words such as entitlement, lack of accountability, disposable, and “it’s all about me”…is there a way to connect with value, being valued, by expressing our unique self, personality, our purpose?

Yes! Finding and offering “you” vs. “me” is the solution. We are all connected to each other in a natural and very aware manner, and that is the pure “you” for each and every one of us. That is THE connection that honors our connection to everything; our unique purpose. Relating and communicating via the essence of our purpose, connection becomes selfless and not selfish!

What connects with “me”?
In the popular expression “It’s all about me”…we are not in connection with what we are here to actually express! The “me” becomes an island of one way text communication, expecting all our desires to manifest from others' efforts as one climbs to gain from taking, and not giving our very best to anyone, even to ourselves. The “me” gains outside recognition, acts from a position of force…eventually the gains tumble, and there is “me” all alone and not at all connected to much of anything.

What connects with this type of “me” are things outside of the inside real you. The connections could be based on fear and force that cannot sustain. “Me” typically defines itself as standing alone, of having something yet feeling separated from others, source. Always asking for “more”, a self centered “feed me” has little to do with growing and knowing connections with either oneself or others, and leads to a hollowness…which requires infinite more.

“No amount of riches can compensate for an inner feeling of poverty.”
― David R. Hawkins, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

What connects with “you”?

“You” has an intrinsic double meaning. The “you” of yourself as well as the “you” of others. This now has the purpose of communication. So, there is a collective “you” and a deep personal aware of you “you”. This “you” attracts the values of others, shares itself, gives and receives, and knows the true meaning of personal and leadership power. 

The expression of “you” is your unique value, your meant to be doing, your genius, your connection and communication from your purpose. YOU is plural, you is caring, and the courage to express your connection to just WHY you are here.

Succeed the “you”; time to leave the “me” behind.
What makes connection to your deep love for who you are is recognition or discovery of your purpose.  The want to be all you can and are meant to be is so much bigger than the “me” talk of ego and other’s fears.

Pick a time and ask yourself “What makes me feel joy”? Can be anything that makes you smile, want to share, be in your natural flow. What is it that you plunge into for hours on end, that thing that is pure “you” that others find just irresistible?

Those are big questions beginning your journey to your real “you”. Be compassionate and kind to yourself on your journey, and you will see how you are already connecting and affecting everything inside and outside of “you”.

I’m sure you have been deeply inspired by others who have spoken their purpose with passion. Think about what connects you with their “you”.

One of my favorite expressions of “you” is the Dalai Lama who expresses who he is with his words “Kindness is my religion.”

Be kind to you and all the other “you”s out there, make a positive difference, connect with and share your real “you”.

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and "purpose guide" showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

The art of YOU!

July, 2016

YOU are a work of art; your imagination connects you to the expression of the art you have come to accomplish right here and now. Imagine that, you are a pure work of art, a true artist. All of us are artists, we just have different ways of creating, expressing, thinking, feeling and innovating.

The art of being your “why” is what makes you a true artist. And, yes, that is my “art” in the main visual…my Heart Art expresses its joy by translating “essence” into painting form…I shine by showing what shines in what is all around me (people’s hearts too!).

The authentic gem that is your unique truth (your purpose) is what shines your artistry. You may not be the type of artist that draws, sculpts, paints, sings, writes, dances, or creates music, your art may be that of negotiation, healing, coding, inventing, building community, creating financial wealth, seeing new ways to make life better!

The muse of you.
Many artists claim their success to having inspiration from a special muse. That could be a place, an invisible or visible being, an animal, part of nature, etc. The REAL muse is your true YOU. Yes, you are the one that connects to all around you. You are the one who formulates all your thoughts. You are the one that decides to come or to go. If it is not coming from YOU, then it just isn’t the art of you, the true you.

Your “art” is based on the things you say a deep down “yes” to. This “art of you” actually defines your unique purpose.  You can hone that art by asking a couple of simple questions when making decisions.
Q: What do I desire to say a big “yes” to (can be physical tasks to values)?…write it down.
Q: What do I desire to say a big “no” to (can be physical tasks to values)?...write these down.

The YES list comes from your strengths, the NO list creates your boundaries and are what others call your weakness’. This is the list your “you muse” will not flow or want to go. There are many folks out there that have strengths in your NO list…partner with them, rather than spend time “fixing” your weakness points. Concentrate on your strengths! Some of these “nos” could also be fears or non growth patterns that need your attention, that keep you “stuck” from doing your “yes” desires…so it is a challenge you may wish to get some outside help with, guidance, coaching in order to break free of a limiting “no”.

Do more of your YES and less of your NO to become the true artist of your purpose.
Artists are very focused…for example, Einstein was an artist of going outside the norm of things to translate and inspire understanding of complex things and process. His artistry or purpose was to look at things differently, to create meaning and explanation to how this world of ours “ticks”. He failed in the educational “structure” which praises NOT going outside the norm. He said YES to be his full “you”, his purpose, what he was here to be…his quote sums it all up each one being unique: “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”

Albert Einstein

Acting on your “yes” list can make your life and others flow into greater harmony, happiness, success. Since we are all connected to each other, our environment, as we connect with our YES (our purpose!), we help others do the same and indeed make this place a better place to be and live.

Go ahead, show what you know…show the art of YOU!

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Purpose Discovery Coach / Author. I am a visual storyteller and "purpose guide" showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Is your life, your business well nourished?

June, 2016

Think about it…how are you feeding your life, livelihood…portions of fresh “true to you ingredients”, or servings of attitude from others' plates, leftovers, not of your craving? We all create our unique smorgasbord of what to consume and to be grown by, essentially what we feel good and nourished by doing and being. There are ingredients that you require that nourish that unique YOU, your authentic purpose...and these are different for each and every one of us.

Ever feel a deep down charge, that spark of electrical “ignition” that calls to you, draws you into happiness, excitement, joy? That feeling of “wow” that moves you to do something uniquely you, nourishes you?

What feeds you, your passion…your “in the flow”?
What is it you just love to do…cannot live without repeating over and over and over again? Time to get back into touch with your feelings, find and feed your heart’s desire.
Pull out a piece of paper, grab a pen, now jot down two stories or memories that stand out in your mind that mark a joyful process, outcome.
Look at what repeats itself either in feelings, visuals, actions or results.
Find the main theme or “thing” you feel makes your heart beat faster…the thing that almost makes you cry as you say it…this is your main ingredient that nourishes you, your heart, your soul is speaking!

Are you doing what nourishes you, feeding your heart? Or, are you feeding your brain that has been told by others what you should, should not, is safe, is not safe? Are you feeding your fears and not your joy?
Heart TalkLR
How do you start nourishing your inner “you”, that authentic spark you came into this world to be and do?
The answer to nourishing yourself is to begin honoring and listening to your inner voice, your intuition, your gut. This “thing” is your feeling of joy that you have repeated over and over in your life and may be ignoring due to patterns set into your life and actions by the experiences of your childhood, teenage and adult years.

In the world of Huna (The esoteric Ancient Hawaiian Philosophy of healing and living), this would be replacing a “stuck” pattern that is no longer serving you with a new positive “in the present” new attitude or pattern which is created with your imagination, creativity, that special sauce that is truly you. Think of what you LOVE and WANT, rather than dwell in what you hate or fear. Go for it!

It is definitely worth it to spend some time listing what you love and what you hate…then focus on what you love.

Assignment: Take what you love and increase that at least 4 times in “doing” time each week…see what happens!

For me it is painting, sketching, finding and showing the light, the essence of what I see and showing it to others (it is also connecting with other hearts, animals, nature…yes, I do talk to animals and other hearts in nature). That is my joy, this is what feeds my soul. What is yours…what feeds you?

Create a life that is well nourished with ingredients of YOU!

Thanks for sharing YOU (and of course, the blog)!

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Purpose Discovery Coach / Author. I am a visual storyteller and "purpose guide" showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 


How to get everyone on the “same page” or: How to share one vision when we all see things differently.

Vision SamePage500lr
June, 2016

In a sea of unique perceptions, conforming assumptions, labels, and rules, how do you share your unique vision, give it clarity, form trusted partnerships, rally support for your vision or journey?

The answer is to know what your passion or purpose is on such a gut level that everything you do, say, speak, share, comes from that unique point of view; that “you” that holds enthusiasm, surety, leadership. Find, then invite others to discover your gift of purpose…the why of you, the power of showing up in authentic manner.

Your invitation to share your “why”: being true to your truths.
Does an Oak tree grow into a willow…no! An acorn knows and follows it’s purpose, it becomes an Oak tree. Satisfy and honor your own whys, speak your truth about who you are and what your vision is, then you will attract “same page” alignment with folks. We are all connected, yet due to our experiences…we all see things differently. The folks that have “whys” close to your why are the ones that will leap on your same page, be partners, clients, friends. Getting everyone on the same page requires knowing WHAT the essence of  ”you” is…your WHY, and then clearly communicate that nature. The “why” of you is your product, it serves the “whys” and needs of others when you put purpose together with need. Everyone’s “whys” are different, our differences clearly fill in and connect with others, benefit each other in profound ways.

Getting everyone on the same page requires knowing WHAT the essence is of  ”you”…your WHY!
How do you find your true “why”? Begin with a bit of private purpose hunting.
1.Think of that one thing when you were very young that you loved doing, that made you smile, gave you joy, you were so good at. What was that, how did it feel? The essence of your “why” is something you just have to do…and it shows up in your childhood games, actions, favorite things. Jot these down and see the patterns that show up.
2. Then look at how you solve the challenges that come your way…do the patterns still exist, what is the personality of how you naturally navigate, flow, find, and communicate solutions?

Getting everyone on the same page requires knowing WHY you are communicating.
Everyone has different needs or wants, is your benefit created from your authentic purpose of being…your “why”? Are you communicating your lists of attributes, or are you communicating unique solutions that only you can bring to the table, that beg to come out and be shared for a greater purpose than “what” you do? What is the igniter or purpose of your communication? Watch out for the “whats”…they have no value for people, no real reason to understand or jump onto your bandwagon. Folks respond and understand quicker and rally to your support when your talk resonates with your core essence, aligns with their core values and needs. They are touched, and drawn by your purpose.
Jot down what you believe your top values are and how they benefit others. Is your “why” in communicating self-serving or does it show your essence or purpose in an enthusiastic way that engages other’s hearts, desires, minds?
Now you have just begun to think in a purposeful manner…pick your top benefit that you must offer, you do it all the time. You are getting some hints on your purpose!

The outcome of communicating your purpose: You get everyone on the “same page”.
The “same page” is a beacon of purpose. Because…you send out a beam of unique truth that attracts those that need the help or the benefit of your “why”, your purpose. Like the acorn that grows into an Oak…you express your natural talent and your “what” becomes your “how” as you know and communicate.

You have a special something that others need and want when you show up and express purpose in your life and business.

Can you show your communications in simple universal speak?
More than 80% of folks now “get on the same page” in understanding by using visual communication. Visuals have been proven to be a universal language that registers in a person’s brain faster than written copy. Show people your vision, your focus; communicate clearly via custom made visuals that show your story; its details, key points. You can use Quick-Sketching as a tool! How did the cave men show the essence of a story of the hunt, who had power, territory…they drew pictures.

Get folks on the same page with your story…find and express your purpose story and then telegraph it out to others to join you with clear quick communications!

Happy same page landings!

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Purpose Discovery Coach / Author. I am a visual storyteller and "purpose guide" showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

How to bridge communication “chasms” with Carefrontation vs. Confrontation.

May, 2016
Communication springs from emotional messaging…you have a choice of positive Carefrontation: trust and open (win / win), or negative Confrontation: force and accusatory actions (loose / loose).

I am writing this blog to help share positive points learned from a recent experience of mine. Just found closure in a copyright infringement situation where I found myself receiving a strong confrontation communication strategy that evolved into passive aggressive stalled out mode. Due to this non caring confrontational “style”, separation of what each individual desired increased, stuck got more stuck, and false promises resulted in failure.

There are times when you just “have a failure to communicate” (Take note from the movie “Cool Hand Luke”!). The wide chasm between contrasting points of view are not to be bridged, both parties suffer. Each side digs in, stuck in the muck of righteousness, frustration, anger as well as fear. Disagreements happen all the time...that is how change happens! Is there a way to guide disagreement from confrontation into a caring and value oriented process?

Confrontation communications: A story of reactive and conditional resolution.
The tale told with confrontation begins with a “con”. The story begins with a negative assumption (you are wrong and I am right). The frontline is set for attack, not talk. Lines are drawn, strings attached, sides are formed, and a battle begins. Storylines hold little flexibility, requirements to “submit” to strong-arm strategies are present. A feeling of having to win, of setting restricting conditions to settle, create the rules of confrontation. Winners and losers are defined, in reality there are NO winners.

Does confrontation in business create benefit or give value? Most of the time it comes as a shock to a system, defines or brings awareness to some sort of issue that needs healing, errors, power struggle, etc. Value added: Identifies agendas, revealing possible hidden needs that show up in “surface level” disagreements, and singles out those folks who find it enjoyable to feed disruption at hand to call attention to their own personal disharmony.

When a “failure to communicate”, comes into crisis mode, is there a way to avoid reacting with force, and confrontation?

YES, you do have the power to choose!

Carefrontation communications: A story of listening, purpose, and building trust.
Think of the Dali Lama as global mediator, with his words:
“Happiness depends on inner peace, which depends on warm-heartedness. There's no room for anger, jealousy or insecurity. A calm mind and self-confidence are the basis for peaceful relations with others....”
Happiness: creating room for open discussion without anger, accusations, listening to what others or situations really need is what could happen when authentic leadership, strength, power (not force), and calm, are brought to build the reality and emotion of trust, and loyalties.

How can you be powerful when you are angry?
When you are angry, your body physically tenses up, your breath shortens, and you go into protection or attack mode. Power is lost, and force is the strategy at hand. What to do?
1.Take DEEP BREATHES, at least three…relaxing your body. Try it out, you can not be angry when your body is not tense!
2. Step back from judgment, PAUSE. Write down the exact issue to be discussed without emotional context, no “conditions”.
3. SET AGREED UPON BASIC RULES. Like time limit per response, no interruptions, no accusatory language…build your safe communications space.
4. ACKNOWLEGEMENT: Comes down to it…folks want to be acknowledged, emotionally and mindfully…so do you…you need not agree to all that is on the table…you could do well to acknowledge what is there, what other’s bring as well as what you bring. FIND PURPOSE: Listen without interruption, let them talk (if they get abusive, let them know you will resume the conversation later or merely ask them “why” they are angry if possible)…then repeat their needs as stated and ask if you have their desire accurate, in a calm and confident manner.
5. STATE YOUR NEEDS with calm, firm conviction.
6. Point out any items which are mutuaL. Then take each opposing point and rank each to their importance for either of you…now you have an “importance scale” to discuss as well as an agreement list. Offer to send a written summary so both of you can review.

This is just a beginning in showing “care” (power, not force) for the topics and “being” of you and others. Building emotional trust, safety inside open discussions, a true container for change.

The values of a carefrontation communication:
Carefrontation can be a big “pro” on the value added scale:
Leadership is established from talking non-judgment, just the facts, simply stated and examined.
Both “sides” are transformed / elevated in a positive manner by true listening and exchanging of needs. Physically, a benefit of stress reduction for the emotional and physical body of all.
You create RELATIONSHIPS rather than dictatorships.
Discovery of REAL needs, commonalities that create trust and positive emotional connections.
You show you care by listening, a value that builds trust, loyalties, and agreement (not just agreement to what you want!).
No Strings 500

No strings attached carefrontation.
With a true carefrontation, there are no “conditions”, no strings attached. A gift of resolution between parties.

If for some reason you cannot establish a two-way caring discussion (and that does not mean hugging folks left and right) with another, you may have to bring in a professional mediator who can. In my case, I decided to use what the Hawaiian’s call “mana” (one’s power from within that gives you the guidance in changing your own actions) to respond, coming from a position of power, caring, and to remain calm in my communication, which made my process of ending partnership in a non judgmental manner.

You may think that my story ended in failure. For me, it was not. By caring how I communicated, bridges WERE built, the choice was made to not cross the bridge! That’s my tale of choosing carefrontation that was triggered by confrontation.

Building bridges with listening, calm, purpose, and power is the story I wish to share!

Thank you for taking time to share, build bridges!

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and "purpose guide" showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Imagination: Enlist a “Nation of Images” to communicate your big ideas!

April, 2016
imagination word500

A picture says a thousand words. Imagination is built on a huge nation of images all telling your new story, ideas, process, in the universal language of images. Use your imagination to create exciting new opportunities, and then engage your audience with images that both provoke communication and support. Use this entire nation of images (imagination) to play and work with!

A word (or words!) about “imagination”.
The word actually says it all. A “nation of images” is what makes up the world of communicating and creating. Value, process, focus, clarity, all come from engaging and communicating with the visual world of simple images.  Long solid copy is not a viable solution when brainstorming or sharing new ideas. The realm of imagination is infinite and expresses itself in multiple sensory ways, which includes words, visuals, bursts and blasts of messages that are quick and flexible.

