My story is one of being a STORYTELLER.

I am a “heartist”, telling story of the heart or essence of purpose for people, place, and nature.
My purpose is to ignite heart bonfires by drawing out the true essence of what fuels and celebrates heart’s story.
Being a purpose coach and a graphic facilitator I help people discover their “why” of life and business, and create quick sketch art that shows and tells stories of businesses, services, products, brands, people, animals, homes and nature.
I am driven by a life long love of “doing art” and a curiosity of what makes up the “whys” of all types of stories. My brand ideation and TV concept / storyboarding produced stories that deeply touched others, I became an award winning creative catalyst for getting stories “unstuck”! The “energies”, both seen and not seen that make up the “whys” of creations, decisions, communications, and emotions in the physical and emotional bodies of things, people, homes, animals and nature, have always clearly called to me. Blessed by family that valued others individuality as well as healing and respecting animals and the land, I am a natural born “heartist storyteller”, finding and expressing heart purpose in all I do.

My PASSION? For over 25 years, “telling story”; leading new business teams in brand as creative director / art director in major ad agencies on both East and West Coasts, has been my way of life. I clearly understand how to translate, simplify, “tell story” that magnetizes its audience by using the energy of purpose, teamwork, art and words. Ask for a listing of my “Branding Deeds”:
Telling of brand stories in business is much like finding the heart of the stories of homes, people, animals and nature. My love of “healing” nature, and animals “telling” me their stories, led me to hone my ability to see, feel, and move “energy” to help others and myself to navigate into balance of body, mind, and heart.
These past 12 years my passion and business path has become a “tri-bred” of moving brands into their purpose (telling and discovering story), visual storytelling with quick sketch, and telling story for home and pets with my feng shui and animal communication practices. My Purpose Coaching and facilitating utilize branding discovery, soul coaching, and tools from the esoteric philosophy of Huna, of Hawaiian “Aloha”.
Who are my INFLUENCERS? Always looking to be “greater”, I am pleased to have connected with great teachers. My Irish Grandmother and German Grandfather being #1 guides, here a few more:

Mentored in “finding the unique emotional hook” by brand experts leading with both mind and heart: Ad Agency Presidents, Creative Directors, Team partners, and “C-Suite” clients (national to international) from major shops in Boston, Los Angeles. Ask me for my branding resume:
Carol Gurney / Animal Communications (graduate and “referral” partner for 2 years)
Flower Essence Society / Novado, CA
Emperor’s Traditional School of Chinese Medicine / Santa Monica, CA (Qi Gong)
Monty Robert’s Flag is up Farm / Solvang, CA (Body language of horses)
Ozark Research Institute / Dowsing (member)
Black Hat School / Hawaiian & Tibetan line / CA
NLP practitioner / Empowerment Partnership / Kona, HA
Aloha International / Huna / Serge Kahili King / Big Island of Hawaii (Ordained Alakai / teacher)

How do I GROW? I am the published author of “Fur Shui. An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui.” now giving its simple story of chi and well being to the US, UK and Italy!
My REWARDS – I find great joy in showing others their heart stories in visual communications as well as telling story of home and the heart energy and needs of nature. Being a part of a client’s change and finding their unique story in life is magical. Telling a business story with Art and visual storytelling creates “great”, linking ideas to clear, memorable understanding. To find a home or animal’s story brings miracles of growth and possibilities.
What feeds my flow, my NUTRITION? Nature, hiking, Art, drawing and painting, animals, the sea, sailing, creating cozy homes, travel, being a naturalist / docent and connecting others to art and nature, laughter, learning new things, good movies with good storylines, and being around “life long learner” people!
……………………………………………..That’s my story!
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