Every picture tells a story.


Examples of quick sketch / graphic facilitation is at:


SHOW your story; your events, communications, teachings, ideas, with quick sketch “snap shot” picture storytelling. A quick, powerful visual way to discover, develop, promote, and communicate key ideas, solve problems in an energizing “outside the box” form: ignite and illustrate the heart of your “big ideas” and unique experiences.


Now 80% of retained info is from pictures. SHOW your ideas to the visual majority!


Chi-Lightful sketch graphic facilitation creates:
Quick focused connection
A visual mode that endorses “one of a kind” thinking and excitement
Fast understanding that moves teams forward  FUN and enthusiasm, creates “buzz”
Ignite and forge team and partnership relationships
Facilitation of new process, clarify structure  Clear universal communication
A quick way to get ALL on the “same page”  Audience engagement AND retention
A creative space for brainstorming
Exclusivity, making your ideas, group, audience, feel special and included!
Increase ROI after events with social share
Translate complex ideas to simple communications
A UNIQUE way to SHOW the key strategy and “Heart Hook” of your story
A visual catalyst for clarity, productivity, focus, during and after events, programs, retreats, and presentations…and much more!



Chi-Lightful Sketch offerings tell story for both individual and group meeting:
  CHI-LIGHTFUL INDIVIDUAL SKETCH QUESTS: Quick black and white sketch visual “story finding” consultation sessions for C-Suite gatherings and Individual discovery. Session visual reports can be used as a “now marker” tool for many topics from communication style to achieving leadership goals. Consultations available for direct clients and for facilitation partners.


More info for direct consultations:
Chi-Lightful Sketch Quest consultations pdf


More info for partnering with professional facilitators:

Chi-Lightful Sketch Quest for moderators pdf


CHI-LIGHTFUL SKETCH GENERAL SESSIONS: Quick sketch is a recording tool to show, support, clarify, your communication needs in simple, clear visuals; large to small, on and off site for:
Workshops / Special Events
Meetings / Team building     Classes / Speaking
Conference / Summit recording     
• Storyboarding and mapping
Brand discoveries & reviews     
• Brainstorming
Retreats / Special Events     
• Learning travel journeys

• Report / Presentation / Power Point
     Book Illustration, and more…


More info on Sketch Sessions:
Chi-Lightful Sketch Sessions pdf

Visual Storytelling #1pdf: Click here for examples for BUSINESS stories
Visual Storytelling #2pdf: Click here to see travel and retreat visual journals


Use the power of the “picture”, call for a quote: 310.621.8512