Visual storytelling expresses the facts and feelings that flow with quick “blue sky” thinking. Stories become “real”, no matter how creative or far out when sketched storyboards, visuals, quick sketches are made and shared. It is how stories for movies, commercials, documentaries, animation are expressed to whole teams of creatives.

Imagine that!
Out of the infinite “ether”…imagination sparks a creative notion, story, and words are married with visuals…and sometimes just pictures tell the story with absolutely NO copy or written word.

Shared creative experience happens when a script of quick visual storyboards, key visuals are created so all can be on the same journey and contribute to making something “speak” its truth in this physical world. To educate, enthuse, excite, entertain, explain…the nation of images is there to guide the journey! Where would the Disney classics be without those wonderful sketches that outlined each scene, character, format and victorious ending?

Your “nation of images” can and will engage others…pure “word” does not have this effect unless you are a poet laureate or the Dali Lama (and even their words slide over beautiful imagery…just look at what the search engines give you first...quotes with imagery!)
ringEngage500Images engage because…

A picture does tell a thousand stories because most folks put their own story into them…their own creative thoughts, their own emotions…all with the key foundation being communicated to all. We all think differently, our own creativity, imagination is somehow triggered by a visual, sketch, drawing, scene. We become part of this visual in a visceral way…emotional participation creates engagement, conversation, participation much more that a paragraph of copy. That is why those VERY effective all visual cartoons, commercials, billboards all quickly communicate ONE focus, message…people “get it” quicker when visuals are expressing an idea. Most obvious one is the light bulb above a person’s head…AHA…Eureka, solutions are brilliant!

Sure, folks all learn in different ways: seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, even smelling. Tap into what now has been measured as up to 80% of folks now receive their learning via visual communications.

Be a rebel in the visual world…use your imagination to the max to show new things, your ideas, your goals, your message, your YOU…illustrate, picture it, sketch it, doodle it…let others envision your vision.

Imagination: The Nation of Visuals…use them to give yourself the visual power to create quick communications that can help you reach your goals.

Give me a call to ask about how quick sketch can create a whole new nation of possibilities for your communications, teachings, messaging.

Thanks for taking time to imagine how your imagination, your unique nation of images, can help you tell your story, engage your audience, define your dreams, create clear focus, get to your message to your community in a quick and captivating way!

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Author. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

7 steps of “How” to reach for the stars with your feet on the ground.

April, 2016

Thinking big, going “outside the box”, ideation, reaching for the stars, we all go into the great unknown at times…how do we anchor ourselves for the adventure? This is how “change” happens, bringing in new thoughts, ideas and using them to evolve our business and our own lives. Our anchor is often referred to as “keep your feet on the ground” (don’t wander too far, the earth could be flat!)…the ground is what we feel comfortable in and with, what our individual reality IS.

Old patterns (feet on the ground) shifting into new patterns (reaching for the stars), that is how shift works.

What is ANCHORED reaching for the stars…blue sky thinking?
It’s fun to look at the Hawaiian God Maui. He is both curious and powerful…has his head in the clouds and feet on the earth. Maui is known for a creative perspective and ingenious solutions to whatever he is looking for. His feet are firmly on the earth, which gives him great strength and empowers him to bring those cloud explorations down into manifestation of real progress or actions. You need both the free thinking cloud searching activity as well as real world application to move forward, to reach out and touch those stars you reach for.

Star reaching 101.
True genius…Einstein, Tesla, Maui; all naturally look at the world from a different point of view. There are really no limitations to what is out there, they find a way to describe, define, share, and change their and our world. They give us a glimpse at what head in the cloud and reaching for stars is all about. Most of us are in the small box of our immediate experience. Genius breaks rules or patterns (box) and bursts into infinite possible experiences of “why not” paired with a rare skill of translating novel observations into new rules, creating new patterns…nudging all into shift and change.
old to newLR500
How to BEGIN replacing old anchors with new safe ground: (use a current “need” or “stuck” you have now as your starting point)

1. List all the things that you fear will “happen” in taking action towards a solution. (your “ground”) This is list #1.
2. List all the benefits you would have if you take action and get a solution (your “star”). This is list #2.
3. Take list #1 and pick the top 3 fears and ask yourself to write a list by each fear as to where they come from (past experiences, knowledge)…and ask if each is “effective” in keeping you safe, why keep the status quo? This is list #3.
4. Take list #2 and pick the top 3 benefits and list the feelings you could have if you adopted the attitude of already HAVING these in your life, plan, business. This is list #4.
5. GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO DISMISS THE OLD FEARS FROM  #3 WITH YOUR NEW SOLUTIONS FROM #4. Thank your old patterns for keeping everything safe, let the NEW positive rule or attitude be known clearly to your “old patterns”…this is the carrot, the promise that is a trade up from a past pattern…reassuring your mind that you have safe “better” feelings which you now need full support.
6. *** This is triple star important: PROVE worth in order to “buy in”: ACT on this (initiate small steps in the physical world, speak it, feel it, share it, build it) to show your mind and your imagination that both can work to create SAFE change!

7. THEN, take the positive feelings from #4 to brainstorm even greater benefits, solutions that are outside your old box while now working from a new positive much larger grounding or anchor.

You have just shifted your possibilities possibility to a larger and positive ground for a higher reach to new things!

Drawing out new grounds and possibilities.
Without a chalkboard, paper, drawings, notes, could Einstein, Da Vinci, Tesla, Disney, keep track of their thinking, imagineering? Thoughts are fleeting and disappear when not recorded by drawing, voice recordings, notes.

Put your stake in the ground: record your star searching. This is mind mapping, storyboarding, ideation. It is important to actually put your ideas “on paper” so you have a progress timeline to show yourself and others.

Doodle your progress! Stick figures, doodles, words, all record your progress. Ground and share new ideas. Post these mind or star searches on your wall where you and others can view. Bring your new world into being by drawing it out…literally.

That’s where I love to serve with my talents. With Quick Sketch “doodling” you can get your star reaching into the universal language of visuals. Make your change grounded and feeling safe.

Reach for the stars keeping your feet on positive new “ground”. Create credible stairs to the sky and beyond…be like Maui, amaze yourself and others with your mind in the clouds and your feet on earth.

Thanks for your time and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter, and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

How Quick-Sketch is a game changer for creating and reaching goals!

March, 2016

               “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
                                                                         George Bernard Shaw

Quick Sketch helps you create your life…a game changer for focus, clarity. It’s a game changer in that it breaks you free, gets you unstuck, helps you visualize, evolve, and create a focused determined path to reach your goals.

From team sports like football, individual best training for a marathon; or when it comes to getting your important goals completed, a certain “super sauce” is needed! Seems like the individuals and teams that become champions are the ones that have intense focus and “talk” between their minds and bodies as well as other team players. Well known fact, if the focus is not there, performance does not reach its best. For most, to create an intense focus relies on clear messages going from point A to point B!
Ato B500
How do you get from A to B?
Clarity, focus (and a ton of effort)…are powerful key values that get you from stuck to unstuck and on your way. When you have a journey to go on, it requires some sort of map, process. For athletes and many super stars it also is the ability to focus so keenly they can visualize all the minute details, movements, and desired outcome that cause their performance to match their visualizations and win. There are many psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, coaches, mentors, available to help get folks focused and clear on goals.

In business and in life, the key is to break down goals into small stepping stones so that one CAN become clear on process, needs, taking focus into determined steps to move forward rather than remain stuck on a HUGE mountain of a goal. Maps, lists, your agreed upon “to do” lists that you make everyday are necessary to create forward movement.

Turn Munster Cheese into Swiss cheese.
When you want Swiss cheese and all that is available is a ton of Munster, punching holes into a solid block of Munster Cheese can make your very own version of Swiss cheese. As you punch one hole after the other, pretty soon that heavy block of cheese looks like a completely different cheese that has pathways that lead to more pathways. You can make Swiss cheese out of your Solid Heavy block of goals as you break down goals into “steps” and “to do” lists. You can visualize your steps (punching holes!) in clear form by doodling each of your goals into “doable” daily, monthly, 3 month to 6 month and finally year “maps”. When you write this down, actually draw it out…your mind and your emotions can “see” that things ARE possible. With focus and determination you are quite clear in the steps you need to take to succeed. When you merely “think” of steps, somehow they never materialize and there you are…stuck as usual. Doodle it out, make it happen!

Doodle treasure maps!
Why not make your OWN map for your goals. Isn’t your goal the “treasure” you are wanting to find, with quick sketch visuals you can take each step and make up a map that gets you from A to B. The visualization and sketching out of the steps is your vehicle that floats you safely and with confidence to your end game results!

Attention flows where energy goes…draw it out, recognize, focus, and follow your unique route to your goals. AND, see if you are following your plans by using your process sketches as a touchstone to get you back on track if you stray. Some businesses call this “mind mapping”, others call it storyboarding, graphic facilitation, doodling, quick sketching. All the same thing, it’s the drawing out of key points, steps, so you can clearly see where you are going, and bring everyone else along with clear vision and aligned goals.

Outcome from Quick Sketching steps: Breaking down, drawing out both wants and challenges that show you clarity of the PURPOSE of your desire in turn creates positive POWER to achieve your goals. The power to create your focus, reach your goals.

Quick Sketch…get unstuck, and inspire others to ignite their own focus, purpose, and passion!

Thanks for taking time with some fun ideas to get unstuck and get going!

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Author. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Happy New Year of the Red Monkey!

February, 2016
Red monkey500
The new Chinese New Year of the Red Monkey is arriving with its fast and free-swinging energy on Monday, February 8, 2016. The story with this New Year (the first Lunar new moon of 2016) is characterized by the personality or “story” of the monkey. We are saying goodbye to the year of the Ram or Sheep, which was a year for foundation building, safety, uncovering and moving obstacles, slow change. This new monkey year will be a MUCH different story with a more non cautious, fly by the seat of your pants, maybe even filled with a few quick pranks to go along with what “monkey” stands for in the Chinese 12 animal zodiac system.

As a Feng Shui practitioner, I look at business, relationships, and environment with a bit of a twist. Energy makes up our world, decisions, life, community. With so many folks around the world honoring this Lunar New Year, it makes sense to put out one’s “feelers” and instincts and take a look at the big picture huge cultures are considering at the present moment.

Whatever your beliefs, why not be aware of the powerful new changes that are on the horizon. Creative action, entrepreneurial activities, innovative, quick acting, and playfulness, are a few positive influences that are honored and rewarded in this New Year. The less positive influences could be quick and surprising changes in the status quo, pranks that can be “not so much fun”, jealousy (territorial claims), and pure “monkey business”. Look into just “who and what” you are buying into this year…lots of “Emperor has no clothes” stuff could be around.

A fast paced, fun filled time, with clever solutions, sharp quick decisions, and a bit of risk taking are all what “monkey” likes. Be a clever tactician this year and victory can be quite prosperous for you. YES, this is a great time to push your comfort zone, and the ‘envelope” as we move through this year. Great things can come of innovative and imaginative thinking!

Wishing you all a wonderful new year…Xin Nian Kuai Le (Happy New Year) to you, and a 2nd opportunity to have a great new year! I like that!

New Year’s Prediction: You will find your perfect “story”, flow into what your passions call you to be, and be able to communicate to others your innovative ideas by telling your story with quick sketch illustration. Monkey says, “ Communicate fun new ideas, share your plans, and get all on board by showing your story with quick sketch”. (A very wise Monkey!) Find out more on how I can help you tell, share, and even sell your story at:

Thanks for your time and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown, Visual Scribe / Author. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

How to turn the “ME” story into finding a “NEED” story!

January, 2016
ME visual500

When you are speaking, teaching, offering to do business, is your storytelling all about “ME”? It is a fine line we all walk in telling our story; telling folks about what we do and what we offer; the side that tells all about “ME”, and the side that speaks benefit and solutions to others’ “NEED”.

I recently attended a tele-seminar in which there were interesting bits of content, and the storytelling was definitely all about “ME”. Deciding to time the telling of accomplishments, associates, personal crisis, status in the community, educational triumphs, etc., the “ME” content came out to half the total time of the program. When the delivery of personal expertise overshadows the showing and sharing of knowledge of an audience’s needs and giving of solutions, there is little respect for why folks are attending or for their time

Too much “me” turns a brain off, an invitation to multitask…boring. Talking features does not create relationship. Clearly showing and sharing how you uniquely help people is what counts.

Stop talking and start showing!
How do you show your unique benefit of solving other’s needs? You can literally DRAW it out for folks. Get everyone on the same page. When you ask folks to participate in person in or off site by actually drawing, making lists, brainstorming, writing lists or drawing, it is most effective if you give them visuals to follow. Quick sketch visuals capture the essence of what you are providing, and have been proven to be highly memorable.
box visual500
Staying out of “me” land and showing up in fulfilling “need” land.
How can you make sure you stay out of “ME” land? Here are a few ideas:

1. Take a sheet of paper, draw a line in the middle (from top to bottom) and title the top left: “ME” and the top right side: “OTHERS”. On the “ME” side: make a list of your talking points that have to do with you (your bio, story, moments, labels, etc.) and across each item mark down delivery time. On the “OTHERS” side: list what you DO to define and solve what your people are craving to solve…and again, mark down the time for this delivery. Gets obvious where your talk is focused.

2. Draw out a physical representation of ALL of your tools you are giving, and SHOW them in your presentation. Ideas, products, process, services. Giving illustrations in a casual manner is very effective to get folks to participate and understand your benefit.

3. If you ask people to “draw” an item so it can be fulfilled and used as a tool…give them a drawing to follow so ALL is clear. Folks interpret verbal instructions in many different ways!

4. Give your audience quiet time to make lists, draw the squares, triangles, circles that they fill with content. Be SILENT. Provide space for this activity. Give your audience time to THINK…do not fill this quiet time (or fill whole presentation) with more of your story or personal experiences.

5. Before you end your talk, give moments for Q&A so what has been “drawn out” can be shared and if needed clarified and expanded. The not so great way to end a talk, tele-semiar, webinar, etc. is to give your “ME” pitch, offer to buy it now, and not leave any time for personal communications with your audience. UNMUTE…that is when you listen to others, that is when you find needs, that is when you do NOT deliver more “ME” story.

Draw upon “YOU” to draw your loyal relationships.
Drawn visuals are personal…they tell YOUR story as well as YOUR value. By actually drawing and having others draw visuals or lists you actually are drawing out what folks “need”. Plus, you create new links to others via their emotions rather than just “minds”. Whether it is a simple doodle, stick figure, word list, or fanciful ideation, SHOWING and drawing brings personal connections.

My drawings connect others to their unique stories that help them serve others navigate their unique paths. Give me a call so I can discover what your visual communications needs are, to help you find and solve “NEEDS”, listen more, show and draw MORE to you and your partners. 

Thanks for your time and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

What in the world is “quick sketch”?

January, 2016
Quick Sketch word500
Recently I have answered many questions about “what is a quick sketch”. In other words…what do you “do” exactly? In short; quick sketch illustration is a quick way to translate words, copy, ideas into clear, focused, visual picture telling.

A few ways we communicate to another are with words, body language, and visuals. We are all “storytellers”. “Quick sketch” is a universal way of telling story through visual illustrations of communications. There is a story in all of our talks, business, brand, life path, teachings…it is about the “why”, “how”, and “what” we communicate.

Drawing Ideas!
Q: How do you communicate a big idea? A: Quick sketch and share. A quick sketch is more formal than a doodle, and done in a short period of time to illustrate “story” for all sorts of meetings, event, travels, teachings, ideas. It is an illustration that reflects the key focus or summary of what is being communicated. Look at it like a visual “adjective” that shows the flavor and personality of a main thought!
Heiroglyphics PAULA500Some of the earliest quick sketches can be found in the pictographs of indigenous people’s recordings, art, homes or caves. Various historians have concluded that “picture art” was a recording of important information, directions, warnings. In general: everyday life activities, as well as declaring what is what and what is whose! Look at the Egyptian Hieroglyphics. What gods were helping with the harvest, sun, underworld…and who is to be honored and how they want to be’s all there in wonderful color for all to see and understand, no matter what part of the kingdom one hailed. Picture storytelling.


Visuals are understood by all.
Ideas Rocket500
Pictures tell a quick story, record important ideas and passages of time. There have been “quick sketch artists” from the dawn of time…they have been called Illuminaries, scribes, journalers, reporters, map makers, reporters, engravers, artists, visionaries, and sometimes even prophets. Now “quick sketch” artists are called illustrators, storyboard artists, graphic facilitators, art journalers and visual scribes.

Quick sketch is seen in animation for instructions on “how” to videos, meeting agendas, thinking process, company history lines, brainstorming ignitions and much more!
PizzaVisual500Quick sketch is not a new idea, it is a form of visual communication now being used in a society that over 82% of the populace now get their information from visual reports. Visual story is quicker for the brain to process, and is likely to be understood by multi lingual groups and community.

