June, 2021

Your “story” is what you are telling folks 24/7. Does it hold magnetic power, or does it feel lack luster, no emotion?

Telling your story or “networking” is much more than exchanging your email, text number, title, business name or niche. What you are constantly connecting from and with are your actions, your emotions, body language, your message of your persona, and your actual being. Most of your connecting is on a subconscious level, energy of YOU is connecting with all the other stories around you.

Do you know what story you are telling?
Most of us do not know what story we are truly telling, and do feel like we are talking, yet no one is hearing us, no one is seeing us. We feel invisible, powerless.

Invisibility is when you are not telling your purpose story, you could be telling someone else’s story that really worked for them, a story to please others, a story that sounds good, yet is not at all your story. Other people’s templates, stories, do not work for anyone but their author.

You can never please everyone, so that “story” that attempts to please everyone, not offering a specific point of view, is not heard, very weak, has no ummmmmph.

Telling a scripted story (written by someone else for you, or you writing purely from your “head”) that is purely analytical, statistically correct, with no emotional energy also leaves no recognizable recall with folks. You leave folks flat, giving a bunch of feature bullet points and no energy of value.

Look at your story by telling your “pitch”, tagline, or story in front of a mirror. Does it excite you, make you almost tear up, or does it leave you flat, even yawn? Are you listening to a broken record, or are you feeling focused, clear, reaching your own emotional center?

Most of the time as I sketch out purpose Sketch Quests people “know” their real story, their story of unique heart purpose, yet just cannot see it. The real story is right in front of them, sort of like not finding the ketchup bottle in the refrigerator as it is right in front of them.

Your story is RIGHT in front of you, the ease you take for granted, the thing you train yourself to look over, beyond. Our teachings as we grow up encourage us to avoid being different, unique, to blend in, to be safe. You are taught to work on your weakness rather than embrace your strengths.

Take a look back at what you always have been in joyful flow with when you were a kid…what was this quality? Were you a detail explorer, a person who could naturally lead others, a kid who could invent instant solutions, a child who found creative expression in dance, writing, art, etc? Look at the quality of that “flow”…your purpose, your unique story, your super power story is in that path!

Never let your friends, parents, business associates, tell you what your story “is”…most of the time, this is their story, their power.

Your true story, your unique purpose IS your super power.

Find your purpose, then craft your story to tell.
Telling your story from your unique being of YOU will get you unstuck, visible, happy.

Everything is energy connecting with all energy around it…so why not connect up with all using your Super Powerful story…your STORY, what you came here to share, give, and attract super good things into your life and business.

BE bold, find and tell your unique story, make your story your #1 Super Power and attract super energy connections to do good in and for your world.

Thanks for showing and sharing with me your story, your REAL SUPER POWER!

Picture and activate your story, move forward with purpose, clarity, and gratitude,


I’m Paula Brown, Heartist / Picture Story Teller / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” getting you unstuck, showing you many possibilities to PICTURE AND ACTIVATE YOUR STORY for business and life. My site is: www.chilightful.com and www.picturestorming.com Connect on: Linked In, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ChiLightful