Your unique energy: How you act, what you say, think, creates your life, business, and environment. Your true nature inside and the living nature all around you ignites your story. Is your present reality feedback reflecting your true nature, your vision?


………………………………..“Everyone needs a coach”
……………………………………………………………………..Bill Gates


Everyone needs objective feedback to find the best in themselves and in others. Feedback from a trusted source reflecting your story; what you are doing, communicating…what is showing up for you…movement or “stuck”.


Are you aware of what you REALLY CAN DO?


My coaching goal is to find your CAN DO from what is unique in you. To give you a chance to express your story; to lead, define, and create your life from the authentic base of your unique heart purpose. Feedback in the form of one-of-a-kind heart purpose discovery; learning how to merge mind and heart, “showing” your true story in step-by-step sessions.
What it looks like:
Confidential connections that create safe and quick progress
Discovery of your true purpose Accountability and support to lead by your purpose
Consultations that combine both strategic and heart methods of discovery:
..using direct (Q&A) and indirect methods (Soul Coaching / Huna)
Quick Sketch summaries showing both “stuck” and progress
Showing patterns of blockage to your living your purpose

Valuable gift, essence, purpose statements Quests for Vision, Mission

Single Sketch Quests and coaching packages are available from 3 month and 6 month packages. Call for details and fees!


……..• “…She (Paula) has been equal parts encourager and guide, pusher and puller, researcher and coach to establish my new brand identity. I continue to seek her council and expertise in refining my “voice” and “story”.


I would encourage you to experience her work firsthand because merely to recommend her would be a disservice.”
…………………….Tom Spry / Executive Recruiter & Coach /

For more wholehearted words: Praise



Business and “Life” Feedback:
Coaching tools used to ignite your heart essence, to celebrate what fuels your “more”:
Quick-Sketch visual illustration ideation and summary
Direct Q&A Purpose Coaching Methods • Heart Q&A Soul Coaching Methods
Huna exercises and principles (Ancient Hawaiian Philosophy of a way of life)
Energetic and Feng Shui tools to validate direction, and measure correctness
Each purpose hunt is unique, each coaching package is custom to need


Sketch Quest:
Using visual quick sketch tools to record and show you key qualities, share with others to ignite change and insight. 1 hour sessions that uncover challenges, ideas, strengths, process.

Chi-Lightful Sketch Quest consultations pdf


Brand “purpose discovery”:
Finding the heart of a brand is backed by my many years of Creative Direction for major corporations. Telling your story via a brand birthed with your purpose ignites a huge brand bonfire; a beacon that others are emotionally drawn. My brand discovery process marries strategy with emotion (heart) to help you find REAL mission, REAL vision, and of course REAL purpose. So, get REAL, give me a call to get your brand working with and from your heart purpose.


Live and work in a renewed sense of peace and confidence, reduce stress, increase prosperity, create mental clarity. Your environment is alive with information and feedback on what is in harmony or out of flow for you! Call for a feng shui session, get back into positive flow!

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Break free of old habits, patterns, limiting ideas and emotions by using some powerful alternative methods. Give me a call to discuss alternative consulting, coaching, and teaching methods of Huna, Feng Shui, dowsing, and flower essence modalities.

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