Want to get going with expressing your communications, agenda, values, needs…and show others you understand their needs and can help them with solutions and information by using quick sketch? Give me a call…and I am called a visual scribe…let’s get your story translated into the universal language of quick picture telling!

Thanks for your time and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Imagination: What does the other person need?

October, 2015
worth main art500

Some of my past blog posts have talked about imagination and the importance of creativity. We create our services, brands, offerings from our constant Imagineering. It's a valuable tool in creating our brand, finding out our paths and expressing our purpose and missions to the world. We are all excellent at articulating what we “do”.  What about what others need?

What others need is why we succeed. Many now call this Servant Leadership. Using our imagination to listen, discover, and create to the needs of others so all can succeed. This is an ancient thought…much like the Golden Rule of empathy, and the Huna (Hawaiian ancient philosophy of living life) belief of “Ike”; we are all connected. Connection and empathy of what other people need is a great foundation for doing business.

Values = Worth
Imagine how your service, product, thinking can uplift others. It’s your values, not your “features” that place the needs of others into your actions. Being empathetic, finding out what others need, this is how your imagination can create meaning for your partners, clients, and your own well-being.

What is your imagination “worth”, what price is attached to asking a customer what they need before they ask for help? As the long running MasterCard campaign states: "priceless". 

Do you show you care?
Do something needed before being asked. Volunteering and finding new creative ways to connect with others and help be the solution to what they need. Imagination makes the world a much better place as you show you are interested in helping others.

Stepping up and writing the memo that considers other’s efforts and ideas, creating the space for others to ask for help and then helping without agenda or condition. This creates respect, trust, and honest collaborations. Imagine that!
Offer subhead art500Offer
Offer up your thinking, actions, and imagination to find out how you can serve the needs of others. Find the service value in what you offer and create a brand and life that is rock solid because it actually makes the world a better place!

For myself, my imagination shows folks their creativity, their values, services, in clear visual quick sketch communications so they can find those who need their help, teachings, ideas, products. My imagination sparks other’s creative centers, their unique purpose that serves others as they follow their unique paths. Give me a call so I can discover what your visual communications needs are so you can serve more, listen more, create more.  

Thanks for your time and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

One rule of change: Set your rules!

September, 2016
Stone Wall500

When planning my upcoming trip to New England I have been thinking of all the villages I used to visit and live in, the countryside full of strong stonewalls marking edges of farms, communities, and homes. Walls that are loyally repaired have stood for over a hundred years. There is a sense of stability and safety seeing these boundaries; stone walls. Visual markers that clearly state “container” limits, mass, and form.

That makes me look at how the most successful business, relationships, communities, DO evolve; they create and regularly mend clear boundaries, rules, and process. They create very safe containers to work and partner within.

Basic stuff like hours of work, price for product, services performed, need to be clearly outlined, showed, and stated. Showing the next level of “process rules”, one defines boundaries in the form of communicating values, integrity, quality, guarantees.

Just like the massive unmovable stonewalls you can see so clearly in the fields of New England. There they “are”…no doubts. As you give folks your rules, your non-compromising patterns of delivery, promises, brand guarantee, in a clear manner of communication you remove doubt.
Doubt word500Remove doubt, create safety.
By stating your rules to all you communicate and share, you have created a safe zone or container in which change, creativity, ideation, evolution can happen. Clear dialogue can happen as folks feel safe…they know your boundaries. With doubt gone, safety established, more time is spent creating and communicating at a much more meaningful deeper level. Have you defined your rules, values, brand clearly?

Are you clearly showing your rules?
Think of those walls in the fields of New England standing like strong sentinels proclaiming neighborly boundaries…how do you show your boundaries, your rules? It is one thing to “talk” about your rules, it is another to show your rules of business and relationship.

The universal language is now “pictures”, so why not draw out your process, your promise. Your rules are your story “stones” that outline your container boundaries. Draw this out in pictures, SHOW your rules. You can create pictures, quick sketch doodles or hire a person to help you draw up and discover your boundary key visuals. Quick sketch doodles are fast ways to show folks your rules in a non-intimidating manner. From power point slides, meeting summaries, mapping out future scenarios, even for requests for event sponsors, all can be communicated clearly in a quick focused manner with quick-sketched visuals.

Better understanding is created by “rules”. Showing your boundaries creates a feeling of safety. Show your rules clearly (like those strong stone New England walls), so you can move forward step by step without any doubts. Yep, “you can get there from here” as the New England saying goes!

Thanks for your time and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Creative Storytelling: How to connect into your own creative story!

September, 2015

Trust me, you are creative! You are connecting one creative memory to the next for each of your day’s stories.

The big story these days is “story”. So how is story defined? Most of us know story has a beginning, middle, and end. That is the structure of a story.

What makes one story so much more memorable than another story? It is the WAY a story is told as well as if the story has emotional truth or evidence. “Evidence” in this definition has to do with a resulting pull on emotions rather than a body of items or things that point to solving an event. The mystery and pull of great stories is in the way content connects with emotional effect...and that is where your creative resource, your imagination comes in.

Creativity turns a transcript into a story.
Great story is a creation of See, Connect, then Create. This is the way creative folks and artists process their stories. You see something, store it away until you find another item that connects to your previous memory, put these together and create a new thing, story, product. It’s connecting the experiences and synthesizing them into new possibilities, creations…or story. We all do this, it is becoming aware of what our “gut” memories are doing and let it create rather than cancel out the connections. This “connection” is called imagination. It is real because your experiences are real!

In the business world, we often encourage the listing of connections without the synthesis of experiences, which in turn creates a transcript; not good story. This is shutting down imagination and is the difference between listing “features” rather than unique benefits!

Change is a necessary component of a great story.
The heroine is tied to the railroad tracks and in the distance you can hear the train’s whistle as it barrels forward, on its way to the same spot our lady is tied tightly. What if there is no dashing hero racing to save the day…no change in sight…splat. Change can be the healer and the creator of tension in our stories. In a great story there is a need for change (to release tension), for positive action that helps find a happy ending. Change is merely a process of tension and release. Creative change uses some fun via imagination to tell the story of both.

In business (and in life) if you are feeling safe using your creativity and imagination in ways to both tell and establish your story of process, new ideas, teachings…then your story will have the ebb and flow of great communications and dazzling outcomes. Stories can take creative risks throughout their telling, esp. at the end. The creative part is being able to be comfortable with making some mistakes (tension), to try different “stories” in order to get to the story that is your “just right” (release).

What we call mistakes are all part of being a creative storyteller. As Scott Adams mentions: “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”
Cave MenBW500
The art of storytelling.

From time beginning folks have been recording their stories with art from the cave man showing a good hunt (all hunters back safe into the cave), Egyptian records of deeds, wealth, and gods inside their temples and pyramids, da Vinci drawing out his flying machine and showing folks the mathematics of movement in his Vitruvian Man, to present day rotating and blinking building tall giant billboards and messaging. People seem to HAVE to tell their story in visual form!

Metrics, efficiencies, analytics are actually support characters in your story…and tend to hang out in the “middle”of the tales told. These are what I call the chart and graph children. Some rise to imaginative proportions with relevant subject matter making up their visual description (like a pizza pie chart for fast food consumption numbers).

The real memory and influencing parts of a story are the beginnings and the endings. That’s where “key” visuals come into play…visuals that express either the emotion or context of what is being told or written. And this is NOT “See Dick Run” illustration…it is illustration that tells a story without needing words. Great book cover art tells a story to tease or express the story line of what is inside and give the title some wonder and mystery…you have to read the book to find out more!

That is where my passion comes in…quick sketch visual storytelling. Turn your message into creative storytelling with the storyteller being visual communications that have universal translation for any language, any situation. Connect up and use your imagination and express your creativity, genius, success by communicating in visual story! My purpose is to ignite your stories, to build heart bonfires by drawing out what fuels and celebrates your heart’s story.

Does your story have a sequel?
Yes, it does! All great stories leave you wanting to have more. And yes, your imagination can add the creative pull that will make your stories radiate their brilliance.

Give me a call and let’s get started on your storytelling.

Thanks for your time and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Creative Brand tip #1: Release YOU

August, 2015

How many blogs have you recently poured over in search of great new tips and ways to make your brand “pop”? I know I have put out a few tips recently, and I too am bombarded with numerous articles, emails, notes, and offers to give my brand more oomph. You are told to “use this template”, follow this and that, use colors that activate certain parts of the brain, and of course...take that next class that will unlock the gates to the Emerald City of Brandland.

The core truth about “Brand” is that is actually your core truth. “YOU”, Period. Whether you sell and product, service, philosophy, process or a combo of all…it all begins with YOU. “You” are the corner office; you are in all the communications, ideas, actions that your company is based on. Even if you do not “own” your company, your personality (if a good fit is in place!) matches or mirrors the owner’s dreams, passions, needs (in other words, their brand core).

Have you really taken the time to find out what makes you “flow”, tick, generate, all that stuff around you? The most inspired companies that create motivation, memberships, and become the muse to a greater audience are all based on a key person’s unabashed, out there for all to see, personality. Look at Richard Branson, Yvon Chouin of Patagonia, Danny Thomas’ promise with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, even the humble personality of Mother Theresa; one of the highest forms of unconditional and inspirational “service” brands.  All these highly successful “brands” are driven by each person’s true core essence, their purpose or “YOU”.
A to B500
How do you begin your “purpose” search?
Tip #1 (and the only tip for this blog!): Release YOU.
How do you approach life, what is the core of your personality. It is quite unique you know (and yes…you DO know).  To get YOU released, you must be you all the time.

To do Tip#1: Start by getting out a notebook and begin writing down what makes up YOU. Now this can be difficult…you have to actually set some time aside to spend time with yourself and do a little reflection. Many folks actually try to delegate this, which gets them nowhere fast! AND, the #1 rule for finding you include doing this on a “how did or do I feel” basis…not with the mind of “what sounds right to others”, or corporate white paper verbiage.

A. There are rules and process out there for business and life…you are the one setting most of them. Write down what your “rules” are…what are your boundaries? If your “gut” doesn’t like one or two…how would you change it? (Hint, if a “rule” is sounding like a judgment…this is not the big “YOU” talking, most likely it is an inherited rule being held by your ego…time to have a talk with your ego and replace it with a more pleasurable rule!)

B. What moments in life really stand out for you…write them down, then look at “why” they are such strong memories. I will bet you will start to find repeating patterns.

C. USE YOUR WORDS. Your mom or dad most likely told you to do this when you were young “Use your words”. Yes, they were correct on many levels. When you use YOUR words and not the words of others in your business as well as your life…you are letting the world know exactly who you are and what you are dreaming. Write down some key phrases that express YOU and at the same time feel a bit uncomfortable saying in business (you could sound or look different, exciting, or unique…that would be a tragedy?).

This is where I have to smile a bit about all those “promises” for brand success out there by using various template formats. It’s a TEMPLATE, it is not custom. Why be in a rush to be like everyone else, using the same format, designs?

D. Take all your writings and focus on the repeating words, activities, and put your YOU out front in your elevator pitch, introductions, brand phrases. Let your brand mission, vision, positioning statements “talk” like you talk. Go ahead, put that emotional aspect into your talk…that is what is guiding your unique being and purpose…your heart becomes partner with your head. In brand terms this is where core emotional essence pairs with strategy.

E. Two is better than just one. Why not partner up with a business purpose coach for a bit. Go one on one to find out your one unique voice. This is priceless for your own accountability, progress, success in releasing YOU into the business world.

F. DRAW your “YOU” out. Go ahead, take a pencil or pen and start drawing stick figures, symbols for words, doodle your you. It works! Or you can hire a quick sketch session so you can see your present condition. Your brain does respond quicker and creates a more lasting memory via visual communication. This is a great way to show others your vision, your ideas, your path so they can join in and create with and for you! Give me a call; it’s fun to do Sketch Questing for discovery of all sorts.

My “YOU” is here to ignite your discoveries, to build heart bonfires by drawing out what fuels and celebrates your heart’s story.

The best brands all have the YOU released, shown, activated, and flowing. Change is easier to flow through when your core foundations are set and in action. Remember, your brand can’t be YOU if you’re talking and walking like someone else.

Thanks for your time and your shares!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Tips on how to find your story heartbeat.

August, 2015
Story Heart500How do you find the heart of your story? The essence of your story is the magic that is pure YOU.  What makes your heart really pump is your purpose, and we all have unique purpose. All those “whats”, know-hows you have placed into your toolbox are wonderful. Ever think about the “toolbox” itself? Your “heart” or core essence / purpose is what drives the beat of your activities in life and in business?

Working in teams pitching new business opportunities at major ad agencies taught me at an early professional age to seek out the emotional “hook” that pulled in an audience, customer, for products and services. This is the heart of what is being offered; what creates an irresistible pull by sounding out its message to other hearts to “come on down”, join the party. In current lingo: “alignment” of purpose.

To quote Rumi: “Let your heart be silently drawn by the pull of what you really love.” 

How do folks discover and communicate their heart’s pull…their story, their heartbeat, how they influence and lead others to hunt for their “story-beat”?

Hunting for your story “heartbeat” (Things I have learned on how to begin)

1. What do you love?
What makes your heart beat a little (or a lot!) faster? It is true, the heart essence of purpose is found in those visceral almost awkward to talk about subjects, objects, and experiences. Write down where or what creates your feeling of flow…what makes your heart beat faster, what is important to you AND how do you express this “thing”. This is NOT a “cause”; it is what touches you so strongly that drives you to a MUST DO THIS.

2. What is at least one personal memory from your early life in which you felt fulfilled, very happy…and what memory do you have of a challenging event that changed your life?
The responses to events in our early lives give a clue to what we find emotionally important. Write your story down, review it, find the theme that seems to repeat itself. How do you feel about your experience? Write THAT down. These are clues to what are you intrinsically “built to do”.

Finding emotional essence seems to be a “no brainer”.
No Brain300

OK…so this seems quite simple. Believe me, this takes some honest “digging”. What you have to do is reach deep in both exercises to uncover the “feelings” or emotional aspect rather than the event. Leaving the “left brain” behind can be a new thing, and it is quite important!

Find our what resonates, what repeats in the stories you jot down from #1 and #2. Those memories or qualities that repeat themselves are the clues are the beginnings to what will define your unique and authentic purpose.

Establish this session as your beginning. You will find future brainstorming from this quick foundation on your “how” will produce new insights, new pure YOU meaningful communications that lead both you and others in fulfilling goals, innovations, needs, and establish effective partnerships.

It’s all about clearly communicating “how” you do what you do so well!
Communicating your unique essence in a focused manner can reap great rewards. You can and will attract the audience and client base that are aligned with what you provide and add value to your own business with like minded partners and employees. In a world so pressed for time and massive messaging…expressing your purpose to all in a focused and consistent manner is key!

Condense your story information to a few words, a couple of sentences, short speech, and quick read visuals. We now receive the majority of our info via visual pictures. That’s where my purpose and passion comes in! Giving a visual quick sketch story of what you do, how you do it, what you do is both fast as well as universal. Get your audience and partners on the same page with visual storyboarding!

Your purpose is unique, express it in a unique way…give me a call to discuss some picture storming to express your purpose, your innovative ideas. You may just come up with some great new ideas by picture brainstorming.

Have fun with this beginning in finding your heart story…begin building your business heart essence into a huge bonfire for all to see, value and partner!

Thanks for letting me share some “heart” tips.

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Creative storytelling: Quick brainstorming tips to breath life into your big ideas.

July, 2015
Does money grow on trees? Grow that myth into the concept that all your great ideas will simply “happen” and actualize out of the clear blue sky. Great ideation (from start to actualization) does not happen on its own with one individual. That flash of brilliant insight, the light bulb going off, that “aha moment”, is actually only the beginning. The “light bulb” needs to be fed by current, turned on, seen by others, and finally shining light onto new paths. That is where brainstorming “aha moments” as a process is priceless.

Brainstorming as a growth process.
“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” says Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Small “beginnings” can create huge growth when nurtured to follow to a unique growth pattern. Any process you are going to benefit from or share with others does need a plan of action. Brainstorming is no exception. To grow your ideas actually grows all who participate in the ideation session…gets folks and new things going and growing!

Brainstorming 101 tips.
From many years of leading small to large ideation and discovery sessions for branding, new business, events, authentic purpose hunts…here is my take on what it takes to give a great brainstorming session:

1. Brainstorming needs to become part of your business culture.
Create and provide recurrent collaboration opportunities for your business. Single entrepreneurs can form mastermind ideation groups. C-Suites can meet with like minded business associates to form exchange of niche needs. Companies can form teams internally to focus on new ideas, knowledge, and company opportunities for product or service growth. Use your “people resources” to gain new ways of seeing an idea as well as sparking new thoughts.
Brain Rules500

Set down some brainstorming “rules”.
Folks are more used to “commenting” rather than ideating. Here are some 101 rules to follow as you begin your “storming”.
......A. Criticizing and judgments have NO place in quick and fun communications when putting all sorts of creativity to use when brainstorming. There is no such thing as a “bad idea” or a “best idea”. You are collecting ideas! Sessions are for thinking both inside and outside of the box. Every person is unique and has a unique way of seeing and feeling into solutions. A quick fire attitude of “next, next, next” works!

       B. Hire or appoint an official “timer” and “note taker” for your session. Set “time” for responses as well as stick to your promised timeline for the meeting. Put all those thoughts on the wall as folks speak their ideas, get some excitement going, give “sharing” opportunity, and show that all  ideas are appreciated.
       C. There is power in collaboration. If an idea is thrown out by someone, build on it, welcome ideas mingling with other ideas. Nothing is new you know…it is just how you look at something, how you combine, build, and  implement the idea that makes it “new”.
       D. Blue Sky thinking is welcome here! Ideas need not be “proven”, analyzed, restricted. Anything goes. The bigger, the more unusual, the better…just keep on offering “more”.
       E. The more the merrier! Brainstorming is used to come up with as many as possible ideas, comments, thoughts. Rapid fire first thing that comes into one’s thoughts are key to growing and finding brilliant and “gut” formed ideas that lead to new products, solutions.
       F. Set a time for the next brainstorm session, and follow up the current session with visuals and notes to all who have contributed.

3. Follow up is key…connect the dots of your brainstorming.
Take look at your post session notes, find the similarities, the things that repeat themselves. These are your key “dots”…clues to your direction, the benefits or direction your idea is beginning to form. Connect the dots and you will start to “see” your idea’s foundations, architecture, meaning and form.

4. Find your idea “core” along with some pretty neat future thoughts to put in your idea file.
Connecting the dots finds most likely more than one thought. Decide on your main path, then put all the other new repeated ideas into a file you can call “potential” brilliance. Ideas to help you out at a later date are  brainstorming bonus points.

5. Presenting your ideas to others…this means “selling” your idea.
Get teams of folks to jump on board to actualize your great idea. This takes YOU being able to communicate your vision to others!

Brainstorming success: How can you communicate your vision to others?
Plain and simple…share your vision with visuals (along with brief copy of course!). Keep your ideas fresh, simple, focused. A 20 page plus written report will quickly go into the trash…poof, your idea is not seen. From brainstorming meeting visual quick sketch “notes” to sketches of idea conclusions, you can share with all via quick visual sketch storytelling. You can also send out visual sketch “invitations” to your group before the session to flag the positive fun to be had. Pictures communicate quicker than copy blocks…and brainstorming is a quick process. Compare idea “notes” with each other via visuals! Help your team find focus, get everyone on the same “page” and continue the fun exchange of ideas into the future.

Give me a call to begin “picture storming” just about anything you can ideate!

Reach beyond a conclusion.
Brainstorming is infinite, goes beyond what you dream your “aha moments” were meant to go…has no conclusion. The concepts that work best, create greater following, spawn repeated ideation and innovation, are the ideas that reach beyond the norm and outside “the box”. Keep limiting judgments out of your process and follow the genius way of breaking free of convention that Albert Einstein mentions in his quote: If at first the idea is not absurd, there is no hope for it.”

Thanks for your sharing your valuable time and sharing some of my “aha moments”!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Creative Storytelling: 10 purpose filled “rules” that change life into art.

July, 2015
Have you thought about how “change” happens in your business and life? Change can activate from our plans, or as life gives us its “plan”. Having some creative “rules” gives us tools to navigate change, use both our minds and hearts, to create a most artful life and business.

For my entire branding / ad agency creative career one of my “beacons” guiding me somewhat gracefully through change, poured light into my creative and business life is Milton Glaser (Push Pin Studios, NYC). Famous for his art, design ( “I Heart NY”, Olivetti, etc.), teachings, philosophies, sharing, mentor…he just plain “shines” the light of essence into his creation of thoughts, form, images. I have worked with him during my East Coast years and learned much from his approach to projects, art, life, and from his philosophical conversations given with great generosity and insight.   

To share the essence of Glaser’s genius for lessons from life…I want to share his list of 10 rules for life from “This is what I have learned” speech to the AIGA National Design Conference March 23, 2002. (A bit long….and well worth reading!)

“What I have learned” by Milton Glaser:
“…I am going to tell you everything that I know about the practice of design. It is a sort of collage of bits and pieces that I have assembled over 50 years. It includes a lot of things I’ve said before but I’ve repackaged them rather attractively. This is what I’ve learned.

Number 1. You can only work for people that you like.
It took me a long time to learn this rule because at the beginning of my practice I felt the opposite. Professionalism inferred that you didn’t necessarily have to like the people that you worked for, and should maintain an arms length relationship to them. As a result, I never had lunch with a client or saw them socially. Some years ago I realised that I was deluded. In looking back, I discovered that all the work I had done that was meaningful and significant came out of an affectionate relationship with a client. Affection, trust and sharing some common ground is the only way good work can be achieved. Otherwise it is a bitter and hopeless struggle.

Number 2. If you have a choice never have a job.
One night I was sitting in my car outside Columbia University where my wife Shirley was studying Anthropology. While I was waiting I was listening to the radio and heard an interviewer ask ‘Now that you have reached 75 have you any advice for our audience about how to prepare for your old age?’ An irritated voice said ‘Why is everyone asking me about old age these days?’ I recognised the voice as John Cage. I am sure that many of you know who he was – the composer and philosopher who influenced people like Jasper Johns and Merce Cunningham as well as the music world in general. I knew him slightly and admired his contribution to our times. ‘You know, I do know how to prepare for old age’ he said. ‘Never have a job, because if you have a job someday someone will take it away from you and then you will be unprepared for your old age. For me, it has always been the same every since the age of 12. I wake up in the morning and I try to figure out how am I going to put bread on the table today? It is the same at 75, I wake up every morning and I think how am I going to put bread on the table today? I am exceeding well prepared for my old age’ he said.

Number 3. Some people are toxic avoid them.
This is a subtext of number one. There was in the sixties an old geezer named Fritz Perls who was a gestalt therapist. Gestalt therapy derives from art history, it proposes you must understand the ‘whole’ before you can understand the details. What you have to look at is the entire culture, the entire family and community and so on. Perls proposed that in all relationships people could be either toxic or nourishing towards one another. It is not necessarily true that the same person will be toxic or nourishing in every relationship, but the combination of any two people in a relationship produces toxic or nourishing consequences. And the important thing that I can tell you is that there is a test to determine whether someone is toxic or nourishing in your relationship with them. Here is the test: You have spent some time with this person, either you have a drink or go for dinner or you go to a ball game. It doesn’t matter very much but at the end of that time you observe whether you are more energised or less energised. Whether you are tired or whether you are exhilarated. If you are more tired then you have been poisoned. If you have more energy you have been nourished. The test is almost infallible and I suggest that you use it for the rest of your life.

Number 4. Professionalism is not enough or the good is the enemy of the great.
Early in my career I couldn’t wait to become a professional. That was my complete aspiration in my early life because professionals seemed to know everything - not to mention they got paid well for it. Later I discovered after working for a while that professionalism itself was a limitation. After all, what professionalism means in most cases is limiting risks. So if you want to get your car fixed you go to a mechanic who knows how to deal with transmission problems in the same way each time. I suppose if you needed brain surgery you wouldn’t want the doctor to fool around and invent a new way of connecting your nerve endings. Please doc, do it in the way that has worked in the past.

Unfortunately in our field, in a so-called creative activity – I’ve begun to hate that word. I especially hate when it is used as a noun. I shudder when I hear can someone called a creative. Anyhow, when you are doing something in a recurring way to diminish risk or doing it in the same way as you have done it before, it is clear why professionalism is not enough. After all, what is desirable in our field, is continuous transgression. Professionalism does not allow for that because transgression has to encompass the possibility of failure and if you are professional your instinct is not to fail, it is to repeat success. Professionalism as a lifetime aspiration is a limited goal.

Number 5. Less is not necessarily more.
Being a child of modernism I have heard this mantra all my life. Less is more. One morning upon awakening I realised that it was total nonsense, it is an absurd proposition and also fairly meaningless. But it sounds great because it contains within it a paradox that is resistant to understanding. But it simply does not obtain when you think about the visual of the history of the world. If you look at a Persian rug, you cannot say that less is more because you realise that every part of that rug, every change of colour, every shift in form is absolutely essential for its aesthetic success. You cannot prove to me that a solid blue rug is in any way superior. That also goes for the work of Gaudi, Persian miniatures, art nouveau and everything else. However, I have an alternative to the proposition that I believe is more appropriate. ‘Just enough is more.’

Number 6. Style is not to be trusted
I think this idea first occurred to me when I was looking at a marvelous etching of a bull by Picasso. It was an illustration for a story by Balzac called The Hidden Masterpiece. I am sure that you all know it. It is a bull that is expressed in 12 different styles going from very naturalistic version of a bull to an absolutely reductive single line abstraction and everything else along the way. What is clear just from looking at this single print is that style is irrelevant. In every one of these cases, from extreme abstraction to acute naturalism they are extraordinary regardless of the style. It’s absurd to be loyal to a style. It does not deserve your loyalty. I must say that for old design professionals it is a problem because the field is driven by economic consideration more than anything else. Style change is usually linked to economic factors, as all of you know who have read Marx. Also fatigue occurs when people see too much of the same thing too often. So every ten years or so there is a stylistic shift and things are made to look different. Typefaces go in and out of style and the visual system shifts a little bit. If you are around for a long time as a designer, you have an essential problem of what to do. Incidentally, it’s popular for designers to claim they have no style but this is generally not true. Most good designers have developed a vocabulary, a form that is their own. It is one of the ways that they distinguish themselves from their peers, and establish their identity in the field. How you maintain your own belief system and preferences becomes a real balancing act. As a career progresses the question of whether you pursue change or whether you maintain your own distinct form becomes difficult. We have all seen the work of illustrious practitioners that suddenly look old-fashioned or, more precisely, belonging to another moment in time. And there are sad stories such as the one about Cassandre, arguably the greatest graphic designer of the twentieth century, who couldn’t make a living at the end of his life and committed suicide. But the point is that anybody who is in this for the long haul has to decide how to respond to change in the zeitgeist. What is it that people now expect that they formerly didn’t want? And how to respond to that desire in a way that doesn’t change your sense of integrity and purpose.

Number 7. How you live changes your brain.
The brain is the most responsive organ of the body. Actually it is the organ that is most susceptible to change and regeneration of all the organs in the body. I have a friend named Gerald Edelman who was a great scholar of brain studies and says that the analogy of the brain to a computer is pathetic. The brain is actually more like an overgrown garden that is constantly growing and throwing off seeds, regenerating and so on. And he believes that the brain is susceptible, in a way that we are not fully conscious of, to almost every experience of our life and every encounter we have. I was fascinated by a story in a newspaper a few years ago about the search for perfect pitch. A group of scientists decided that they were going to find out why certain people have perfect pitch. You know certain people hear a note precisely and are able to replicate it at exactly the right pitch. Some people have relative pitch; perfect pitch is rare even among musicians. The scientists discovered – I don’t know how - that among people with perfect pitch the brain was different. Certain lobes of the brain had undergone some change or deformation that was always present with those who had perfect pitch. This was interesting enough in itself. But then they discovered something even more fascinating. If you took a bunch of kids and taught them to play the violin at the age of 4 or 5 after a couple of years some of them developed perfect pitch, and in all of those cases their brain structure had changed. Well what could that mean for the rest of us? We tend to believe that the mind affects the body and the body affects the mind, although we do not generally believe that everything we do affects the brain. I am convinced that if someone was to yell at me from across the street my brain could be affected and my life might changed.

That is why your mother always said, ‘Don’t hang out with those bad kids.’ Mama was right. Thought changes our life and our behaviour. I also believe that drawing works in the same way. I am a great advocate of drawing, not in order to become an illustrator, but because I believe drawing changes the brain in the same way as the search to create the right note changes the brain of a violinist. Drawing also makes you attentive. It makes you pay attention to what you are looking at, which is not so easy.

Number 8. Doubt is better than certainty.
Everyone always talks about confidence and believing in what you do. I remember once going to a class in Kundalini yoga where the teacher said that, spirituality speaking, if you believed that you had achieved enlightenment you have merely arrived at your limitation. I think that is also true in a more practical sense. Deeply held beliefs of any kind prevent you from being open to experience, which is why I find all firmly held ideological positions questionable. It makes me nervous when someone believes too deeply or too much. I think that being sceptical and questioning all deeply held beliefs is essential. Of course we must know the difference between scepticism and cynicism because cynicism is as much a restriction of one’s openness to the world as passionate belief is. They are sort of twins.

Number 9. Solving the problem is more important than being right.
Ultimately, if we’re lucky, we begin to understand that always being right is a delusion. There is a significant sense of self-righteousness in both the art and design world. Perhaps it begins at school. Art school often promote the Ayn Rand model of the single personality resisting the ideas of the surrounding culture. The theory is that as an individual you can transform the world, which is true up to a point but as someone once said ‘In the battle between you and the world, bet on the world.’ One of the signs of a damaged ego is absolute certainty.

Schools encourage the idea of not compromising and defending your work at all costs. Well, in our work the issue is usually all about the nature of compromise. You just have to know when compromise is appropriate. Blind pursuit of your own ends which excludes the possibility that others may be right does not allow for the fact that in design we are always dealing with a triad – the client, the audience and you.

Ideally, making everyone win through acts of accommodation is desirable. But self- righteousness is often the enemy. Self-righteousness and narcissism generally come out of some sort of childhood trauma, which we do not have to go into. It is a consistently mischievous element in human affairs. Some years ago I read a most remarkable thing about love, that also applies to the nature of co-existing with others. It was a quotation by Iris Murdoch from her obituary. It read ‘ Love is the extremely difficult realisation that something other than oneself is real.’ Isn’t that fantastic! The best insight on the subject of love that one can imagine.

Last year someone gave me a charming book by Roger Rosenblatt called ‘Ageing Gracefully’ I got it on my birthday. I did not appreciate the title at the time but it contains a series of rules for ageing gracefully. The first rule is the best. Rule number one is that ‘it doesn’t matter.’ ‘It doesn’t matter that what you think. Follow this rule and it will add decades to your life. It does not matter if you are late or early, if you are here or there, if you said it or didn’t say it, if you are clever or if you were stupid. If you were having a bad hair day or a no hair day or if your boss looks at you cockeyed or your boyfriend or girlfriend looks at you cockeyed, if you are cockeyed. If you don’t get that promotion or prize or house or if you do – it doesn’t matter.’ Wisdom at last. A week or two later I read a joke that I haven’t been able to get out of my head. A butcher was opening his market one morning and as he did a rabbit popped his head through the door. The butcher was surprised when the rabbit inquired ‘Got any cabbage?’ The butcher said ‘This is a meat market – we sell meat, not vegetables.’ The rabbit hopped off. The next day the butcher is opening the shop and sure enough the rabbit pops his head round and says ‘You got any cabbage?’ The butcher now irritated says ‘Listen you little rodent I told you yesterday we sell meat, we do not sell vegetables and the next time you come here I am going to grab you by the throat and nail those floppy ears to the floor.’ The rabbit disappeared hastily and nothing happened for a week. Then one morning the rabbit popped his head around the corner and said ‘Got any nails?’ The butcher said ‘No.’ The rabbit said ‘Ok. Got any cabbage?’ My last rule is based on an article I wrote in the AIGA Journal some years ago and also refers to the sense of public responsibility I mentioned in my opening remarks.

Number 10. Tell the truth.
The rabbit joke is relevant because it occurred to me that looking for a cabbage in a butcher’s shop might be like looking for ethics in the design field. It may not be the most obvious place to find either. It’s interesting to observe that in the new AIGA’s code of ethics there is a significant amount of useful information about appropriate behaviour towards clients and other designers, but not a word about a designer’s relationship to the public. In daily life we expect a butcher to sell us eatable meat and not to misrepresent his wares. I remember reading that during the Stalin years in Russia that everything labelled veal was actually chicken. I can’t imagine what everything labelled chicken was. We can accept certain kinds of misrepresentation, such as fudging about the amount of fat in his hamburger but once a butcher betrays our trust by knowingly selling us spoiled meat we go elsewhere. As a designer, do we have less responsibility to our public than a butcher? Our meat is information. Everyone interested in licensing our field might note that the reason licensing has been invented is to protect the public not designers or clients. ‘Do no harm’ is an admonition to doctors concerning their relationship to their patients, not to their fellow practitioners or the drug companies. Incidentally, if we were licensed, telling the truth might become more central to what we do.”*

Thanks for letting me share some “lessons” I live by.

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

* Exerpt from Milton Glaser’s speech to the AIGA National Design Conference March 23, 2002.

Creative Storytelling: The Master Formula for Success.

June, 2015
E=MC2-r500“Effectiveness equals motivation multiplied by confidence, multiplied again by concentration, and reduced by resistance.” quotes Serge Kahili King, PhD / (Kahuna, Big Island, HA) with his Master Formula for Success.* Does your “story” follow this simple formula? In business, in life?

Using Huna philosophy gives positive, creative, and effective guidance for my business. Here’s my quick “share” interpretation of The Master Formula for Success and how following this “formula” helps me help others with creative storytelling:

E = Effectiveness
What is the measure of success? This is how you solve folk’s problems, stuck and pain points. For me, it is the effectiveness of what I produce for others that helps them clearly and communicate their story in visuals; from quick illustrating small to big meeting key facts, sketching learning travel, program visual facilitating, to web blog single art or one-on-one Sketch Quest recordings. My contribution is effective if audiences are understanding the key facts being offered, they are on the same “story page” of what my client is communicating. If your plan, service, talent solves your client’s issue (of course in a timely and quality manner!)...that is “Effectiveness", period. You have actually “told” your story in an effective manner. Your client calls you back for more solutions, more services, more product, and passes you on to others.

E = MC2
Effectiveness equals motivation multiplied by confidence, multiplied again by concentration. Increase your motivation…increase your effectiveness. Take advantage of the positives you all ready own, add to that a CLEAR vision of what your goal’s success will bring to your business and or life. Step into that “vision” with bold confidence (your mantra could be a simple “I deserve to succeed my goal” (name it!!!).) along with focused concentration and you have some pretty powerful and empowering forward momentum. With keeping your final goal always in site, confidence and concentration can and will get you past those speed bumps, obstacles, plan and strategy adjustments, that always seem to happen with change!

Illustrate; actually DRAW OUT your process, goal, plan. You can make a visual “symbol” to represent a goal (a giant gold star, a check for a million dollars, your program venue with a “sold out” sign on it). This can be a visual touchstone for you or your team (What do you think those tall earning goal “thermometers” are all about in fund raising!). A great way to help get your concentration focused; keep you on target, with all the details from point A to point B.

E = MC2 – R
Resistance…that is what decreases effectiveness. Do you or your team feel fear or anxiety when change happens? Fact of life: change is the normal ingredient of moving forward, of learning new things, of boldly going about changing the present condition to make things more productive, prosperous, creative, fun, and balanced.

In my experience with brand evolution, visions, strategies, visual, and copy change has to occur in order to reflect and refresh ever-changing business realities. There is a desire for security as change ensues. Resistance is all that “stuff” that we create obstacles with as we wish to protect our known turf, our status, and our past accomplishments. It is wise to put together thorough plans that state budgets, process, goals, team and partner responsibilities. Getting bogged down with too much input, trying to please everyone, etc. is where the action or effectiveness stops, the motivation becomes pedestrian, and the concentration and confidence is splintered. (Note to self: “true leadership” comes in to break up the logjams.)

One way to feel safe; break up resistance is to have your “stuck” story both written and sketched out so all can come back to the path of effectiveness. If you are too far “off path”, then drawing that out with quick sketches is an unintimidating creative way to show and tell so all can get back into the effectiveness boat and sail forward to success!
No Limits Infinityart500Unlimited achievement:
As Serge Kahili King also mentions: “Effectiveness is a universal, powerful, unconscious drive. Adding conscious desires makes it even more powerful. Adding skill, derived from knowledge, experience, and practice, turns it into a potential force for unlimited achievement.”**

One way to show your effectiveness and carry others with you as you succeed is to dynamically SHOW your story. Quick sketch recording adds a creative and unique visual fingerprint of your personal communication or storytelling. Tell your story so ALL can follow, draw it! Give me a call and let’s do some picture-storming to create greater effectiveness for you now!

Thanks for sharing my favorite “Master Formula” for success!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

*page 163, **page 167 (His book is great!): “Huna. Ancient Hawaiian Secrets for Modern Living”. Serge Kahili King, PhD

ValYOU storytelling: Feature your benefit instead of your feature.

June, 2015
ValYOU w X500Your ideas, services, products, knowledge…your story; are you telling benefits or merely features? The big difference is between the “about” and the “how” in what you do or give. “About” = feature. “How” = benefit. Benefits give value and value is how you shine YOU!

James Cash Penney says: “It is the service we are not obliged to give that people value most.”  That “service” is the something unique or extra that only you can offer as you solve their needs…your benefit.  This benefit is usually something marked by your passionate point of view, which makes it so much “more”; your value. As you look at “features” vs. “benefits” there are some distinct basic traits for both.

An example:
These are the “whats” of you. The descriptions of what you do oh so very well. The listings of things, i.e.: “I supply the tech industry with XJE large band width pipelines within the banking niche”.  Qualifications usually are your “whats”.

Benefits: The value of “how” you solve a need is the benefit of “what” you do, i.e.: “My installing the super XJE large band width as an information conduit promises to condense the banking industries man hours used for recording client data. Saving expensive overtime, and gives employees and management the chance for balancing work, live, play hours.” Answers that free up “unstuck” are your benefits.

Sell the problem you solve, not the product.
I agree with the above wisdom recently shared on Linked in. You give value by solving a need, problem, or some sort of lack. Be it a lack of clarity, missing objects or functions, fuzzy communications, multiple focus…what is your client’s “hurt” or pain point? How can you make their world comfortable, flowing again? Take a look at the need first. Are you offering REAL help, a possible solution, or a long list of your qualifications?

Benefits lead away from pain and stuck. Features do not offer a “way out”; they act more like inventory on a shelf.
thumbprint heart art500The heart of your benefit is YOU.
The story of your “how” becomes valuable when your benefit solves your client’s pain point…their problem. Folks move away from pain…it is a basic survival instinct. Having guided many “stuck” brand evaluations, business “pain” is no different.
Some tips to begin to offer story telling that uses your "you" benefits:
On one sheet of paper, list your capabilities, your expertise, your and your product or service features. Then on a second sheet of paper make a list of possible problems they could solve…make them up or take them from your case studies or experience. (To brainstorm for a new application or niche for applying your features…think of situations within that desired new client that your expertise can help.)
2. After you list your solution capability actually visualize these situations so they become quite real. Imagine each issue your client is going through without your benefit, then visualize your story offering answers / solutions, how it will succeed your client. How does the story result? This is like Shape Shifting your client’s problem into victory for both of you. Telling and using your story this way creates trust and loyalty.
3. Test your “story”. Create a 60 second elevator speech using your benefit, your manner of problem solving. If you have any sort of “item” list in this speech…you need to edit these items into a tangible example of solution for each thing “listed”. Are you telling your story coming from emotional phrasing and words or are you reciting a piece from your tax report? Story with benefit naturally speaks from the “gut” and not the “head”.

Stories with benefit have a visual feel to them.
The best stories are woven with words that create a moving picture tale. Your audience can almost “see” what you can do for them when you are telling a benefit story. Why not show them your story with visuals. It has been researched that our brains are hardwired to remember via visuals more than any other sort of communications. (It is in our DNA to run after we see a large furry animal with big teeth and razor-sharp claws coming at us.) Help folks connect to your benefits by giving them quick visual memories of the “how” of what you do. Build your benefit story with visual cues!

Maybe one of your pain points is finding the right visuals for your story…or you are in the position of having great benefits and not great art skills? I would love to create solution for you with quick sketch visual recordings of your “hows”. Give me a call so we can find the unique visual solution for you to tell your benefit story with focus and clarity.

Value lives “inside” of benefit.
Perhaps adding “art” to how you communicate story is that bit of “more” that lets others become your friend, find, and remember your benefit value. C.S. Lewis wraps the benefit of art up with his words: “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…it has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.”

Thanks for the benefit of your time and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Join strategy and emotion: Talk in pictures to turn on your big ideas!

May, 2015

The auditorium is packed, standing room only, the room is dark, there is only one huge visual of a small boat between two giant waves above the stage dimly lighting the room. The keynote speaker is at the podium and begins to speak…”It was a dark and stormy evening, our boat was slamming against each wave…”  You wonder WHAT does this have to do with “increasing your efficiency during growth” as the talk content has been advertised.

As a series of stormy sea visuals narrate his story, you are drawn into this vivid story. You become captured by this speaker’s ability to link story “pictures” to create gut connection of being that courageous captain of that small sturdy boat being tossed in a stormy sea to finally reach a peaceful safe harbor. The speaker’s true-life adventure becomes metaphor for “how” you feel as you navigate change, growth, and maintain your charted line of action for “how” to become more efficient with your business practices. You relate to the boat captain’s struggle…you are the captain.

Voila…picture storytelling links to emotional experience! You have shared a life experience.

Seems to be pretty simple, so why is it so difficult to tell story in “picture”? Most folks are taught that “business” talks or presentations are to be based in fact, numbers, results; mind crunching strategic points. The intelligent mind stuff.  In business we are taught to instruct, not to share. Stories come from an emotional vulnerable place, the heart. We are not encouraged to tell story, to be creative, to paint our talks with emotion AND intellect. Storytelling using talk-story supported with vivid simple visuals lets each listener’s imagination personalize and weave both emotion and fact into a memorable learning experience.

A great “story” packs the room.
Remember, you DO need a strong single-minded theme. The story above uses courage to face and ride out the storm as theme throughout the details of what it takes to “increase efficiency during growth”. Always repeat and circle back to your theme focus to reinforce memory as well as the established emotional experience that has all on the edge of their seats.

Why create a visual picture story?
Pictures create easy visual memory link to your theme, your key points. Pictures marry memory with your words. Seeing is believing!
Pictures reinforce the simple language that makes up your story. They help create focus for your audience and help you craft your story without complex jargon.
Pictures that tell story create a feeling of “share”, which shows you care.

How do you create a memorable picture story?
Create a picture style that reflects your theme purpose. Pictures also can be used to bring out case examples that tell a story to illustrate growth steps, profits, etc. (Example: the helm compass dial can be used for growth chart!)
Use pictures as an extension of your talk…not a “see and say” read along. Your audience will remember your talk better if you can involve them in your story.
Be consistent with your pictures (Please, if you use stock images, find similar styles...bouncing from style to style turns your audience into non listening ping pong balls). Use similar tones, hues, and same style of illustration from photos to sketches. You can “mix”: need to do this in a consistent simple format so eyes can expect a picture story has a logical flow (there’s that “mind” thing again!).
How can you find your visual picture style?

Pictures can support your story telling in a very personal manner. Quick sketch illustrations are tailored to your unique expression and focus. “Heart” or emotion has the quality of spontaneity and quick sketch visuals reflect this quality. They become lasting touch points that speak a universal story to your audience. A personal expression of your story, your theme. Give me a call or connect up via mail ( and we can “picturestorm” your picture story.

Today, business is not “siloed”. We are now combining work, home, and play stories to create balanced healthy lives. Folks love a good story…especially one they can picture as their own vision of success.  Turn on your story with pictures; shine your strategy with creative picture storytelling.

Thanks for your time and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Creative Storytelling: “Monkeys do not have to be brown.”

May, 2015


Are you using your unique quality to express your story in an engaging creative manner, or does your story look, sound, and feel just like your competitor’s? The key to an engaging story is to break free of conventionality, express your true colors. As my mother told me when I was 5 years old: “Monkeys do not have to be brown.”

My story, my purple monkeys.
When I was first in school my main love was to paint. Big newsprint paper, huge easel (bigger than a kid!), big brush, and big pots of amazon acrylic paint set.

Being the quiet type, my story was communicated through art. My subject matters were always of nature, animals, the wild things of my imagination, multiple rainbows, and of course some characters from the pages of my hero; Dr. Seuss. One of my favorite scenes was deep in the jungle with monkeys, all sorts of birds and animals in trees. My monkeys were purple, green, pink, blue, not a brown monkey in the bunch.

This perplexed my kindergarten teacher and after about a month of painting monkeys other than brown…I had all my paint colors taken away except for black, brown and green. My teacher told me: “Monkeys are not purple, pink or blue…they are brown.” I was to get “real” and paint black rocks, brown monkeys, brown tree trunks, and green leaves. I was crestfallen and consequently teased by my fellow painters. I came home in tears and told my story of “lack” and judgment to my mother.

Being a very strong and wise lioness, my mother took me straight back to school and marched into the principal’s office. I was left sitting in a cold “after school is out’ foyer while my mother demanded my paints be re-instated.  My mother and principal finally came back into the foyer, shook hands, the principal nodded and smiled at me. Mom and me went home. Next day, I arrived at my class and all my paints were at my easel with my grumbling teacher telling me: “Paula, you are allowed to paint with any colors you want.” As she walked away I remember her saying to herself “Crazy girl, crazy mother”. Again, I went home in tears, again we went to the principal’s office, a quick handshake, now with eye-to-eye stern nods.

After a long weekend expressing protests of never wanting to go to school again and claiming to be ill, my mother walked me to school. A new teacher greeted me. Giving me a big smile and a hug, she told me: “Paula, you are such a talented artist!” I immediately loved her. The brown monkey teacher had been fired. Victory for purple monkeys!
ONe monkey artEveryone has a purple monkey.
It’s a jungle out there; one’s survival is dependent on the conviction, expression of your unique passion, your determination, and not compromising the telling of your story.  

Creative storytelling: You can call it brand, story, purpose, emotional hook, essence. It is what comes directly from you…and only you…no one else has this quality; no one else has this story of YOU. That’s where the purple monkey comes in! Your purple monkey is the unique expression of your magical “how”. Imagination is your best tool to create and show your “how”, your story. 

My support group (my mother and principal, new teacher) and me standing ground for my purple monkeys influenced positive change. They continue to be my imagination muse.

Purple monkeys serve me well. They are magical; they help me see things from a different point of view, to ignite and express the heart of things via my art.  My “how” is to express story in the form of art that shows and communicates other’s “purple monkeys”.

Step away from conventionality; break free into the art of YOU.
Just say “no” to conformity. Follow the advice of John F. Kennedy: “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” Being different from others can be a discouraging thing when others do not feel safe with “outside of the box” thinking. Using one’s imagination, being brave about how you do things, is absolutely necessary to innovate, grow, and influence. When you talk about story or “brand” identity, those who break free of popular conformity, who see and take the risk of supporting their “something different”, are the ones that gain passionate audience loyalty, and success. Examples: Virgin Airlines, Cirque du Soleil, Fed-Ex. For these folks the phrase of “You can not do this” becomes a rally cry to “just do it”!

Telling your purple monkey story.
Get in touch with what makes you tick. See all the areas in which you flow beautifully, what you enjoy, how you influence, why you influence. That’s a start to your finding your purple monkeys. (They are just hanging in the tree waiting to jump into your lap.).

Doing some exploration with your creative juices, brainstorming, doodling, writing, all are ways to find out the magical “how” of you. Below are a few things to get you going.
     1. You need a way to connect to your creative YOU. The original “Imagineering” team at Disney used a technique called “Casting for a Team” to explore deeper self-awareness. To be a great caster for creative teams they found that recognizing your own strengths and weakness is the first step. Go ahead, write down a list of your own “pros and cons” then imagine your pros as actual beings that are creating new ideas using their talents. Find folks who are good at what you consider your weaknesses and form positive creative partnerships!
     2. You need a support group to acknowledge your creativity. Visual quick sketch recording, sessions, journaling, are very effective in showing the how, the why and the whats of your ideas, products, talks, services. Better yet, they show others your talents, offerings so everyone can be on the same page and rally around your journey.
     3. You need to grow and exercise your creative muscles. Take yourself on a visual brainstorming ride with a Quest. My one-on-one Sketch Quest sessions help you see the unique, the purple, pink, blue and green monkeys that are waiting to be discovered.

Give me a call to set up a plan to find and express your purple monkeys. Quick sketch visuals are fun…just like non-brown monkeys.

Conclusion: Monkeys may seem to be brown. As you look deeper and closer, they are actually made up of many colors, gold, pink, with shadows of purple and blue. Your story is your art, your purple monkey, your creative expression…keep imagining, keep painting!

Thanks for your interest and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

A Seagull showed me success “how-to” by merging creativity and strategic goals.

May, 2015
horizontal seagullBW500

Nature has a way of finding creative solutions for survival needs. Animals, plants, nature, use “creativity” combined with practical strategy in forming essential habits and tools in order to thrive in the web of life. Combining creativity and hard strategies is what a super business does to also thrive in its environment and grow. Why not find some clever “combos” demonstrated by nature…in this case teachings from a Seagull, to show you and me a few business survival skills?

Why is a Seagull a great teacher?
A Seagull spends its time looking for food, eating food, stealing food from other seagulls and sea birds, then resting, nesting, and beginning again the search for food each day. One of the foods seagulls love is the lowly mollusk (mussels, clams, etc) clinging to seaside rocks or covered in the rising and falling tidal sands of the ocean and rivers. The gull lands on a slippery rock and begins to poke about, loosen, or dig up the yummy mollusks. When the seagull finally has the “prize” in its mouth, it immediately flies into the air with most likely a few other gulls in pursuit.

You see this as you are walking along the “strand” on the sidewalk, jetty path, the gull now is about 10 feet over your head above your “hard” walkway. Bam…the seagull releases the mollusk and as it hits the ground it shatters open, revealing the sweet meaty food inside (that’s how shells get on beach paths!). The gull comes down, grabs the food “sans shell” and takes it to a safe place to gobble it down.

The Seagull has a proven plan of action and knows that the shell WILL be opened after the perfectly delivered drop on the hard pathway.
seagull drop plan600
It’s a learning experience…give yourself some time to try different approaches!
Gulls do not come out of their eggs with instruction manuals on how to open a seashell. Using just their “hard strategies” or tools…their beaks…their “original hard tool equipment” is much less effective than combining the creative flight patterns of mollusk bombing. You see the younger gulls trying to steal the older gull’s food after giving up opening shells with their beaks, or not being proficient in correct height and speed to be master of shell “bombing”. They experiment, watch others, and finally combine some creative moves to succeed.

Just like we find our way in business. We follow what others have done, try some new stuff, fail, mimic, then find our sweet spots fueled by our confidence, creativity, skill sets. Most important, try a lot of different new creative approaches that marry hard strategies and goals with some unique moves, streamlining, and outside of the box thinking process’. You will come up with what is most effective and profitable by experimenting a bit.

Sometimes the shell bounces, does not open, or is stolen by competition.
If the ground is uneven or sloped, the height not correct, or the speed of flight not up to snuff…or even if technique is good…the shell may not open when “bombed”. Worse yet, another gull can swoop in and steal the now open available food after another has done all the hard work. Bummer.

A lot like business. Many great ideas are never “opened”, many partnerships fail due to doing things the “way they are always done”, or others leaving the true genius behind…taking total credit, or to the extreme of others stealing ideas and creating their own profits.

An important outcome from the Seagull and the mollusk is that if that gull “fails”, it sits for a bit, scans the immediate environment, then swoops back down onto the water’s edge and starts digging at its next juicy meal. Built in survival skills: the ability to be in the “present”, letting go of “what happened”, and the continued determination to succeed…to feed itself and its young. Just like a passionate business owner uses both hard determined strategies along with creative inspiration, always working in the present moment providing ways to profit and nurture their business and people.

How can you show your team the marriage of creativity and hard strategy?
The “wise” ones; the ones who bring others along, show others how to mix and mingle hard strategy goals with creative thinking and heart-felt passion. Visual quick sketches illustrate your focus points, maneuvers, process, and plan, provide a map of “how tos” for others. Literally draw your ideas out, bring your knowledge to others with visual mapping or quick sketch. Get everyone on the same trajectory, speed, creativity, to crack open new success and growth! Give me a call and let’s talk about drawing up your plans.

Be wise, thrive (like the gulls), show and tell the tale of your success when you combine “heart” and mind strategy to feed your business growth!

And now, a word from my “sponsor”: nature! I am grateful for all my docent hours spent on conservancy lands, surrounding me with infinite examples of nature’s creativity and tools to borrow from. Thanks for keeping open spaces “open” and protected for all to enjoy and find nourishment.

Thanks for your time and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Your Story: Is your “what if” half full or half empty?

April, 2015
Half full or half empty…how are you communicating your story? Are you touching your teams, partners, audience, with positive influence, powerful possibilities, or is your message a platform of lack with connections that halt creativity, are fearful, or needy? During change (or just plain old everyday activities) you have a choice to use or ignore a powerful (and free!) creative energy source to tell your story, this choice is birthed and lives in how you see your “What if”.

The tale of two platforms: flow and lack.
What does “What if” look like when it is “half full”?
Flow: There is an infinite number of ways to look at an item…say a paper clip…infinite story lines for that neat little connector item. It can connect and be used in ways much more than “holding paper”. It can hold organization, thoughts (yes, all those ideas that you have on multiple paper slips!), books, plans, mend loose clothing hems, be a finger fidget item, and even become a wire sculpture, a piece of flexible art! As John Muir quotes: “The power of imagination makes us infinite”. Everything can be looked at with infinite possibilities when you let your imagination ask the question: “What if”!

     “What if” I find the perfect support team?

     “What if” I do “C” first then “A”…and it works better?

     “What if” I can make impossible changes fun and achievable?

     “What if” I point to right field and hit a homerun? (Babe Ruth!)

     “What if” this can help me grow and succeed?

     “What if” I can learn this new idea?

     “What if” I believe I can?

     “What if” my desires become reality?

     “What if” everything works out perfectly?

The positive flow of “What if” can go on and on…its ROI is infinite!

What does “What if” look like when it is “half empty”?
Lack: This is the land of stagnation, ruled by frustrations, judgments, fear, negativity. Easy to fall into “going nowhere fast” as challenges appear, and tough to create or facilitate comfortable change within. Having mentioned the above…it is good to look at situations from 360 degrees to be aware of possible stumbling blocks. It is the 30,000 ft. “point of view” I am talking about here, the large picture patterns!

Here's a quote from David Lynch that can add some clarity: Negativity is the enemy of creativity.Imagination and creativity cannot function in the world of “half empty” stuck.

     “What if” I fail?

     “What if” my ideas are bad?

     “What if” no one will like me for who I am, how I think.

     “What if” nobody shows up?

     “What if” I make a mistake?

     “What if” this is not “meant to be”? ...and so on...emptiness...

Lack: its bottom-line are thoughts and actions that become obstacles for the imagination, creating only resistance to change or innovative thinking.

 Why NOt500
Enter into the “Why not” to avoid slipping into the pothole of “half empty” thinking during change.
There’s magic in imagining the “how” of “half full” that creates a safe container to live in while change happens. This is where one releases any judgment, fear, frustration, and just declares “Why not!” That’s where imagination loves to create some pretty positive stuff. It’s called choice.

You choose your universe during change. Using your imagination to create the magic of “how” makes it possible to go into that infinite world of “half full / what if” and create positive energy movement into “why not!”

The world I understand and share is the visual world of “show and tell”. Remember how much you loved to show new stuff, or favorite things to other school chums? During change or launching new ideas the simple act of showing your story, your stuff, ignites the “half full” creative thinking needed to succeed.

A great way to SEE if you are thinking “half full” or “half empty” is to draw out what you are thinking! Take at least 1 day and doodle down on paper your thoughts as you plan, share, go about your day. Is there a pattern of positive influence…or is there a pattern of judgments (good / bad), non-shares, and excuses for “not doing”? There you have it…evidence on paper of imagination / creativity or not!

Doing this by yourself may not uncover the “ah ha” moments…they tend to hide out until you are talking with other folks. You can have your “thinking” and communications style mapped out with quick sketch visual sessions. It is amazing as you see your “what if” style. You can find new ways to expand...or begin to get out of lack and get back into creative positive change. A simple visual sketch session is a great tool illuminating real patterns, and gives you the foundation of awareness to promote “half full / what if” thinking.

Why not give me a call to set up a private Quick Sketch Quest that can help you into the arena of infinite, positive, and creative “what if” thinking!

Thanks for your interest and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Story messaging “change”: A cause to “run back to the barn”?

Back to barn500
April, 2015
If you have ever done any horseback riding you know if your stead is “spooked”, it tries to flee, and it races towards familiar safe grounds…the barn, with or without you. Just like in the movies, the horse comes back sans rider, back to the barn where there is a familiar stall, food, safety, and a beautiful concerned heroine or sidekick. When “change” rears its head, most folks think of “what is familiar that makes me feel safe”? Right back to the “barn”…the old ways, the KNOWN ways that are now stagnant, no longer productive, not working any more (but feel real safe!).

Safety instincts are very strong during change.
The patterns from the past and the fears of the unknowns give the “knowns”, the survival instincts of your brand barn (with the mentality of “if it isn’t broken, why fix it” even when the barn walls are crumbling…and folks know it!), the power to snub growth.
First hand stampede experience of “herding change” comes from having been a part of the excitement of moving brand communications into new form, planning an agreed upon evolution “ride path”, then having to scale some pretty tall walls constructed during the process due to fears of the “unknown”.  The creative and communications landscape can quickly become a field of giant gopher holes dug by fright, tripping up deadlines, killing flow, separating teams, creating “change triage” rather than healthy transformation.

Sorry, there is no crystal ball.
The past is in the past, the future never comes, and the present is the only time that we all find success.  There are no guarantees, and no crystal ball (Sorry Dorothy and Toto). The GOOD NEWS: there are “gut” passions, inspirational new ideas, creativity, and imagination…those are my crystal balls.  

How can you harness fear of change into a powerful ally?
Leadership that can communicate the knowing that “we is greater than me”, that we are all in this together, that we will leave no one behind is essential to give folks safety and enthusiasm during change. Safety…that is what folks are looking for in order to ride through change! How can you create a safe passage through change…here are a few tips:

1. Stay in the present as change is happening. Give folks a safety blanket that feels good…offer communications that define the need for change as well as SHOW what you are keeping. The stuff that is valuable, familiar; what already fits and makes your foundation. Present items that are key to process, product, core value statements, passion, purpose, honest communications. Not “pie in the sky” future is breezy thing…stay in the present moment, address concerns, ask about fears, communicate your answers in clear, focused responses RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

2. Communicate a sense of “why” to your folks (and to yourself!) rather than having to be in complete silent control. You do not have a crystal ball, you do have capability to SHOW positive enthusiasm and the “why” of change while evolving. Become the Change Guide, like a wise trail guide always with your ear to the ground making sure things are safe along the path. Show folks your “Why”, get them out of the barn, engage and include!

3. Change is your “child”…show your plans on how to keep your child safe so others will also protect the little one until a new shelter is built. Become what is called a “lead mare”. The one who leads is the one who protects the young and herd, chases off bullies, finds safety for all. Make sure everyone sees what you are doing, create a feeling of safety, a part of the herd and be “heard”!

Can you show safety?
Yes, you can! A great way to get everyone knowing exactly what is happening, include everyone with visual mapping. Visual sketches are a universal language that clarify change for everyone. Visual quick sketching can get your plans distributed fast to all…and can also be added on to, changed quickly during your change journey. Long reports with just copy do not guide folks as much as visual escorts. Getting folks involved in a fun way with change lessens fear of change. Give me a call and get some visual mapping going to help folks on a positive trail of change.

As AdMan Bill Bernbach quotes: “In communications, familiarity breeds apathy.” Step out of the familiar, establish safety and enthusiasm with clear guidance, visual communications…create a safe feeling ride to a new stable “home” for your story!

Thanks for your interest and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Is your key marketing message lost in a barrage of bullet "blahs"?

April, 2015
Are you trying to make your point, by making more and more points? A long list of bulleted points can and does create a sea of “Blah”, making it almost impossible for your audience to realize or resonate to that one key point of value, the story you want to deliver.

For example: powerpoint presentations with frame after many frames of “bullets” marking most everything you are talking about in your presentation does not create clarity or learning. This is merely reciting a “script” that tries to sell in long visual form, a sea of words called out by bullets, rather than a provocative visual series that calls out and engages your audience in true story.

Watch out, bullets can kill!
Have you killed your story with a barrage of bullets? Multiple bullet pointed copy creates the “blahs” for your audience…permission to “check out” due to boredom. Have you also promised them a copy deck and not to worry about taking notes (bingo…permission to day dream)? Snooze time during your talk…great time to text, write their version of “War and Peace”, make a grocery list, or just plain leave the room for something of more importance…after all they will get your “talk” delivered in bullet points via pdf.

Change those bullets into visuals that provoke rather than “define”.
Your audience wants your story to captivate their interest. How can you provoke and create audience curiosity to be involved with your information? With visuals that pose a question, that provoke the imagination, that support by “adding to” your talk, will engage your audience. With thought provoking support visuals (rather than a barrage of bullets and words) you will cast your storytelling spell over your audience keeping them wanting to know what is next.

Creating just one “silver bullet”.
What is your main point? What is your ONE silver bullet…just one? Make your one key value the “mother” for your benefit babies that you weave in and about your story.

Create engagement! A few tips for killer presentations without a barrage of bullets (get out of “script” mode):

1. Visually : Create “known story links” to items and situations that you know your audience can quickly recognize and relate to. Example: Put a gorilla visual up on the screen and then tell a story about that big 800 pound gorilla that throws luggage from the cargo door to make your point about how your company does not employ such uncaring beasts to deliver, communicate, or transport, your valuable ideas, services or merchandise. Your audience will remember how “big you care” rather than you just being “big”.

2. Visually : Put your key value or purpose into “personality” mode. Example: Replace that frame full of long bullet points with a word like: FLEXIBLE…then talk and define your value as a warm and fuzzy being that has many awesome bendy yoga posses (your benefits and unique value proposition) that offer flexibility for your client’s needs. Use a drawing of an amazing bendy “thing” be it a person or a new innovative “being”. Make things real (or imaginary) world and personal for your audience.

3. Visually : “Dumb it down”: relate complex technology or new ideas to simple items into a layperson’s understanding level. Example: You have a powerful technological gizmo that can filter the microscopic foreign inhabitants from the bilges of tankers enabling safe flushing into foreign ports after off loading cargo (this one is for real!). Rather than listing the various filter features in microns and mill micron minutia, let folks see a visual of clean non-contaminated water, “safe” water…flowing through a giant strainer drawing. Show them the simple result, promise. You can always fulfill complex “specs” when necessary and appropriate.

To tell story well (for just about anything) use simple, unique, impactful visuals. Quick sketch visuals create a focused story that is fun, inviting, immediate, loose…so folks can engage their own creative juices and place themselves into the story you are telling. Give me a call to find out more about how quick sketch visual story telling can make your presentations, events; your stories unique and engaging!

Turn “bullet blahs” into story “ahs” with visuals that illustrate rather than “list”.

Thanks for your interest and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 


Tips on how to draw an “800 lb Gorilla” out of the room.

March, 2015
Have you ever known a large, heavy, awkward silence that creates tension, causes folks to be “stuck”, ideas and progress stalled out? No one seems to be able to articulate this beast so things can get “unstuck”. Say hello to the “800lb Gorilla” that sucks the energy out of the room and now dictates “stuck” into your culture.

The “gorilla” seems untouchable and is a monstrous barrier to healthy communications within a business or partnership. Your “story” is stalled out due to unspoken or miss-communicated messages, along with maybe some pretty strange avoidance tactics used to not confront the issues that are creating “stuck”. Uncomfortable environments, tense relationships…you all know “it” is in the room. It eats up everyone’s energy and enthusiasm and you can’t seem to get it to move or leave.

Change, fear of change, process of change, all invite the gorilla of defeat and stagnation for teams. Fear to change can tempt you to follow plan “A” to the very end, even if you can see danger, the monster gorilla waiting to devour your success…rather than find a way to communicate and go for plan “B”.
monster in tunnel

How do you move the gorilla out of the room?
There are many ways to initiate effective gorilla warfare. Two things you can do immediately are to stop feeding the gorilla and then “interview” the gorilla! Using words to describe a monster may come off as finger pointing, as well as leave lots of room for reading between the lines (how do you think the gorilla was born?!). SHOW the gorilla visually with quick sketch art so folks can see it, embrace it, even laugh at it.

How can you stop feeding the gorilla?
Inability to embrace change, confront fear, lack of knowledge, unclear focus, fuzzy direction, differing opinions, all feed this quickly growing “800 lb Gorilla”. Along with a “dash of anger and frustration”, your gorilla is happy to stay put…unless you stop feeding it!

You can take the fear food away by:
1. Be bold, make it known that there IS a “gorilla”: You identify the object of discomfort, the need for discussion. Name the issue so you as well as your team can now stop holding their breath and actually talk about getting solutions. Actually sketch out what the monster looks like and give it labels in the areas that represent fears (monster big mouth with giant teeth), judgments (monster sharp horns or bright green eyes), unclear focus (monster has dark glasses)…you get the point…get creative.
2. Hold a “do not feed the gorilla” brainstorming meeting: Get your team together for a breakfast meeting to have a positive brainstorming session. YOU make the “issues” list and label this list as “800lb Gorilla. Then team brainstorm a list of “do not feed the gorilla” solutions. ONLY solutions, no complaints in this session. It’s OK to make fun of the gorilla, but no judgments allowed. Your sketches can show the process of “before and after” gorilla that has lost weight, noting with call outs the most effective “diet” factors (i.e. add accountability = minus 100 lbs.).

How do you “interview” a gorilla?
Interview the gorilla by SHOWING the monster. Visual sketch story is much quicker, less intimidating, encourages participation and can be lots of fun.
1. Pretend YOU are the gorilla: Tell your “story”, both talk it, and draw it…give it a personality, a purpose for “why” it is there. Turn that negative fear, anger, frustration into a positive result. Have a conversation with your team…as the gorilla…find out how your team can and will find a way to understand what the gorilla needs to move on! Draw this out…tell the story from the gorilla’s point of view. Watch out, the gorilla could email you a “hello” card now and then to share a new positive message or two.
2. An anti-gorilla security blanket is needed: Draw a large rectangle with a “no gorilla” sign in the middle. Your blanket has a list of examples of past success, recognizing great milestones and positive compliments for team members. Then list some new ideas on how to solve what is “stuck” and add this to your list. Embrace change by bringing “something old and something new” together. Draw a success timeline plan (or list) out as a process that solves your “stuck”…put in gorilla “tracks” and his “comments” outside the blanket walking away from the new plans. The gorilla leaves the room when communications open up!

Quick sketch visuals can make a “frightful” gorilla discussion fun without finger pointing and produces understanding and “buy in”. Get everyone really seeing and talking to your “stuck” gorilla to get unstuck and moving forward again. Give me a call and let’s talk about drawing up some solutions.

Charles Hawthorne says: “A sketch has charm because of its truth, not because it is unfinished.” As you can see, when you draw your gorilla “out”, it shows your story “truths” and the gorilla is charmed into leaving the room. Happy drawing!

Thanks for your interest and sharing!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Do you have too many “chefs” in your brand kitchen?

March, 2015
Have you diluted your brand’s passion message; that one thing that makes you unique, by mixing up a brand recipe filled with other’s opinions or comments? Too many brand chefs ruin the soup! Keep your brand “recipe”, your story coming from your point of view… grow it with your special sauce and of course your main single ingredient: your core value.

All the committees, teams, associates, folks that want to “help” your brand are expressing their own interpretation of either what they need or want from your brand experience. Have you clearly communicated your vision, mission, proposition statements to your folks…are you all thinking the same “one single core value” your brand was born to show? If your brand is feeling “lost”, diluted, sitting there like a caved in soufflé…not attracting many clients to take a taste…you most likely have too many diverse thoughts now shaping your messaging.
Deflated Brand Cake500

How can you get that brand strong and talking unique value again?
You can gather the “chefs” all together (keep this down to 4-5 max…be selective) and have a discussion, a brainstorming session about your brand statements.

Now, you will need to declare that YOU are the “Head Brand Chef”. Get into action by posing key questions, taking notes, offering some new ideas, getting all involved by keen guidance and listening. Remember: There is no such thing as a “bad idea” or thought…no judgments from anyone! Then post those thoughts on large sheets of paper on the wall to inspire more discussion.

Don’t know where to begin?
Here’s an example of several good questions to ask your group about your Mission statement:

First thing: Go ahead and list your core values both personal and business. Do they match? If not, why not? If you have your own company…you essentially ARE your brand.

Second thing: Using your Mission statement as example:

  1. Share your company Mission statement…ask “what does this mean to you?”
  2. How does that Mission statement FEEL to you?
  3. How does your company core value (state this for the group) fit your core value? What is YOUR core value…your passion that you live for, walk and talk for and with?
  4. What about the Mission statement would you change with what you know about your company and its core value / values?

You will be able to see by this discussion that everyone has different views of most every topic you discuss. That is why a “Head Brand Chef” (you) needs to keep your brand recipe original, guard the unique ingredients and let no one add a “pinch of this or a pinch of that”.

Third: SHOW everyone in visual quick sketch story what your discussion / brand looks like. “Words” are great, visuals have a built in UNIVERSAL meaning…everyone “gets it” in the present moment. It is amazing how simple visuals can both show “differences” as well as need for change, clarity, alignment, etc. Sketching a brainstorm session is invaluable as a physical “marker” for your conversation. This creates a safe record (without ownership power or judgments!) to discuss and to get everyone understanding that each person has different opinions for different reasons…and if these “styles” align or do not. 

Use Visual Sketching as a springboard to clarify brand interpretation, get folks all on the same page, and inspire an opportunity to express without having to modify your brand message.

By showing all the “extra” ingredients being added by toooo many chefs in the brand kitchen you can begin to get your brand back to its original recipe. Refocused and back into the expression of your unique core value that will tempt more folks to “sample” what you have cooked up as your brand soup!

Happy cooking!

Thanks for offering me your valuable time, love to share with you and receive your “Shares”

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Evolving your brand: Change is Uplifting!

March, 2015


#2 in a series on brand "safety"

Your brand is your business’ visible mountain made up of your rock solid core values. Are you lifting your brand up by bringing along your team for a shared view from the “top”? Or…are you climbing a mountain of change solo, not leading or creating an “expedition”, sitting in an overcrowded base-camp, not knowing how to use and belay the ropes of shift?

It’s true: Changing “brand” can be like climbing or even moving mountains!
What every great climbing expedition needs is great communications. Great communications make for great safety and trust within the team; from organizing gear to waiting for verbal confirmation to “climb on”. This is exactly what is needed in making safe shifts in brand. The “must haves” of vision, mission, clearly planned and stated…also to be communicating and partnering with folks who lift all up together with trust and enthusiasm.

For great success in brand evolution, leaders become the ones to anchor, hook up, lift-up, inspire, and constantly make sure their people are mutually supporting brand evolution and one another.

Expedition “Gum”: A story of lifting up business by uplifting others.
Bart Sayle, well respected thought leader in business transformation, tells his story of guiding The Wrigley Company’s business cultural and change in brand by using the support of deep core values to lift the company into the “new” in his book *“Riding the Blue Train”. The company was “stuck” in their boom days…not growing its family of brands or its brand culture (internal or external). Nothing was happening for the company except for stalled out growth, stagnant product lines, unhappy worker bees. The culture was literally doing the same thing the same way, not able to move out of its familiar and comfortable base camp. Meanwhile, competitors were busy climbing to their own new success, taking more and more market share from the original wealthy kingdom of gum. Then, Wrigley shifted their culture by giving go-ahead to a new “expedition” that boldly honored new thoughts, creative collaborations, and gave permission to mix the old with the new, being guided by a trusted (but new!)“Wrigley” at the lead. They safely elevated their huge company into a prosperous new brand that brought the values of the old into new territories and new brand speak. They saved the company by leadership and keen coaching that “lifted up” teams, supported new paths of product using a new creative and supportive philosophy. Wrigley reclaimed the top spot in its industry, establishing new and refreshing product and brand both internally and externally.

It is a great story of leadership bringing ALL to higher ground, creating safety and support using qualities that were already within the company but considered too uncomfortable to use.
How will you lead your brand by uplifting others to a safe new height?
There are many “change” hazards a climbing expedition can encounter…lots of “falling things”, rocks, ice, snow, and things that make you fall like deep crevasses, and even other climbers. ANY sort of change in our business or brand makes us mountain climbers. We rely on our “gear”: our skills, tools of knowledge, our partners, team members, and our leaders, to get us safely to our goals. What safety gear can you as a leader, use to navigate change and uplift your partners while achieving new goals?

Take your lead from Wrigley...and here's a couple of quick ideas:
Give a list of benefits (people like lists!): As a leader, ask yourself the question: “How can I communicate these new ideas, get folks lined up in support…and how can I belay their fears of change?” Fear of change is expressed by internal folks with their statement: “We’ve always done it this way.” Pivot that around by showing and communicating some of the great benefits coming their way with a new shift.

• Show your people process, plans, challenges: This one is KEY. Ever hear of a climbing expedition without a map or trusted guide? Visual communications are key to helping all feel safe during change. Show them where you are all going, the good, the not so great, so you can pivot when you need to without having any one fall off the path. Quick sketch visual maps mark where you begin, where you are going, how you arrive, in a manner all can understand, share, and communicate to others!

Connect up with me to talk about quick sketch mapping to create some “safety ropes” for you to use to up-lift into change.

Happy climbing for your brand team!

Thanks for giving me your valuable time, love to share with you and receive your “Shares”!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on: LinkedInLinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

* Bart Sayle  and Surinder Kumar “Riding the Blue Train. A leadership Plan for Explosive Growth”

Evolving your brand: Use safe shifting!

bike and caption500
March, 2015

#1 in a series on brand “safety”

Is your brand story using all its powerful “gears” to assist your change and growth? You can look at your brand as if it was a ten speed bike equipped with brakes, gears, wheels, handle bar steering, drivers seat (…or saddle)…all the basics in one package to get you from point “A” to point “B”. Lets take a look at just the gears for one moment. Brands all evolve, they need to shift using some new gears in order to change along with where your business needs to “go” in order to grow. Your brand story (your “style” and culture) already has many powerful “gears” built into your business framework, all available to help you make a shift forward.

As Charles Shultz (One of my favorite folks…thanks for Snoopy and Charlie Brown!) quotes: “Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.” Brands stand for and reflect the life of our business…a brand has the same “gears” as those who birth it! Yes, we all have much more power than we use, we know it, and there still is something that keeps most of us using the same old same old gears we always use. Why is it frightening to find or use our full potential? What is that?

It is called “habit”, feeling comfortable, feeling safe. And, sometimes that “feeling comfortable” can be a sure killer for a healthy brand and business!

Keep on pedaling in the familiar gears…what can happen?
Ever stayed in the same gear going uphill and downhill, when you have more gears that can help you to find an easier ride? Habit, the path of least resistance, makes it tough to change gears. Makes all the sense in the world to change gears…but “what if” (ah, fear now enters!) the chain slips, gears get stuck, wires break as you attempt to shift. Habit is there to protect us…it’s downright scary and could be unsafe to make a needed shift…to change (or even to look at and use all your culture’s “gears”) your brand, even if your brand’s message no longer matches what you are offering. Stalled out growth, stagnant product lines, low customer enthusiasm, and internally…unhappy (and even fearful) worker bees, all indicate not being able to shift into needed change. You maintain your “safety” pedaling along not able to explore new “gears”, slowly going up the steep hill of change while competitors zip past you.

Can you feel safe enough to shift into different brand gears?
Most of all, we need to feel safe as we change, evolve our story. Can that feeling of safety actually be present during change? Feeling safe during “shift” can happen if we use some strong “knowns” to pedal forward.

ChangeTraining wheels500

To feel safe…we may want to put some training wheels (our known gears) on for a while as we shift into change. Here are a few thoughts on gaining comfort by using your brand “knowns”:
1. Brainstorming session: Gather your managers together (in person!!!!), your c-suite, and your trusted sources. Put your core values out on the table and see if you are still vibing to that good stuff that makes you so successful. Get sign off and excitement happening again. Being TOGETHER, all connected gives comfort and strength. You are drafting each other, helping each other, like teams in the Tour de France.

2. Brand basics: Your business is evolving, becoming new again. This re-birth can bring with it the best of what is already walking and talking out in the world. What is reflecting the above brand values, your knowns: the color, style, message, the font personality, the shape? Some parts can feel good from the original…take a look at the change UPS made when they could not wrap the postal packages with string anymore. They kept the wrapping paper colors, the shapes…the best of the known as they shifted their brand to a higher gear and creating safety for their customers and themselves.

3. Your “people”: Let’s face it, your own tribe (your culture) will either embrace change or reject it. Keep them happy by keeping them up to date as you shift “up”. They are the ones who will have to use some powerful lower gears, along with your (in the trenches) enthusiastic leadership to push ahead, up that hill of change. Keep them informed with meetings, reports, and for goodness sake, some fun and celebration too. Get your most powerful known “gears”: your internal team, in shape, informed, in sync, and in support of your new vision during that uphill ride using your known core brand values to assist in moving into the oh so new and unknown.

How can you keep things feeling safe as you shift and change gears?
It’s simple and fun to create a safe feeling journey from “A” to “B”: draw your brand into change by drawing the change…literally! An organic and personal way to map out upcoming changes, communicating changes, sharing a running dialogue, is to use visual reports to keep all on the same page. Encourage participation by providing safe “shifting” using the simple language of quick sketch visuals…showing just WHAT is changing and why.

Quick sketch visuals, sketch quests, visual mapping, visual journaling of process and success, can create a feeling of belonging and clarity as change happens. The brainstorming feel of sketches, doodles, helps folks raise their comfort zones as they are shifting into new gears while co-creating your new brand and culture.

Give me a call and connect up for some fun and smooth shifting by using sketch storytelling in your next exploration of change…try out a new way of communicating with quick sketch messaging.

Go ahead, use some new gears from your unique core value set, realize your full potential to change and grow your brand and culture with some safe and happy shifting!

Thanks for giving me your valuable time, love to share with you and receive your “Shares”!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on: LinkedIn Twitter and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Imagination: Exit the ordinary and express your "extra"-ordinary.

word imagination500
March, 2015

Muhammad Ali used outspoken creativity to market his brand…one of the greatest heavy weight champs of the world, by broadcasting his gracefully swift and powerful moves with quotes like “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. How does a boxer resemble a “butterfly”? His words painted a clear creative visual of exactly how he fought and won…a great example of vivid imaginative story telling.

Float up and outside of the box; use your imagination to tell the world your “you”.
To “float” outside of the norm, to use imagination and pour it into the expression of your value is brilliant…proof we can all shine our brilliance.

The box: this is the predictable, the “me too” of what already exists…looking like everyone else, blending in, the black and white world made up of grey zones. As Ali says: “The man who has no imagination has no wings.”

Outside the box: This is the Technicolor world of imagination, the world where your inner child plays and offers you imaginative ways to express your values, your benefits, your life. Outside of the box can be a scary place for some…fear comes from many years of habit and community rules. In this changing world it is necessary to create new rules that embrace imagination, combine your emotional heart values, and strategic reasoning (float “up” with your creativity, then bring home success by with the focus or the “sting” of well thought out strategies).


How can you find your creative wings and float up and out of the box?
Imagination…it’s all in how you look at things. You can be creative with numbers, building teams, leadership, finding new ways to streamline and get things done. Every left and right brain task or goal has creative opportunities. You can express the making of what seems to be a very mundane paper clip into “the fine art of metal yoga”. Have some fun.

When I taught “thinking creatively, outside the box” to college students, I employed some of Roger von Oech’s simple exercises from his *“Creative Whack Pack” to get folks out of their habitual thinking. Here are a few “whacks” along the right side of the head to start using your imagination:
Right brain “whack” #1:  *“Loosen up: It’s not so important to be serious as it is to be serious about the important things. The monkey has an expression of seriousness that would do credit to any great scholar. But the monkey is serious because he itches. What can you take less seriously?”

Right brain “whack” #2: *”Imagine how others would do it: What people do you respect for their creativity? A leader in your field? A teacher? A parent? Now, imagine that one of these people is responsible for developing your concept. What would they do? How would they approach it? How would someone else change your idea?” (…how would Muhammad Ali tell your tale?)

Right brain “whack” #3: *”Sell, sell, sell: “It’s not creative unless it sells,” goes the advertising line. You can have the greatest idea in the world, but if you can’t sell it, you won’t get very far. What are the three reasons that someone else would want your idea or product? What does it promise? How can people make your idea more attractive to other people?”

If putting on wings to create story words and visuals just makes your stomach queasy, then hire creative professionals. They can be your muse and help you both speak and show YOU’RE thinking outside the box. Creative folks are experts when it comes to helping you express your innovations, your ideas, in a memorable way. Form your own kaleidoscope of butterflies all intent on spreading your creative message.

Try expressing your creativity in a strong new visual manner. Tell your story with quick sketch illustrations that are tailored to your story and focus. Imagination springs from spontaneity, and quick sketch visuals reflect this quality. They become lasting touch points that speak a universal language to your audience. A personal expression of you, your process, your value. Give me a call or connect up via mail ( and we can “picturestorm” your creative flights.

Ali’s imaginative quotes captivated the world. Get going on imaginative outside the box ways to express your business, brand, value, and get the world knocking on your door, looking for “what’s next” from you.

Thanks for taking time to read. Comments and “Shares” are welcome!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

* “Creative Whack PackTM 64 Creative Strategies to provoke and inspire your thinking” by Roger von Oech

Your mountain of gold is your story!

stacked gold bricksMiner500

February, 2015
"There’s Gold in those hills!” was rally cry to “Go West” to find one’s fortune in the 1849 California Gold Rush. You could pick up the gold nuggets on the ground, then later in the streams, and finally from mining deep into the mountain hillsides. Where are those mountains filled with gold now? You actually own your own private golden mountain. In the business world your values are your gold: your foundation. Your unique values, your “yes” to why, how, and what you do…this is your story, your “mountain” filled with gold.

There is gold in your story! How are you mining that gold? Are you grabbing just one nugget that is on the surface, or are you going deep into your unique purpose of “why”, the mega source of your gold, the core value of your passion?


Go deep to find your gold!
The biggest gold strike you have defining your story is that one unique core value that creates the biggest emotional response from both yourself and your audience. To find this genuine gold is to find the ONE true purpose of your passion, your reason “why”. There may be many “feature stories” that are smaller gold veins coming from the one big gold strike of your core value. Watch out…the “me too” features or benefits you may be listing are but fools-gold compared to finding the rich real purposeful mother-load value that makes your business and brand unique.

The effects of your golden story of value are substantial…just like the effect of the Gold Rush days that created such great growth. When you mine the gold of your story by telling your story from your one unique core value or passion you can accomplish a great deal of success and growth. The gold in your unique value story will grow:
Aligned partnerships: those venture partners who support you and you support them, sharing like minded strengths and goals
More effective and focused communications: With mining from your one unique value, your passion becomes your source, your mother load to birth all of your communication messages.
Clear internal communication messages: Your internal folks now can have the understanding of the “whys” as well as the “hows” and “whats” of your business. You create a brand message that you can as well as your culture can quickly understand and communicate so your service or product has many “mining team” members creating a gold rush to your product.
..... More: Gold is powerful, it attracts gold: As Mr. T expresses: “I believe in the Golden Rule – The Man with the Gold…Rules.”  The power of your message when communicated from your “golden rule” attracts the folks who need your valuable services, products, enabling them to fulfill their needs (pretty powerful). You create your own “gold rush” with more reach, more focused (clear!) communications, more loyalties to your true worth. Your brand becomes unique, your gold!

How can you make your story telling golden?
How can you discover, share, and show the gold that is your mountain of authentic value? With audiences now learning from “seeing”…it makes sense to show your ideas in simple quick visual messaging. Turn your stories into golden communications with the universal language of quick sketch visuals!

You can discover your story of gold by brainstorming with quick sketch visual sessions (Sketch Quests) that can also be used to show others your story! Custom (not “stock”) quick focused sketches are a great way to tell your story for your meetings, events, power-point presentations, brainstorming, and ideation sessions. Bring your audience into your story with quick unique sketches that show them what your path of gold looks like so they can benefit and understand your offering of true story gold. Give me a call to get going on producing quick compelling sketch communications.

Would love to help you strike gold and find new ways to mine for your customers, connect with your people… help you communicate your stories, discover your mountain of gold.

Turn your stories into golden communications with quick sketch visuals!

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I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Reasons to say yes to "we"!


February, 2015
We have made the shift from telling the story of  “me” to “we”. This cultural shift has been brought about with instant communications, global connections, the new Millennial generation now speaking out, to name just a few igniters. Culture, personal and business, now asks: “How can we make our world a better place?

Why "we"?
The first question we ask now is “what are your needs”, rather than give a long list of the “whats” of what you do so very well.  The “forward into change” cry for the 95 million strong Millennials (an even larger group than the change agents of the Boomer era) has a much more optimistic look at our current culture than the negative spin we are immersed in. For this generation, the future is brighter due to their need and drive to be globally responsible citizens. Cyberspace is the tool that both finds and publishes news and sharing of information to foster this caring revolution.

The above is a very simplistic summary of this movement to “we”. It’s all about “how can this help”, asking for tools that will facilitate understanding, sharing and communicating new powerful ideas and movements.

Mother Teresa reflects the attitude now moving to the fore in this quote: “Unless a life is lived for others, it is not worthwhile.”

Bottom line: What folks respond to is the showing of “care”. Not necessarily pure info or knowledge. Now knowledge needs to come with the offer of care. What will that know-how, intelligence, do to help either “me” or the “whole”?

Mother Teresa reflects the attitude now moving to the fore in this quote: “Unless a life is lived for others, it is not worthwhile.”

Caring is King! Show that you care.
Now the emotional involvement of caring along with hard strategic process is coming into being and moving folks forward to both personal and business well-being!

The shift I have seen reflected in workshops, events, gatherings, brainstorm sessions, meetings, has been incredible in seeing what sparks the audience…their questions, their attention. My findings are that folks remark and quickly notice the sketches that show a personal experience of “caring”. That “big picture” of ideas and places is great, it is the “small more intimate picture” that gets remembered. Like that quaint little garden seen through an ancient doorway while strolling along a foreign blvd., an intimate experience with space…now THAT is Rome! From places, experiences, ideas…when “care” is shown it touches an audience very deeply.


Communications of “care” you can offer:
. Approach your partnership or teaching with “What can I do for you?” Find out what their needs are before you outline or present your message. Base your teachings with tools that can address a need, a want, and a desire that touches “heart essence”. It’s not just about “product” or benefit…it is about helping folks feel better, making their life better.

2. WIFM: (What’s in it for me) Still exists, it has to! We all need to take care of “me”…we are just doing this now to add to the “we”. Each person is connected and “me” has a bigger meaning now. Show them you know that taking care of their needs also takes care of yours. Mutual WIFM= great loyalties show up between the two or three or four of you.

3. Be sure to provide follow up constructive suggestions, take the time to find positive ways to help folks with change…and show that you are also open to positive feedback. Be sure to “compliment” first, then give a constructive point. We all love compliments, give with sincerity.

talk bubblesLR

4. Caring comes with quick gestures of communications, messaging…short and sweet is the format. Let your audience know that you care about them immediately and not on page 10!

5. Set yourself apart from others by thanking folks for their time with a REAL snail mail written note. Something they can hold, touch, feel. Handwrite your thanks. Handwrite your outgoing envelope too. Stay away from formatted printed out address labels…all needs to be “personal”. (You can also text, email, etc., and do send out the personal touch of a real letter too.)

6. If possible, take the time to meet in person. The human “touch” brings great rewards. Studies have found that one on one “hello” with handshake or slight touch (or hugs!) register “caring” and folks are more satisfied with the transactions as they are “touched”.

Meeting- buildingsLR

7. Communicate with visuals to get everyone’s input, ideas, comments…and to illustrate process quickly. Folks want to see “now” how you care, how you are going to find solutions to make their world better. Audiences are not willing to “skim” to find the gems…lay the treasure of what and how you care immediately, right in front of them with visual talk story!


What does this new world of communicating caring “look like”? It’s a visual communications world now; quick, simple, focused illustrations that boil complex and technical are being used to make experience “human”, able to touch the hearts of people, offering care. It’s a personal visual “touch” that touches others more than the same stock photos used over and over. The “We” generation honors the “unique” in others.

“Do you care?”, “How do you care?”: Key questions now being asked of business and personal culture.
Top of mind questions being asked both aloud and internally. “We” shapes our world now…so turn that “me” into a genuine caring (some call this loving what you do as well as showing love for others) that creates  “greater” for all.

I would love to connect up with you and discover how I can be of help to you with your visual storytelling. Give me a call to do some brainstorming or discovery on how you can show your story of caring, how you can contribute to your client’s well-being. Say YES to “We”!

Love it if you shared.  Click the link icons below! 

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Why it’s valuable to embrace your “whatchamacallit” (brand, that is)!


February, 2015

Has your brand been “added onto” by other’s influence, needs, values? Have you relied on committees with their mega opinions, deciding what your brand thumbprint looks like? That’s what we call in visual-land a “whatchamacallit”. Stories that have more than one “I”. It’s now very valuable to embrace, to get up close and personal with this “brand being” so you can shape shift it back into the strong essence it once was.

Your brand seems to have multiple non-aligned parts; legs, arms, eyes, mouths, now a diluted powerless message: a “whatchamacallit”. Why embrace this “non you”?

First off, give yourself the recognition of recognizing the need for change…a few good “embraceable now” activities to ignite shift:
1. Now is the time to re-appoint yourself as the one and only person to guide and lead your brand, you are the brand “captain”. Your brand comes from your passion, your values.

2. Now you know “it” needs to evolve in a positive manner…awareness is everything (you will get nowhere by getting frustrated). You are “stuck” not knowing why your messaging is not effective. Without a spec of judgment you can list AND actually doodle / draw the personality traits of your current communications. The style, content, the being of your brand. Create an “awareness” personality list. (Send me your doodle “whatchamacallits”…I love creativity!)

3. Now you can jot down all “contributions” and see what people have seen and not seen of your value. Committee feedback is good when taken as “feedback” and not dictate. Everyone has their own way of communicating and wanting to voice opinion, gain power, show their knowledge. Look at the feedback and see where there have been attempts to define value. These show a need for you to clarify your vision. Take the items that belong to you and strengthen them, leave the rest behind.

4. Now you have a marker that lets you see that you need to define your brand via your unique value, not someone else’s (end the “me too” mimic of your competition). Instead of keeping on by adding on, find the core of what is not working and clear up that vision…then get moving again! This takes trusting your gut, after considering “all that input”, find out what feels great to you…that will ignite your greatest success.

5. Seeing your discoveries:  One great way to really “see” as well as show others is to create quick visuals sketches or doodles of your present pros and not-so-pros. Seeing is believing as well as a tool to get everyone on the same page…simplify by talking visual communication. Start a visual “journal” of your communication messages and style so you can check your brand messages at any moment in time to see if it has adopted any “extras”.

Time to stand your ground. Your message is your story, not someone else’s story. Thank that “Whatchamacallit” by now lovingly shifting it back into your unique essence!

Would love it if you shared, click the link icons below!

II’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Experiencing Monster Marketing Messages?

January, 2015
Spinning your wheels, not growing revenue or clients, feeling stuck…all signs of your brand and messaging now being an untamed creepy monster. Communications become mega monsters by putting out many different and unfocused brand and marketing messages all at the same time.

A few signs that your brand or marketing message has become an energy-taxing monster:
1. Your brand message has come back to you in ways you do not recognize?
2. You are spending your time “taming” your own brand…redoing messages, fielding confusion from your teams, low message response?
3. Find that your messages are “me too” benefits, just like your competition?

Just ONE focused value (your “heart” value) for brand or communications message can shine clarity to your communications. Monsters happen when many “benefits” that are not your unique value are broadcasted.

Brand Monsters love “benefit” food! You grow a “Brand Monster” by fortifying it with lists of benefits rather than your one-of-a-kind value or essence. Benefits are listings like: bigger, faster, one size fits all, expandable, shrinkable, whiter, brighter…features are not values. Brands become monsters that hide your real magnetic core value by talking “benefits”.

How to tame that Monster (just a beginning!):
1. Find the ONE unique value of your brand and talk this in a consistent manner (Brainstorm, ideation sessions, trust your gut to find your core values).
2. Evolve your brand (visual and copy) to this value, talk and walk this one unique value and leave the “benefit” list to secondary messaging.
3. Meet with your teams, partners, associates and let them know how this value is to be communicated with this new one focus passion that defines your brand.
4. This is your “story”. Get everyone away from the confusion monster, (including your audience) on the same page and SHOW your one focus in all you message with visual storyboarding…over 80% of your audience now learns and “buys in” via visual information.

You can find and show your unique purpose of doing business…that one great value your brand provides your clients via ideation and brainstorming with unique visual sketches and story. Your brand can be big and not a "monster".

With single focused clarity (visual and copy wise) you can keep that Brand Monster at bay, and keep your clients coming back for more.

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Your story NOT being told due to TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read)?

January, 2015
Short, focused, quick messaging is most effective now. The days of long copy messages are gone. “TLDR” is dictating our communications. Too much information streaming in, too little time; your clients are overwhelmed with data.

Visual communications are even getting shorter proven by 6 second messaging on the web. Commercials and web videos are less than 30 seconds with the majority being half that time!

Are you delivering powerpoints and web copy with lists of bulleted copy, believing that this is a format that will not appear “long” and cumbersome. Sorry, this overuse of bullets is still long copy, and frankly, lots of bullets “kill” communications. ONE focus, ONE key value, ONE idea is what needs to happen. No need for bullets when you have sharp focus, one thought communicated.

End the “bullet parade”, it is long copy!

How do you get your story told, your values sold in such a short copy world?
Here’s some quick help on how to get visual focus:
1. Always begin with listing your passion in single words ( A short sentence or maybe two to three words max) as a touch stone…this is your “purpose”.
2. Really find out what your clients NEEDS are…get this down to one or two words.
3. Write down what you have as a solution to offer, find the key value, get it down to one word if possible, then create your statement in one short sentence.
4. Doodle a quick drawing (stick figures are great!) to illustrate your passion, solution, AND your client need. Draw three circles in a triangle formation. Put each (passion, solution, need) in a circle…with the top circle doodle containing your passion, the circle on the bottom left being your client’s needs, and the circle on the bottom right with your solution.
5. Make sure you ONLY have one thing in each circle…not multiple doodle ideas in each.
6. Now you have your story in doodle visuals! You can go find visuals that illustrate your story, and use just single sentences to support the visuals.

It is key to create unique visuals that tell your story along with a few key copy points.  Using the same stock visuals or photos everybody else uses submerges you into the “me too waters”, the communication ocean of everyone else. Blub, blub, folks “tune out”.

You can be “read” by looking visually unique. Set your marketing and event messages into a bright blue un-crowded ocean with visuals that illustrate YOU, crafted for you, your unique value. Illustrate your key solutions; your exclusive story IS the hook to attract your clients, inquiries, conversation…what your audience is craving.

Today, conversation begins and continues via visual communication. Begin a UNIQUE visual conversation with quick sketching that shows the story of your one of a kind qualities and products that match your client’s needs.

Get noticed, be “read”, get everyone on the same page with unique visual communications. This is how your potential clients are communicating…do not be passed by due to “TLDR”!

Would love to be of help to you in building visual conversation with quick sketch illustration…start “talking” in sketch mode, take a look at my site:  

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Turn on the "YES light" to see new choices!

EitherOR sketch500LR

January, 2015
Do you see your business  / life choices as “either / or” decisions? It’s all in how you SEE choice! If you switch to YES / “And” Decisions you will show up with more creativity and less judgment for yourself and others this new year!

Why not say YES to those new things and deciding you need not exclude your wonderful past or narrow your future choices by HAVING to choose or “leave behind” things you already know. By eliminating “either / or” decisions the door is always open to new things that can and will build on stuff you already love, trust and know!

This attitude will give you “permission” to leave behind things that no longer suit you and keep those positive things that still are serving you well.
Think of an upcoming choice or current desire you have, get a piece of blank paper and grab a pen, put a line down the center and on the left put down a big “YES” on top and then put a big “AND” on the top over on the right side. Write down under the YES all the things that you see as positive, on the AND side write down things that you feel are lesser or equal importance or “old ways” of thinking or doing (the “shoulds”)…things you think or are being told to choose “either / or” about.

Then, take the most important 2 items from each column and doodle or just make some big word visuals about both sides so your “mind” can see the choices you are making. When you choose your YES to your new adventure, the visuals will actually support your “mental” choice! This is what happens when you SHOW your thoughts to yourself and others, you get the YES support, if you can “see” it you can believe it!!!

A unique way to see your story, your choices is with Visual Storytelling; quick sketch illustrations. Illuminate your choices by having your YES sketched out completely which will give great clarity and confidence to you and help you share your decisions with others, getting ALL on the same exciting new page!

It’s your story…put your energy into turning on the“YES light”… show your story AND find more options to success and well being!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Say "YES" to what makes you unique!

U are UniqueSketch500LR

December, 2014
How do you show and give value, define your value, your “more”? Most marketing talk about value is summed up by the equation of “Benefits – Cost = Customer Value”. Actually, now it is a LOT more personal than that…if you choose to live or tell your business story in a “conscious” manner!

Take a look at the definition of value: “the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. Or: worth, usefulness, advantage, benefit, gain, profit, good, help, merit, helpfulness, More. I find the word MORE to be the best benefit of value. What is your product or service’s “more” story? How is your story distinct, different than any others’?

For a purpose driven business, what is now called a “conscious” style, value comes directly from the core essence or passion of a leader or business. The inspirational focus of the emotional personality or heart of a business…which is always UNIQUE! This unique quality of “why” is a company’s true value thumbprint.  Combining solid mindful strategies and this unique heart quality or value of “more”, drives success, enthusiasm, determination, trust and loyalties. 

Say a big “YES” to what makes you unique, that is your treasure, your story’s key to success…your focus, your communication key that will attract your audience, your loyal followers.

Price points, “size”, being just like others (but better!), is not your value story. Your unique emotional core, defines your value, that is YOUR big difference, your value story. Write down your biggest “why” to begin finding your most valuable “hows” that others will feel and enjoy aligning with your UNIQUE MORE!

Define, express, build, and profit your value by SHOWING your unique story!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for both business and home. My site is: Connect on:  LinkedIn, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

Say "Yes" to "No"!


October, 2014
There’s an upside to saying “No”! Saying “no” to those who are not saying “yes” to your expression of your true self creates healthy boundaries so you can say “yes” to people and things that support your unique YOU!

Creating clear communications expressing your story of integrities, values, self worth, personal and professional joy means saying “no” to those who are not aligned and could be simply “taking” from you rather than co-creating with you. Healthy “YES” boundaries are what make you “more”.

My story succeeds by developing strong “no” communication “muscles” which get exercised often when sorting choices for associations, assignments, friends. Saying “no” to the spaces, places and people that just do not feel correct or do not support my path or joy, really does give me the power to create more positive choice for my life, abundance, relationships, well-being.

Everything is made of energy or “chi”…so are your strong boundaries both emotional and physical. An example of some physical natural boundaries in your office space or home comes from feng shui (black hat) with the definite boundaries of all the 9 life spaces that make up your space from career to abundance and fame! The career life space always is in your entrance way and is has strong borders with the knowledge space and the helpful people spaces or guas. When one gua or lifespace does not cross over into the other, they live in harmony due to their natural strong boundaries!

Saying “NO” can be very positive when you do it with clear intention of honoring the value of who you are and what you do. Raise your awareness of what YOU love, what YOU value, then simply make a value check list with the things, people, places, that make you uncomfortable and are asking for your attention.  Finding alignment first, then deciding to say yea or “no way” is a must!

Be brave, walk away from the “no’s”; the things that make you less…get into your “more” story, by granting yourself strong boundaries and the permission to say a big positive “yes” to “no”!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Feng Shui practitioner / Author / Animal Communicator. I am a visual storyteller showing you YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING in both business and home. My site is: and you can find and “like” my facebook page at:

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